Sunday, November 20, 2022

Anwar still says he has the numbers


Anwar still talks

The numbers he has

This time better be the truth

Don't let the nation down

A lot at stake economy and nation

The moos and crocodiles shouldn't jump in

They will make the mess in all probability

As they had shown in the last government

So Anwar should get his numbers

No more ringing in the air

This time it has to be the truth

Put aside differences for the sake of the nation

Don't let the extremists drill holes in the walls

Once they do with the power they have now

They may not want to go away unless force to

The numbers Anwar insisted to be the truth

Tomorrow Anwar should bring the good news

This time nobody will crack joke on his numbers

He still says he has the numbers in hand

This is his last chance to tortoise the win

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