Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Anwar has the hope for the job


His Majesty decree

Now he has stepped in

He thinks the nation come first

The politicians better toe his advice

Pee Anne rejected the unity government

Moo didn't warmly agree to it

He thought he had his numbers

But yesterday news can't use today

Moo's SD gone to the water

His Majesty politely told him so

He was angry and rude as report claimed

He signed “Didn't agree”

Bee Anne has to take His Majesty decree

The leaders will go back to the drawing board

Declare their support for PH and still stay in government

The hung government will be solved

Anwar has to work his magic

He has to entice Warisan and and 13 MP from GPS

They declared they didn't support Pee Anne

And PBM and the 2 independents

Pee Anne has ruled itself out

Moo refused to accept unity government

Now with His Majesty decree

Bee Anne know which party to give the support

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