Friday, November 11, 2022

PH the best way forward for the nation


What is the politician promise?

It doesn't add value to the words

It doesn't bind it when it is done

It becomes the hungry snake to seek power

Even the Old Man said it long ago

Because he had his own game to play

But he was booted by his own trusted leaders

He was left holding the empty basket

Only vote for the best party

The leaders will not try to forget

What is in the promise they will deliver

When they sit down holding on to power

The bad leaders can't be trusted

They will say the best way possible

When they get the mandate to rule

They will change it to suit themselves

The voters must be wise

Know that the nation needs help

We can't be losing out to our neighbours

We have to elect the best party to run the show

It can't be the wolves, the moos and crocodiles

It can't be the getah only think of themselves

It can't be the smaller parties splitting votes

It is with PH the way of hope for the nation

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