Wednesday, November 23, 2022

end the musical chair quickly


Bee Anne should support PH

It will end the musical chair quickly

It doesn't have to prolong the agony

The country can't wait in jitters

Bee Anne chairman signed support the right way

The elected members signed letters of allegiance

Allowing him to negotiate and make his decision

Why now start arguing about it?

The letters signed have no value?

Is this how they behave turning around?

After winning now they claimed otherwise?

They should have the honour to keep their promises

Bee Anne will not lose with the tie up

It has a shelter to plan its next move in GE16

At least with PH it has its groundwork to show

It will not be sitting down on the lowest step with PH

Look in Perak tie up

PH allows Bee Anne to head the government

Though PH has the most seats

PH leaders are practical lot and foresight

Signing individual SD to support another party

It will be a technical frog hiding behind the door

It may come under the Anti-hopping law section 49

Maybe they should seek AG advice

The national leaders should emulate Perak

Throw the support behind PH to walk together to Putrajaya

No need to shift musical chair or sticking to old ideas

This will be a new beginning to forge partnership

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