Friday, November 18, 2022

PH will take the crown


Malaya in Malaysia

The choice of one party ringing

North to South; East to West

The spirit of multi-racial party

Pakatan Harapan will take the crown

This is the mandate stolen in GE14

This election is to right the wrong

The people's mandate must rule again

Though the wolves, the moos and the crocodiles

They will try to say differently in their campaigns

All Muslim parties can't sing the right tune

Religion in politics makes their minds astray

Tomorrow is the polling day

The rising star will shine it through

PH will taste the victory again

The easy 3 guitar chords blended in harmony

Bonus will be Sabah and Sarawak in Malaysia

The candidates there will give the nation a bloom

Maybe a 2/3 majority to pursue progress for the nation

Tomorrow the 21.7 million voters will make their call

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