Wednesday, November 09, 2022

the nation wants to forget the shame


The Old Man

You can't put blame on others

It was you the elephant in the room

You got your second chance but you blew it

Now as you always do

Blaming others but yourself

Look in the mirror

Let the tears flow

Whatever you say

You don't apologize for your wrong

The hiccups in the nation

It boils down to your administration

You always help your cronies

You don't appreciate criticisms

The way for you is to blame others

When the wrong you don't see it

PH is still the better choice

The leaders are truthfully frank and honest

They work hard for the nation to progress

Cut off the cronies and corruption

You want to promote Getah

The one race party isn't good for the nation

You will face defeat in the poll

Maybe total wipe out as in Johore

The Old Man

Learn to be humble

Learn to say sorry

The nation wants to forget the shame

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