Monday, November 21, 2022

the road blocks for PH


The road to Putrajaya

The road blocks on its way

PH will struggle with it

As the palace hasn't followed

The call for the largest block to take the role

Let the leader find his partners to form the government

It is the old method of SD again

Beware of the Anti-hopping law article 49

And the Constitution article 160(2)

Moo claimed he has submitted 112 SD

Showing he has the mandate to take the post

As was the last GE14 he didn't have the number

As Dr Mahathir showed he had 114 SD with him

The palace shouldn't have gone through the old way

The leader of the largest block should be the PM

Let him cobble up the numbers to satisfy his position

Otherwise the next one should be called to do it

The wolves are split

But the members signed letters of allegiance

Let the party president to decide the direction

Now several may have signed SD to support Moo

This has gone against their pledges to the party president

Maybe article 49 of Anti-hopping law may step in?

Tomorrow we will know the nation fate

The same members who had failed the nation before

They will come back to haunt us again

This isn't what GE15 voters wanted

The extremists back to make the hiccups

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