Saturday, November 26, 2022

the unity government must stay


The unity government must stay

Glue by the common belief to survive

The nation needs it to progress

The people want it to live free and joy

The parties of many different directions

Coming together to share the nation's narrative

Bridging the common values sailing off together to pursue

Economy of shared benefits and belief

His Majesty is right to pursue his unity government

The years may have horned his skills to see a light

Instructing his government to pursue what he sees

A legitimate request for the good of the nation

Yet in the shadows there will be the ghosts

They will try to entice and cajole of wealth and positions

This is the basic of evil politics every where

The weak ones will fall with temptation

Anwar has to walk with caution

The traitors will fall for the temptations

The Anti-hopping law may help in this instant

Though he should keep a look out on this group

The unity government must stay

Enough votes to secure a change to the Constitution

Lets correct the wrong for Sabah and Sarawak

Let us all live free happy and smile and joy

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