Sunday, November 20, 2022

the old road of potholes


The Deja vue will begin

The same old parties reign

They combine their winning seats

They want to get the majority

The party that has the largest block

The leader should be asked to form a government

Since no party has a simple majority

The largest block should be tasked to get it

By signing SD to declare support

Doesn't it go against the Anti-hopping law article 49?*

An individual MP can't declare support

It has to be the whole party involved

If that is the case

Will there be by-elections?

The party leader hasn't sacked the culprits

The individual MP can't declare support

The old road

The potholes never fill up

The same old gang come again

The nation will cry in shame and sorrow

*Antihopping law article 49

Constitution article 160(2)

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