Saturday, November 12, 2022

all candidates should declare assets


All politicians

Aiming to contest in General Elections

They should declare their assets

To show they have commitments and desires

To perform public services for the people and nation

It is a way to show to the public

They have nothing to hide

They have the honesty to declare their assets

Under SD to show they are sincere in their pursuit

They aren't going to put their fingers in the cookie's jar”

Without declaring their holdings

Can we trust these politicians at all?

We aren't asking how they get their wealth

We want them to be honest and open with it

Yet most candidates refuse to perform the call

This is a simple task

They have their assets with them

Long before they want to contest in General Elections

Maybe EC should make a ruling on it

Maybe Macc should call each of them

Bawang says it is stupid

It means he has something to hide

A man of his faith he should be opened about it

Yet he refuses to oblige with the challenge

It is best EC make a ruling in the future General Elections

All politicians

Declare your assets to show your transparency

The voters will not pay for bad leaders or traitors

The nation wants clean leaders to bring her glory

A simple task yet most refuse to take the challenge

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