Saturday, November 19, 2022

Anwar turn to get his dream done


The big frogs

Staring in defeat

The surge of the voters

They can't let them return

The monsoon season

The flash floods will carry them away

Leaving them stuck in the open rivers

Croaking hard but no savers to call

Tonight they will feel the loss

Some may want to get away

As soon as they cast their votes

They can't wait to run and hide

The wolves, the moos and the crocodiles

They will see their results in shambles

Many will bite the dust

As PH will sweep through to govern

This is Anwar turn to get his dream done

For decades he suffered for his belief

Now he can feel the vibration in his head

The superbikers will roar in his name

The big frogs

Croaking in tears

Now facing the exit doors

It will happen tonight

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