Saturday, November 19, 2022

the polling day


The morning rain

In the early dark dawn

The street lights blooming

The prayers sing in the air

When the lights of sun arrives

The rain has stopped; wind blowing the airy feel

I get all dressed up ready to drive to the polling station

I reached my destination before 8 in the morning

I walk to the polling station

Feeling the warm flow of the sun

At the gate greeted by the volunteers

Showing where to find the polling room

By the time I reach my destination

There are around 30-40 people there

So these people arrived very early than me

I wait for about 35 minutes before I vote

The polling officer checks the name and IC number

Ink on the left index finger and get the ballot papers

I walk to the boot mark my papers and I am done

I drive home feeling the good spirit on high

Tonight every one will watch

The result will be announced through social media

Every one has high hope PH will win

I feel it is PH hit song for the nation

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