Saturday, October 31, 2015

everything up

Everything up
Up and away; coming down no way

Way of our lives in balancing act
Act to the tune of the political masters

Masters we put them there to help
Help is the way of going to our pockets

Pockets punctured with holes
Holes we can't stitch it back in time

Time we wait for our day
Day to kick out the bad hats

Hats we will put on our heads
Heads are how we will flourish!

he makes his own fall

He thinks he can't fall
He thinks he manages it well
He breaks up the investigation
Promoting some hungry for wealth

The blues keep running
Circle in the investigations
The main player still walking free
He knows he has his way

He asks lawyers to sue
The critics and opponents
He just wants to buy time
Shuffling his cards for options

He sues others
He picks which one to take it on
Now he sues too many
He falls into his own trap

One former Cabinet minister he sues
Now he is worried to be grilled in court
He had already said the money went to his account
What defamation he is talking about?

Too many cooks spoil the soup
Now he sues many he forgets to taste it
The people are waiting to hear him say
In the court of law he has to go he can't run away

lovers on the go

Lovers on the go
Know your partners
Learn them well
It will help you in time

Don't go blind
Don't shut your ears
Don't close your eyes
Don't think you can change them

When in a wrong relationship
Better get it out quick
If you try to change the outcome
It will never happen

The wrong hole the wrong peg
No matter how you try it will fail
You can't find the locking mechanism
You will waste your time and effort

Lovers on the go
Don't fall victim on a haste
Love is never blind
Only fools believe it

the remembrance

The cloudy weather
The day's cool as we drive
3 vehicles to pay a visit
The departed souls of our family

Along the highway
Traffic is smooth driving
Not many heavy traffic
We reached our destination

The Catholic's graveyard
Along Tambun Road
By the time we arrive
Car parking fully booked

The faces once we knew
On the tombstones displayed
The years may have gone
The memories stayed with us

The praying of the blessed journey
The departed souls of our family
The shadow of the clouds
It makes the day for the visit

Friday, October 30, 2015

he tells so many lies

He tells so many lies
He doesn't know about the truth
He believes in his own saying
Nothing else matters now

He walks in the dark shadow
He sees the black gold glittering
In his eyes he knows that counts
What else he needs he can buy!

So he walks in the shadow
Camouflage by his power and greed
Nobody can say bad things
He roars back with his money

He tells so many lies
The women come and lie
They see the black gold in his hands
That's good enough to try

So he keeps on telling lies
He doesn't care what others say
He walks in the shadow
Camouflage by his power and greed

it is better to tell the truth

The lawyer letters
Here come there go
What's the use?
To say you lose face?

The public officials
Working for the people and nation
They should know it is part of the job
If they can't take the heat they better go

Once the officials say to the effect
Of events happening into them
They have said about it
They shouldn't sue when others pick it up

To say they lose face
When they have said before
When the trail has been highlighted
They didn't dispute the fact

It is better to tell the truth
It will stop all the lies and half truth
Using lawyer to issue letters of demand
It is just a ploy to prolong the issues

some can't get over

Some can't get over
When they lost their employment
They thought they have no value
The self esteem is low

Some can't get over
When age reaches retirement
Once they have to leave employment
They feel the fear in their minds

They worry about finance
Insufficient to stay alive
With saving accumulated over the years
They find it isn't enough to pull through

These group of people
They should accept as it is
No use feeling regret
The journey has to continue

Find alternative employment
Keep the spirit high and positive flow
Study your religious faith
There is always a way out in tight spot

But don't go hang yourself
It is the chicken way out of a dilemma
Face it like a man to tackle issues
Say to yourself “I am lucky to be alive!”

once it was

Once it was a small party
Battling hard to get the recognition
On the street to protest publicly
Marketing its plans and strategies

Once it got its uplift to society
The flow of wealth came to steady its existence
For years it went to modernise its outlook
Telling the people to trust the party

Once it got its mandate to rule
The beginning was a bit rough sailing
With years of trying to balance it
The battle of moderation got its way

Once its tasted the power of success
It came with the absolute power base
The party leaders became arrogant
They didn't remember the struggles

Once it ruled by decades
The milking of the wealth became obvious
Awarded contracts to cronies and linked companies
You helped me I helped you foundation

Once the party grows lopsided
The ground becomes shaky and uncontrol
The scandals begin to tarnish its image
It becomes thick headed

Once the years of mobility
Now it becomes grounded in fat
The lean machine once it was
The symptoms of decadence grow

in fishing court he has to explain

The Bugis warrior
Battling the wind on the high sea
Struggling to get his ship in sail
As the rough sea rock his battle ship

He shouts his orders
It is blown away by the wind
The sailors can't get the message
They are battling with the rough sea

He sees the stormy weather
Blowing from the East
Steady the ship boys
We can't be losing this!”

The undulating waves
Smashing on the ship
The withdrawal symptoms
The ship suffers its lashes

The Bugis warrior falls
Into a net engineered by the fishermen
He has no where to run
In fishing court he has to explain

Thursday, October 29, 2015

the magnificent 7

The magnificient 7
They break away from party's tradition
They talk hard hitting the lead story
The controlled newspapers tampered it down

The secretary general talked big
Hinting the disciplinary action will be taken
The magnificient 7 will ride on
They know the game and the rules

They smell the bad
They want a new leader to lead
So they hit the road
They have nothing to lose

They see the vision
The country will hit badly
So they ride on
The magnificient 7

no confidence vote

No confidence vote
Knowing the votes will not support it
The agenda to hit at the prime minister
For his inefficiency of his and administration

Pakatan lawmakers will table it
The speaker allows or disallows
It has no bearing to a cause
This will give a shame to the prime minister

The first time such a vote is table in parliament
The people need it to send a strong message
We aren't fools to hear the excuses
Betraying the trust of the people

But we still see the clowns
Parading in the news in our lives
They think they can make us laugh
We are crying for the nation long time ago

Though we know it will not bear fruition
Pakatan lawmakers do not have the number
But we pray for the turn around
This is for the nation and tomorrow

the final chapter has to end

He is afraid
The people will tallk
Pulling down his reputation
He thinks he has it

As long as he tries to evade issues
He can't keep suing people to protect his image
He can't evade his court hearing
Dare to sue dare to show the truth

He tries his hand to clamp it down
Catching the dissidents and critics in jail
He is afraid of the truth
It will implode in his party

Trying to hide in legal tussels
It only delays his inevitable fall
It has to come no matter what he tries
His karma has been written long ago

The last of his time
The final chapter has to end
So he is afraid to tell the truth
It will be the heavy fall

learn the process again

What will you do when you lose everything?
Do you cry out loud hating every one?
Do you blame your unlucky day on others?
Do you blame the banks but yourself?

We are our own destiny
We decide what we will become
Of a time we choose and plan
Sometimes it turns out bad

Do you go on a downhill?
The free flow down the ground?
Do you resolve and learn it?
Remember failures make a better person

Do you go back to your roots?
Learn what you were once great
How did it happen to reach the star?
Hardwork, connections and luck?

When we face our difficult times
It is best to go back to our roots
Learn the process again
Along the way we may have forgotten it

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

the toll charges

The toll charges
The companies win
The one sided contracts
The people suffer in pain

One of the hallmarks of Bee Anne
Enriching its cronies companies
The long wagons train
We cry they gain

The contracts can't be seen
All sealed under OSA
Can we allow this going on?
For years we are asked to pay

Pakatan wants to discontinue it
The billions involved to get it done
The toll contracts should be declassify
Let the people read and feel

We can use the GST tax
To buy back the toll companies
A year or two it will be done
Then send the culprits to Bamboo River

We can't be living empty
Worrying about the state of economy
We have to make our move
The nation needs us to get it back

the green monster's eyes

The green monster's eyes
It never can let you go
Once it has tasted the smell
It will hunt you down

Nobody can have you
He wants you for his own
The playground in his mind
Nothing else matters

The green monster's eyes
Every shade must be his own
It can't accept other colours
It will turn him bad

Sometimes he will go mad
Rampage is his way to say
You can't leave me
No other can have you”

don't let money enslave us

We live for the money
We live for its needs
Once we fall into it
We will be its slave

No doubt we need money
In this economic world we live
We mustn't let money control our lives
Without it we will feel the blue

We have to believe in ourselves
It's the economic of world of exchanges
It is the measurement for our goods and services
Just that we mustn't fall victim to it

Money it is said in our time
The root of all evils in our minds
We will plot; we will kill; we will hide
If we let money take control of our lives

don't let fear ruin your life

Don't let fear ruin your life
Hiding in closet afraid to take flight
Let the abusers take control
Let them tell what to say and do

Though physical injuries neighbours will know
Some kind souls will make a report
The authority will swing into action
Will you tell the truth or say you fall?

The worst kind is mental abuse
The mental block poking deep into the mind
When you allow it to happen
It will take long time to heal

You have to believe
Nobody should control your life
You have only one life to enjoy
Why settle for less and in misery?

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

life is just a one

Life is just a one
You can't have it many times
Once you make the wrong turn
The stigma will stay long

Life is just a one
Don't go mix in the wrong
You will never know where it leads
The bad hats road of misguided principles

Life is just a one
Pick the right page to write
You stay on the right path
You will have many pages to record

Once you make the wrong turn
It will be hard to turn around
Sometimes you land in jail
Sometimes nobody gives a second chance

Life is just a one
Look before you leap
Don't jump from a frying pan to a fire
Once you make a wrong turn

what reason will be given?

The drum beats rolling
In the dead of the night
The sleep can't be flowing
The haunted images arrived

The corridor of shadows
Lurking afraid to show
With the lights bright
The shadows hide

But the dreams
In the huge mansion scream
Of the bad dream so it says
The drum beats rolling

Of what reason will be given?
It can't be just a bad dream
The haunted images can't sleep
The calling of a debt to pay

customary marriage not in the law

You aren't married on customary traditions
Though a wedding and dinner giving away
Traditional tea ceremony to announce to all
In the eye of the law you aren't married

Once you haven't registered as required by law
The couple will have no legal rights when something is wrong
You can't show your customary wedding photographs
With children to support your case...

In the eye of the law
You aren't a married couple
The children will become illigimate
Nothing you can say or decide

Until your marriage is registered
So the law will come to play
A woman shouldn't fall for the game
Registered the marriage under the law

the bad guys get all the women

The bad guys get all the women
Don't you believe it through the years?
Look at Casanova he has many
All falling to his charm and grace

Mind you it isn't the attraction
It is the confidence in their ways
They know they can pull it off
Once they learned the trade

It isn't about money
It isn't about position
It is about that man
The aroma of an adventure

Women will fall
When they smell
The bad guys get it all
Leaving the gentlemen cry

Why women attract to bad guys?
It is the adventure they seek
They don't go for the tame affairs
They can get it every time

But then sex gurus hit the frame
They let it be known how to get women
Like Casanova jumping from one to another
It is the words come into play in women's minds

Some key words to arouse women
Let them feel uncontrollable in desires
The scientists found on their research
It is a powerful tool to make women fall

Like Casanova and men on the street
Very ordinary nothing special in their lives
But they have women when night falls
Warming up their beds under the moon light

Monday, October 26, 2015

the hot chillies

The hot chillies
Grinding to a halt
The grinder can't proceed
Burning hands crying in tears

The story of hot spices
Spreading hot in the mouth
The tongue will keep talking
Until there is reason to stop

The pounding stone echoes
The outsiders will keep listening
Telling a story of the hot chillies
Of corrupted leaders and crying nation

The haze never make way
The sky is still blanket of white sheet
The pounding stone singing
The hot chillies dancing

Some thinking they have the power
They don't have to listen to a few
It is a few who will make the downfall
Of leaders, empires and emperors

The hot chillies
The taste hot in the mouth
Reaching out for water
Sometimes cold icecubes

the pattern will change

It takes a few ripples
Gaining in strength in the water
As the wind take shape
The pattern will change

It takes a few rotten apples
Slowly the bad smell will spread
On the box of good apples
The pattern will change

It takes a few crooks
The bad publicity generated
The ten of millions people will be affected
The pattern will change

It takes a few liars
Making the whole seem bad
The nation becomes the fodder
The pattern will change

It takes a few good men
Lighting up the shine in the dark
The nation will glow in anticipation
The pattern will change

say goodbye to darkness

Say goodbye to darkness
You don't have to walk through with it
You have a choice in life
The light or the dark

You can't say you don't see
You can't say you are ignorant
You have the means to understand
You have to get on with it

It is the fool who stays blind
Even with eyes and mind
Say goodby to darkness
You have a choice in life

Bad luck comes and goes
It is the test of faith one has to endure
Sometimes it takes all your stamina to face it
When you conquer your fear light shines on

There is always a reason
How the inner movements work
In life we have to tackle our obstacles
Like a test to make us whole in pursuit

Say goodbye to darkness
There is always the light in our hands
Don't shut out our minds
In it the light we seek

why take your own life?

Why take your own life?
Is life so depressed you want to go?
There is nothing beautiful in it?
Think before you leap!

We all die in the end
That's the reality of it
We have our beginning
We have our ending

Some go sooner
Some go later
Let the natural faith decide
We can't take our own lives

A young mother plunged down in Penang
From her 16 storey apartment to the ground
She felt depressed after giving birth
She found she couldn't have milk

She never thought of the fresh milk
Available in the supermarkets
She just thought she was useless
To feed her young baby born to her

A young man of 31 years old
He hung himself in his parent photo studio
In the morning on a Sunday in Kampar
His father passed away 10 years ago of cancer

Is this the way to go?
In limbo in another world?
In the cold wind without shelter?
Learning the mistake of taking own life?

No matter how bad life is
Look into it as lessons to learn
It may sound difficult life isn't easy
Enjoy it the good, the bad and the worst

Sunday, October 25, 2015

cancer foods

They say cancer kills
The truth is cancer doesn't do it
It is the body turning weak
Letting other viruses make it home

Stage 4 cancer
It is hard to get it healed
The life will be in a balance
Of hope and despair

That's what the doctors will say
There is no cure at this stage
It is better to go home and wait
For the time to say goodbye

But it shouldn't be that way
There is a cause there is the healing
If only we believe in natural foods
Of our roots in abundance

The cancer foods of ABC
Apple, beetroot and carrot
Blend it all together to get the juice
Drink it a few times to get it healed

Then you can mix grapefruit with seeds
It will also makes the cancer cells die
IN fact it is said the best is brinjal
The raw eggplant blended and drink

Of course don't take artificial sugar
It is the attraction to make it worst
Chemotherapy will make the body weak
It will open to all kinds of viruses

budget like haze

Budget like haze
Cloudy in areas
Slashes here cutting there
Only his needs top it up

Fixing the economy
There is no clear cut measures
Only draining out the resources
The civil pay list hike

The middle income groups
Nothing really to boost
With costs rising high
It never help the situation

Minimum wage jumps
Naturally the costs will take hike
The middle income groups will lose
What gains they lose out everyday

Like haze sometimes visible sometimes bad
A short heavy pour then silence in the sky
The wind keeps blowing of smog dust
The smog of white carpet returns

The 'cash is king' man
He doesn't need to worry
He has billions to enjoy his breaks
Turn a blind eye walk away

The placards say it
Only ministers say it childish
We don't expect them to say the truth
They want to enjoy their perks and power games