Tuesday, November 15, 2022

the lights will not let them escape


The wolves feel the fear

There is the dark cloud hanging

They don't see a clear sign

They will recognize their fate

It isn't a good sign

The wolves will get the beating

They will not get what they wished

The young voters will make the charge

Even the back door leaders too

They hear the knocking on their heads

The dark horses are galloping away

They don't want to feel the light on their eyes

Though they make their prediction

Wanting to get the numbers on the roll

They can't find their dices to throw

They are caught in the time warp of the past

The wolves, the moos and the crocodiles

They are the causes of the bad karma for the nation

Now it is the time to kick them out for good

Let them lick their wounds in the swampy land

GE15 isn't their calling

They better start packing

They better fill in how they get their wealth

The lights will not let them escape

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