Tuesday, November 22, 2022

don't believe the crocodiles


Don't believe a word

What the crocodiles say

They will eat you up

When they have the opportunity

They are hungry

The Islamic nation they wish

They forget this is a multi-racial nation

With the Federal Constitution to stand tall

The crocodiles way

They only bring pain and misery

We can see what have happened

In the states they controlled

The crocodiles keeping quiet

They will unleash their bad behaviour

When they have the opportunity to claim it

Look what they have done in the states controlled

Don't believe the crocodiles

They think they can go to heaven

They should walk to the graveyards

Nobody is going anywhere else but back to Earth

Ashes to ashes

Rain or shine manure returns

Feed the earth and plants or worms

Only one person did it – God himself!

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