Sunday, November 20, 2022

what now of the result?


What now of the result?

No party has a simple majority

Now the cobbling to form a government

The PH and the wolves should join forces

They will get a simple number of 112

Enough to form a stable government

The political differences should compromise

This is for the sake of the nation

What now of the result?

The crocodiles scored the hit

A surprising result the party had

44 Parliament seats on the card

If the Moos formed the government

Bawang will bring his radical ways

There will be no tolerance of differences

He may want to be prime minister

Now the good sense should prevail

The wolves and PH should unite and rule

The political differences should be cast aside

The nation wants to progress not stagnant

What now of the result?

PH has the popular vote base

It doesn't have the numbers

It has to find partners to taste success

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