Tuesday, November 22, 2022

the lights still dim


The bad news

Bee Anne stays as opposition

It doesn't support any group

The Moos can't get the simple majority

Bee Anne says SD signed by their members

They can't be used as support for any group

Thus the palace has to ignore SD

The palace should ask PH to cobble it

As it stands today

No party can manage a simple majority

Unless PH is given the chance to do it

Bee Anne has no choice but to find its moonshine again

The road to recovery after GE15

It seems a long way to begin now

The palace should do the right way

Let PH handle the situation in a week

The final choice will be PH+PN

The parties have to put their differences aside

Let them govern with a 2/3 majority

Though hiccups will happen in the administration

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