Monday, November 07, 2022

Tian Chua turns rogue


The last residue of his credibility

He doesn't want to save it for a better time

He spent his youth with Reformasi movement

The forefront man in the front pages

He bet on the wrong horses

The traitors who caused the voters angry

By causing the collapse of an elected government

Voted by the people to take care of their needs

Now he turned rogue

Contesting in Batu Parliamentary seat

He wasn't selected by his party to contest

Now he will be sacked by his party rules

He will cause the split of votes

At a time winning every seat is crucial

PH can't afford to lose seat

But Tian Chua wants his a few minutes of fame

Tian Chua has lost his direction

With his needs to stay relevant in Batu

He will lose his membership in Blue Eye

He will be history in his Reformasi days

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