Monday, November 28, 2022

the unity government a lot of give and take


The Cabinet needs to be formed

The unity government has to satisfy many

As long as they have the heart for the nation

The obstacles can be overcome easily

There is no room for personal glory

There is no door for those who seek power and benefits

The nation is suffering and her finance isn't good

Every minister must think of the nation and her people

The reset has to happen

The decades of wrong need to be rectified

It will take time to heal the wounds

The basic economy needs to hit the road

Now the grapevine hits the gong

Bee Anne eyeing the finance minister post

Maybe Anwar should concede it

Let the party be happy to stay

The unity government a lot of give and take

The different approaches different views

As long as each party stays on the basic foundation

The nation must progress to benefit her people

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