Friday, November 25, 2022

Anwar has 2/3 majority in the unity government


The moos and the crocodiles

The way they behave aren't the gentlemen

Losing its hold eager to get to the finishing line

The passing baton gets lost in the exchange

They still hold to their believe

We have 115 SD

Yet we aren't picked for the post”

They forget to read the news

Bee Anne says no supporting Pee Anne

GPS pulls out the following day

Leaving Moo with no majority

The King has the numbers with him

Now Moo still angry

He can't return to his former post

He has lost his fight

Anwar is picked as Prime Minister

Now Anwar has secured a 2/3 majority

In his unity government formulated by His Majesty

Anwar will start his administration by testing his majority

On 19 December in Parliament he will go for it

The nation will face a new dawn

Anwar will get his boost in Parliament

Shut up the moos and the crocodiles

The nation will glow and start to progress

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