Sunday, October 31, 2010

they forget to read history

The conspiracy
Just to bring down a man
When he is put in jail
The conspirators hope to win big

They forget to read history
You can win through cheating
Buying royalty and obligations
It's just a short lived euphoria

The scriptures advice speak the truth
With words and deeds to fellow human beings
One shouldn't hide behind curtains.........
Telling no truth but lies to seek the truth

You can win for a while
When the road to democracy
When the road to seek justice
You will fall on the street

The check-board of conspirators
The moving guards to safeguard personal interests
The covering up and entering through back-door
When the king is checkmate you know you will fall

Now the game is playing
In open court the sinking hole feeling
Rule of law out through the window
All because to put a man in jail

the end is nearing its run 47

You have your time
You have you day
In the power you got your say
Right now you send your guards

On the streets the fire glow
The smoke filling the air
The uniformed guards surrounding
With shields and batons

The dream of police state
Afraid to let democracy play
Doing a partial magic.....
Let the game run into a wall

Like the blind leading the blind
Knocking the wall only the sound of echo
Nobody comes to listen and help
For fear of the uniformed guards

You have your time
You have your day
Now the end is nearing its run
The wall is coming down

putrajaya 46

You can't close your eyes
You were built as a shared dream
Running through every fibre in the country

You can't live alone
You aren't built to serve a race
You were crafted for all races

Wake up and listen
The ways you should behave
The people make you today

You shouldn't close one eye
Look at the people
They are many colours

You sit on the throne
The people built for you alone
You can't forget the sweat and tears

Saturday, October 30, 2010

listen to the wind 193

Regrets shouldn't come to play
In life and on stage...........
You live it through your own devices
With help good or bad from friends

The innocent years you were born
The truth of harsh realities shielded you often
As you grew each year to see the world
The good and bad influences joining into your world

The drugs of easy money
The drugs of death in reality
The fall out of life getting worst
In slums and derelict buildings

The night life and fast lanes
The neon lights dreaming all the way
Life as you learned has two sides
The light and dark know which one to take

You shouldn't live in regrets
You make your choices learned the lessons
If there is a way to make it happens
Take it never look back

When darkness rule
It isn't the end of a life
You can make a U-turn
Walk back to the light

Don't live with regrets
Learn the lessons well
Listen to the wind
You will learn the call of Nature

what is she promoting?

What is she promoting?
Bringing tourists to the country?

There are other travel agencies
There are foreign travel consultants

These people promote the country
On their own money and time....

What is she promoting?
Bringing tourists to the country?

She is enjoying her free travels
Using our money draining our resources

Back home our people suffer
Nobody pays a second look

Money should spend on our people
Let them have homes and decent living

In the world of world wide web
In the technology of video conferencing

in the offices established around the globe
Let these officers work for their money

Back home we feel the pinch
Of notice of economic bubbles

What is she promoting?
It is still cheap considering space travel

Promote internal tourism
Let the money recycle back to the people

Let the economy has a heart
For the people in the industry

every failure lesson learned 192

regrets.jpg live,laughl,love image by BrandiMCampbell


There are lessons to learn
On every failure you will make

On the journey you will take
Along the roads you will walk

On the dreams you will hold
On the mind you try to reach

When you smile on something you do
You shouldn't regret it when it turns sour

Lessons of life you will do many
As you take the flight to uncharted waters

Live the life as you were born to do
Don't let regrets swarm your potential

If you can't learn by your lessons
Turn to the pages of scriptures....

There many ancient wisdom
You will see the flow as you learn to understand it

dont go living in regrets 191

regrets.jpg regrets image by kyjellyky


The lonely guitar weeps
The broken string the broken chords
Alone with the sun and the wind
It has no hope in prison of its own

The lonely guitar weeps
Finding the way is hard to see
Without eyes and string to hit notes
It is a broken dream.....

The empty basket laughing
“You are like me
I have no place to go
I am living here all alone”

“You have no ambition
Sitting there in the corner
A parasite catching others rubbish
I am the melody seeker”

“You are nothing
You have broken dreams
Like me now I get no rubbish
We are the same seeking different tune”

The lonely guitar weeps
Strumming the broken chords
Telling the story of unfinished dreams
The empty basket laughing

The books turning pages
“Play the words for us
Let us dream about your dreams
Let us embrace the journey”

The empty basket laughing again
“You don't have nobody to read
The pages closing hardly opening these days
Give it to me I am empty”

The lonely guitar weeps
Ignoring the empty basket
Turning the book pages
The scores of freedom sing

the dark hole

Piracy.jpg Piracy image by hiropc
By hiropc


The pirates sail to the shore
With illegals goods bought up souls
The marine police and immigration officers
They let blanket rules set in

There are in the team
Together they plot and take away
The rights of the people
The wealth of the nation

The people scream of unfairness
The authority refuses to listen
They let the pirates plunder
With their partners in crime

The highest courts overturned
The people appeals for justice
They too let themselves swallowed
Into the dark hole of greed and power

The people stare at the injustices
They got the wrong sticks all the times
They cried miserably of the wrongs
The laws of the land all gone to the dogs

The long dark trek
The people walk to seek redress
Right now they know they can't
They wait for the opportune time

The dark will not stay forever
The light will glow into the minds
When the truth and freedom seek to redeem
It is time the people will fight back

Right now the pirates sail
On the sea without care of the law
It is under their control
They will get as much as they can

Before the tide returns
They know they will lose the race
The people gather for the final assault
The Waterloo to get back freedom

Friday, October 29, 2010

the greedy souls suck it all 190

White ash and beech

The green oh the green
In the jungle with misty clouds
Floating peacefully with Nature
The humming sound the mating calls

The green camouflaged
The lighted rays of hope
In the jungle of innocence
Before greedy souls suck it all

The dewdrops in the morning
The cycle begins and ends....
It takes care of each other
The way it should have been

Only if greedy souls stay
Learn the scriptures and understand
The way of life is inter-connected
Nobody is supreme...........

The green oh the green
The eyes yearn to be free
Living close to nature
The serenity and the falling dews

ashes of white 45

Black and White Trees in Ashes

Ashes of white
Once a while you see
On the ground littering flow
You wish you are somewhere

When it finally hitting you
You realize the tears and fear
It isn't over spilling on the ground
It is a warning Nature given

The white on the ground
On the beach homes tumbled down
Lives lost in sacrifices serving no purpose
When Nature roars the ugly truth of our greed

The mass graves of lost souls
On the ground ashes to ashes
For a while we will remember
Then we will back on our hunt

Ashes of white
Nature vomited on the land
Taking souls without warning
You wish you are somewhere

we shouldn't forget our history 44

The hot ashes falling
The sea vomiting its poison
Into the land of people
The lost souls lying on land and sea

The anger of Nature
She makes her presence known
Lately she has grown mad
Of peoples' bad attitude

Even religions the people twist
Into their own brand of hollowness
Nature has grown tired of it all
The punishment will come and swift

Singing hymns and prayers
One time or 5 times a day
Yet they don't practice
They act like Brutus...

The hidden knife of Macbeth
Unleashed into the evil minds
Where blood is spilled.....
The crying souls seeking revenge

Wealth of the nation
Unfairly distribution of the cake
Leaving the other people sad and angry
The economy of nation suffers

Nature has seen it all
The impurities sink into the minds
She sending warnings to the world
She cracks the whip on the naughty children

Listen to the wind
Listen to the words in prayers
Listen to the angels tears
We shouldn't forget our history

the rush hour 43

682 - Chengdu - rush hour

You come out from the taxi
With the rain drizzling from the sky
You try to quickly run.........
For the shade of the shopping mall

There is a big crowd
Hanging around the entrance
The tired faces; the quick face dilemma
You have seen it all

You remembered the rat race
Every day in the early morning rise
Before the sun could smile
You were out into the dark morning

Now you stop and watch
The scene has grown big
Of the crowd eager to get home
The taxis and buses never on time

And you smile walking away
You had been through the rushing mill
In the city where night never sleeps
You let it go make your life glow

Thursday, October 28, 2010

the rat in the house 189

20_mouse.jpg mouse human image by denistephenson

mouse human

When you ask why
The rat in the house
You give the little friend
A chance to smile

The fall out food
The scent of cheese
The hot aroma
The little friend smile

The whiskers raising high
Feeling the air of freedom
Running on slim legs.....
Tail standing high

The hungry squeaks
The munching noises in the dark
The rat in the house
Catch it before it brings others

In the house
The night party when you sleep
The little friend smile
The land of food the small eyes see

paradise lost 42

300px-Paradise_Lost_12.jpg Paradise Lost image by zeogeo
By zeogeo

Paradise Lost

Fire and water
Earth and wind
The double troubles
You can't run away

You try to hide
Away from the crowd
Away from the islands
Away from the smog

Fire and water
Earth and wind
You can't hide
It takes you along

Paradise lost
It's only in the mind
Nature wants you to think
Don't take her for granted

Nature will get angry
Fire and water
Earth and wind
You can't run away

before it is all too late 41

lost paradise

Change the government
Change it quick......
You can't let it go without a break
The years growing fat and forgetting roots

Change the government
Change it now
Before it is all too late
Our nation's wealth will be gone

Talk is cheap
Words to play into your mind
You should know the decades gone
We lost our freedom and our directions

Change the government
Change it quick.........
Put a brake before it is all too late
When you wake up all are gone

You should wake up
Open eyes recognize the lies
The Casanova and broken dreams
Change it quick before it is all too late

you are seaching 40

Shepherds_Dream_Paradise_Lost_Tate_.jpg Paradise Lost image by Greyon
By Greyon

Paradise Lost

You are searching
For the road to heaven
You can't find it here
You may know it is there

Living with nature
The way it once was
Until you study history
Once it was paradise

Now you hear
The congregation and wisdom
Sharing a thought of way
For the road to heaven

You know immortality
You wish you can achieve
The rights had been taken away
Death is the only way

For the road to heaven
It is through giving up life
As you learn to keep credits
When the time comes to roll over

You are searching
For the road to heaven
You can't find it here
The ancient had lost it in history

the people make the changes

When you get a foothold
Don't try to forget the troubles

The people on the streets
They have reasons to get there

Unleashed their own forms of demands
Lapped it by the politicians.........

The marching the news
It helped a cause for misplaced wealth

Yet instead of carrying it ahead
Leaders shouldn't think of their own aims

It will fall flat.....
It isn't about them

It is about people
Of the cake of uneven distribution

Don't forget the helpers
The sympathizers on the sidelines

Yet there is this grandeur
The leaders think own agenda

To make the changes
Leaders shouldn't fight for themselves

The road to changes
It is with the people

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

oh rats in the city 39


Oh rats!
The city never sleeps
The sound and leisure
The sleepy disease flow

Oh rats!
The old and the new
Hiding in dark places
Drains and unkempt homes

A new danger
The signs are there
People had lost lives
The new immigrants arrive

Oh rats!
4.4 million hiding in the city
The new recruits into the dark alleys
The signs are there....

Don't sleep on it
Once you get infected
It is staring at the tombstone
Engraving a name don't let it be you!

the rain falling tears 38


Nature warning
Slow and quiet it hits
She doesn't need to warn
She has it in years

From the sea it rages
On the shores the ugly strokes
Many have forgotten......
Nature warning

The crying wind
The rain falling tears
Of sadness in the wind
We have forgotten

The rising tides
The voodoo dancing high
Enslaving the souls
We have forgotten

The clean sweep on the shores
The land cracks up to swallow
The drum beats in the distance
The rain falling tears..

Nature warning
Slow and quiet it hits
She has it in years
We have forgotten

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

dont you know? 37

FootprintsInourHearts.jpg Footprints in our hearts image by xxJanLxx

Footprints in our hearts

Don't you know
Life isn't bed of roses
You shouldn't feel sad when it is over
Let it go feel you have something to remember

Don't you know
Friends come and go
Leaving their footprints
In photographs hanging on the wall

Don't you know
Every new place something old
You will tend to find
The remembrance of a past

Don't you know
The place you once been
Changing scenes footprints gone
Only the echo by the wind

Don't you know
You shouldn't feel sad when it is over
Let it go feel you have something to remember
Friends come and go photographs hanging on the wall

the scent of honey 36

Tight Body Woman Jogger

The wind blowing the scent
As I walk the park..........
On the steps you come along
You smile as you pass me by

I look around to see
I thought it was me
There are others walking
So I never know

The scent of honey
The wind sending to me
I try to see who is she
Then you appear on the run

“Hey you don't respond!
I met you once on the beach”
“I am sorry I can't remember”
The glint in her eyes the memory comes alive

I try to call
The name never comes to mind
As I walk the park......
You smile as you pass me by

the day of blue 35

Blue Day

The day of blue
The eyes flow with the light
The sound of kettle
The morning sun smile

Blue sky and white lies
The rushing on the life
Stop it before you get burn
It isn't about money

The day of blue
The smile on the bankers' faces
The mega projects no blue in the minds
The smell of money

The day of blue
Sometimes it flares
Sometimes it shows the way
Learn it; life has so many adventures

raining 188

Raining night

It rains in the night
After days without it
Don't you feel hot?
As the night travels through

The rain fall
The cool air flow
Into the homes
Of night the insects buzzing

The cool wind
Whirring along the air
The poor will welcome it
The well to do save on energy

It rains in the night
The signs of nature knocks
On her way to make her day
The wishes we shouldn't take for granted

Monday, October 25, 2010

where are the manners?187


The civic manner
Where has it gone?

On the buses
On the trains

The courtesy disappears
The young adults don't show

The older people
The mothers with children

The pregnant women
The handicapped people

You can watch them
Closing eyes never want to know

You are on your own
Don't expect me to help you

The life changes
The sad eyes flow

The crying babies
The mothers cradle alone

Where are the manners?
The human values seem gone

kampong tengah 30

In those early years
Lives were easy food was cheap
One could earn pocket money
Selling rubber woods or recycled products

The empty small bottles
Collected and sold to the middleman
He washed it clean put it to dry
Then he sold it to the clinics

Those days ago
A few ringgit can buy many
Life was laid back
Evening playing marbles and flying kites

The wide field a simple village football
The youngsters kicked and screamed
They enjoyed a healthy life environment
They didn't hear about drugs and sexual diseases

They were the innocent teenagers
Dream of small things roaring to grow up
Believing the future would wait for them
The village of Kampong Tengah.........

Police came occasionally
When gangster fights flared up in town
Gangs of 18 Lohan or 24 or 36
The village had its share.....

Black Maria came
Swiftly rounded the gangs
Some were kicked and punched
In broad day light of the villagers

Some elders said these gangs deserved it
Lazy guys didn't work for a decent living
They went asking for protection money
Then they spent on clothes and parties

The mothers kept a close watch
On their young teenagers on the field
The unwanted socializing wouldn't be allowed
Enough of the worries in police lock up

Sometimes black magic happened
Many couldn't believe it was true
One day a Chinese woman got charmed
Walking back along the usual road

A few days later the parents visited the temple
Brought with them the crazy Chinese woman..........
She sat quiet on the bench waiting for her fate
As the parents told the story to the medium

In his trance he could see
That the woman was unlucky to be charmed
The bad talisman was meant for another woman
She was unlucky she walked over that fateful day

The medium chanted
Brought out his spike ball
The crazy woman sat still
She didn't scream or cry in pain

As the spike ball hit her
She sat still taking her punishment
She took the punishment quietly
She went for a few rounds

Late in the evening
another trance with drums beating
The medium walked out from the temple
Searching for the evil talisman

He found it buried on the ground
When he directed the people to dig it out
The charm red cloth was found....
He chanted a few times burned it down

Later the crazy woman got well
She was returning to her normal self
The charm of black magic..........
The desperate people would do

The years passed into pages
The stories of the village disappeared
As its footprints amongst her people
Scattered and developments came

the mental wall has crumbled 24

95th Broken Wall

The black knight smokes his long pipe
Puffing up smoke of his grand design
His gestures with his hands and fingers
Speaking words of profits and grandeur

The lives of many
In the villages and city or urban slums
He doesn't listen; really listen on the ground
He sits on the round table..writing cheques

Planning how to take out wealth
Distributing it under mega projects
Under this scheme to enrich cronies
Companies and individuals walking to the banks

The poor in the villages
The slum dwellers finding hard to live
Yet they will carry on.....
What fools they have been!

The slogans of ameeno leaders
The decades running the nation
Many got fooled until the can opened
It isn't for all the multiracial people

The coalition parties base on race
They dance and sing the familiar tune
It is for them and their members
For the people long time waiting

The black knight smokes his long pipe
Blowing up smoke smile on his face
He thinks he can fool the people
March 08 had spoken; the days will be different

The speeches in ameeno assembly
It is only for one race to enrich quickly
Yet in decades it is wanting.....
From the front door to the back door

And they still claim
They are lacking behind
Economically with the others
Why don't they say the truth?

The people must wake up
The pied piper still tries to whistle
The tune of familiar sound....
He forgets the mental wall has crumbled

kampong tengah 29

In the old days
When the weather was cool
The young teenagers roamed
In the neighbourhood

Gangsters in group
Clashes to protect the turfs
Yet they had the rules
Only the police Black Maria

The police came
In odd hours of the day
Rounding them up
Some gangsters so defiant

Challenging the police
Running away to hide
The macho guys standing up
The authority gave way a while

In peaceful surrounding
The religious celebrations
Time of peace and food
The sound of praying could be heard

About lovers hardly came
Playing marbles the game
The young adults never had to worry
Life in the village

At that time nestled near to town
Life was easy; friends around
Of those years ago...........
I wonder where those people gone

Once there was a girl
She was always doing her homework
On the lanai studying hard
The young teenagers trying

She didn't respond
She didn't want to
Of those teenagers
She thought they were nuisance

In the neighbourhood
We didn't know her name
We saw her every day
She didn't say a word

We tried hard
One day we wrote
A short letter saying hello
She came back with her greeting

In time the changes came
Her family moved the village pulled down
New buildings came; new roads to development
The footprints all were gone........

Big drains were dug
The roads were built
On heavy rain the drains flooded
We were swimming standing on edge

We didn't know about luxuries
Life was simple easy way to live
Passing time with marbles
Catching lizards, fighting fishes and spiders

Flying kites at the round about
In the evening when the wind was strong
Kites fighting in the sky
The chasing the fun and adrenalin pumping

Where were the people gone?
The childhood memories all disappeared
Of the wind and its caressing sound
The events of happy moments gone

The village called Kampong Tengah
In the Royal Town of Selangor
Developments came concrete office blocks
In years the road become congested

I did pass through years ago
Only the Chinese temple still stands
The surrounding areas are building blocks
The footprints all gone to the wind

The Malay guy who cut my hair for free
Bata went to jail for his gangsterism
He told me don't be like him
Life could be no double lane

The childhood friends
There are just memories
Even the girl on the lanai
It's the whirring voice

Sunday, October 24, 2010

the strings of hope 34


Love on the bridge
It has to glow through
One step at a time
The moonlit shadows smile

It takes time
Every minute of your life
It doesn't come easy
The craft needs to flow

Love on the bridge
The magnet of equal forces
Bridging the gap the strings vibrate
Along the journey a new ray of light

The strings touching the chords
It brings the harmony in full circle
Every small step it brings.......
The smile and laughter on the bridge

for greed freedom dies

SacredWaybyhburton.jpg Sacred way image by wolf_kin_34

Sacred way

They have smashed the potatoes
Boiled, cut, peeled and soaked
Through the process they don't say
The menu they want to display

They kicked the potatoes
Football in the ring
Throwing and kicking with it
They don't see the pain

When they have their way
The potatoes are stirred fried
In boiling oil of high temperature
And they say it is alright.........

In the sack of potatoes
The punching bag to kick and swing
The cream of satisfaction
For a while then the old tricks

The other ingredients they beg
For a chance to feel the wok
Stirring in hot oil to fry
For greed forget freedom

a billion ringgit palace

By pokyaz
called it progress?

A billion ringgit palace
The cost never stays still
By the time it is completed
It will bill 1.5 billion of public money?

The villagers never see
The hardship they endure
Allocate some millions here and there
The lives of these folks will flourish

It is a waste of public money
Originally cost $450 million
How did the cost balloon?
We all know the answer....

The mind boggling wastage
The people will remember
By the time to make a difference
Use it; send a signal of change

the end of the run

dark alley

Oh 13 the alley cats
Running loose hit the wall
The fence up dilemma
Eyes see the fear......

The snarling dogs
Hurling barks tails wagging
“Believe us we don't chase
We are your friends in this neighbourhood”

The end of the run
The witch-craft wanes
The alley cats paws stretched
“You don't intimidate us any more!”

The snarling dogs laugh loudly
Barking for neighbours to hear
“We are in control
Every road we make tolls”

“You may have
On bites and bones
Now look behind you
The kids are coming”

The dogs turn around
The kids throwing stones and woods
The dogs run tails behind legs
Woofing into the drain

in the old village

nice kampong

In the old village
There lived 2 sisters
Elderly in their years
Mothers would tell

“Children don't be naughty
If you do, beware of the elderly sisters
They put charm on you
Then you know where to be”

Behind the old house
In the village of Kampung Kuantan
There was a well...........
The elderly sisters would come for their bath

With a pail holding up long cloth wrapped around bodies
They took time to clean themselves in the evening light
Once I was at the backyard checking for eggs..........
I looked at them; they stared back at me

Mumbling something I didn't hear
I quickly ran back to the house
Why want to bother them?
Witches as the adults claimed

They lived alone
On the Malay styled house
The sisters didn't harm any one
They minded their own business

Years down the road
We shifted house
The old village gone
It stayed in my mind

Sometimes I remembered
The 2 elderly sisters and the well
The staring eyes as If I did something wrong
As I ran back to the house

a lonely guitar weeps 186

guitar_photo1.gif Acoustic  guitar image by gn2214954

Acoustic guitar

The lonely guitar weeps
Without sound in the old house
The sunlight creep into it
No emotion no goodbye

The strings broken long ago
As the owner learned a few chords
Abandoned it after he couldn't find his progress
Leaving the guitar weeps alone

Book shelves giving support
Leaning it let it weeps
It's only the lonely echo
In a house nobody lives

The curtains hanging loose
Windows slanting giving air flow
There is nothing much the guitar can do
It only weeps alone in the corner

The owner hardly returns
Leaving the things as usual as he puts there
The history of his marks in the old house
Only when he comes cleaning the house

Saturday, October 23, 2010

a new chapter must begin


The road to Putrajaya
It is open for all to go
There is no reason to stop
The power belong to the people

The black knight; the dark night
The nightmares going in his mind
Only his kind can go to Putrajaya
Others are considered outcasts

You can taste for power
By the people who put you there
You can't block the changes
When the people want it done

The shell life has gone
The black knight and his ilks
They will try to prolong
For decades fooling the villagers

The road to Putrajaya
The people will cast the change
The end of an era is imminent
A new chapter must begin

you make your own choices 185


The tables set on the pathway
I sit and watch the people passing by
The young so eager to flow........
The old wrinkled faces wondering along

I see them hurry
Without a glance to the moments
They walk right in to the cool complex
Of the sound and window shopping

The faces of humans
On the quiet place to observe
They go away quickly
As if they have no time to meet

A young woman with high heel
Walking by confidently........
To the counter she orders her drink
Then she sits alone on her table

A well dressed man
Standing there looking for a place
When he finds her he walks there
Smiling as he sits down

The moments of affair
It registers on his face
In the open he wipes away his sweat
Something telling he is afraid

Then a sports Mercedes stops by
A beautiful woman steps out
To the world she seems to tell
“I am sad with my life in ruin”

The fast lane and hungry night life
She takes her life to the extreme
Drinking and partying all night long
In the end dreaded disease takes its toll

She walks to the table
The man and the woman wait
She joins them in low whisper
For the world can wait....

The moments in their eyes
The animation works with their minds
The hands flow gesturing with sorrow
The truth has finally come to light

Nobody pays any clue
To the 3 sitting by the corner
Some tears flow openly
As the life loss hitting them hard

The office hours over
The game of waiting and losing traffic
Many come to pass the time
Picking up dates for the night

Nothing change in this world
Every corner where traffic has to wait
Where business can be made.........
The picking up points will be established

Maybe I am wrong
They want to play a game of 3
One has agreed; the other reluctant to tango
In the end she has to make the sacrifice

I watch them go
Separately in different directions
The high heeled woman turns
Smiling to me as she passes me by

The smiling moments
It captures in memory
As all beautiful events are
In our minds we keep it there

The sorrows of a life
It has to go; it has to come to pass
Change the journey; change the focus
Don't be afraid of change

I finish my drink
See the natural light disappears
The street lights bloom on time
As I take my leave walking away

it's time for a new dawn of our history

The white elephants
The status symbols of an ego
Spending billions to put a mark on history
The wastage of public money

The rural areas living in shambles
Poor hygiene no electricity
Wells water; pipe water a pipe dream
For many in East Malaysia

Even in estates
Proper schools shouting no where
The running dogs only bark for noises
Then it is all quiet down

The billions go for a only a few
Shouting for quota working hard refusing to do
Taking public funding without a glance
For others let them rants

Is this way “all for one?”
It is just pulling wool over our eyes
The people in the country
Wake up quickly before all are gone

We mustn't allow the pied piper
Whistling songs sinking us into the hollow
It's time for the new dawn of our history
Make the change with absolute certainty!

a nation of one nationality

Malaysiasflag-theJalurGemilang.gif Malaysia flag image by thtunited

Malaysia flag

The light is dying
It has been for quite a while
The lies and greed take its toll
Only the society can make it through

The ugly faces camouflaged with grace
They spin venom coated with honey dew
The presentations hiding the true intentions
Oh the light is is true!

The country bless by the God
For decades we sleep to forget
Dull by the slogans and make believe peace
Until the backyards turn ugly...of corruption

We all aren't the true sons and daughters
Of the land we are bless to inherit.........
We are made to live in harmony share the vision
Of one race and nationality..........

But it never be
There are forces trying to break the harmony
Now it rears its true intentions
Brewing racial dilemma for the races

The change of colour
On the minds of the people will rise
For the country can't live in chaos
We can't support a race leaving crumbs for others

Our nation marching forward
To the world to show her true colours
The shards of beautiful crafted glow
It is us a nation of one nationality

the angels of the dark 55


The underworld lives
The roaring voices echo
Floating into dreams
The falling of nightmares

The waking scream
Killing it softly through the night
As the dim starry light
The shadows infuse with a cry

The story dwells in the minds
For centuries the books sell
The underworld lives
The living seems to forget

The dark shadow hide
Catching the unwary souls
Before the dawn of light
The screams drag the nights

The prayers in holy temples
Ringing loud into the air
Telling the stories
Once the dark angels lived

On Earth to roam free
Until they made mistakes
They forgot what they were
The challenged the Host

Into fire they were sent
Into the dark hollow they lived
Crying out to be free.......
Only at night they did

angels of the dark 54

By lynnedreamer

The dim light glow
On the horizon
The woman wakes up
Eyes opening wide

Sitting on the beach
The coffin somebody throws in
Floating along the soft breezes
Finally lands on the hard white sand

The woman wonders
The pale skin and red eyes
Glowing with night sky
Where the stars shining bright

Slowly she gets up
“Am I dead or am I alive?
I am still living in this world
The exotic paradise”

She climbs to the rocky slopes
Shouting a high pitch sound......
Exposing her fangs she forgets
“I am alive on land!”

The priest thought he sealed it
Pushed it to the sea let the elements took care of it
The helpers just did as they were told
Yet here she is.....a new birth in the night

The land of the dark angels
They were born to share their values
On Earth once they lived............
Now they may return...we have forgotten

Friday, October 22, 2010

the pieces falling 33

By ajut

Langkawi pantai tengah

The pieces falling
From the hands
Hey you!
What's wrong?

The tears falling
Droplets to the floor
Waving the sadness
And the sad eyes

The years of lies
It finally haunts in circle
It breaks the hearts
As the fire stroking by

Hey you!
You can't run and hide
You have been stripped bare
The spot light takes you out

The pieces falling
The years of lies
It breaks the hearts
As the fire stroking by

the shards of glow 184

By illum


The memories of years gone by
Of the dreams left unsatisfied
Of stars you wanted to reach
All just gone when time passed

The beginning the push for the grade
Working hard to get the dreams fulfilled
Along the way distractions prevailed
Out of focus; out of the way

Years in years out
The movements stalked silently
Stroking on hammock........
Idly the years went along

Before age gets into it
The dreams gone so were the fire
Burning into amber dancing to slow rock
The dragging breeze the dreams fluttering

Yet there is always a way
Reinvent chase a new dream
For the light will keep shining
The shards of glow the eyes still see

not now....

By jm266

Why the 3rd force?
When 2 has not come in?

Why in a hurry?
When the sun just beginning?

Patience my friends
The roads will be cleared

Let the 2nd come
See what the country will be

Only then dream of 3rd force
When the 2nd never works out

The 1st must be buried
Deep into the dark hollow

With head stone
Heavy as the sin

The light must be shining
Waving shards of glow

The living has to evolved
For better for the freedom

8 of heart 183

By 120097


Eight of heart
You give it all
Now see what you got
Abandoned by the road

Rain falling
The sweetness gone
You think your lover remember
You are yesterday's history

In the beginning
Glory of gold
Light of the hearts
Until you surrendered

Eight of heart
You got cheated
In the game of poker
Of relationships turned sour

Now the rain hit
You cry all in vain
Giving up 8 of heart
On the roadside a story writes

listen to nature's glory 182

changed.jpg photography image by pucca995


Smell the scents of the morning
Way out of civilization away from the crowd
With natural lighting falling from sky
The gifts of God we tend to forget

Both ways the natural green
The drop of morning dews
The humming of insects
The chirping of birds

Listen to nature's glory
It blossoms right in your eyes
It makes you dream of paradise
Once we we destroyed

You walk on the blades of tall grass
Bending and cutting its ways........
The shards of light crowning down from the sky
The scents of nature...paradise dwells

You stand there and watch
The rhythmic flow in your eyes
The colours sparkle the gifts of life
We mustn't forget to share and multiply

Thursday, October 21, 2010

the rain keep falling

raining.gif the rain image by chantalno9

the rain

The angels cry
When dark clouds floating by
The thundering sound across the sky
The tears fall heavily to the ground

The people run to hide
Finding shelters to keep dry
Motor vehicles all closed up
Sheltering the rain

Oh the angels cry!
Of our sins we run
Don't we stop and think a while?
Before it is all too late in our lives

We mustn't forget the Great Flood
Noah built his big boat saved his life
Of animals he called to assist.....
Of families living in the Grace

We think of it as God's gift
The sustaining of growth and multiply
It can be used to keep us on the line
Oh yes the angels cry!

the village woodcutter 4

By marlonbrando451

Golden Dragon

In his flight to the light
He heard the coarse voice says
“30 will stay the race will be lost!”
He plunged deep into the dark hole

Floating in the mid-air
He struggled to get free
The falling seemed so deep down
He couldn't know what was there

The village woodcutter screamed
Into the dark hollow nobody heard
On his soft bed he woke up struggling
“No 30 we will be free!”

The morning early rays bathed through
He got up what a weird dream.......
He opened the windows to his garden
Outside the black dogs snarling at him

The story of the dark elements
He saw it in his days...........
He brushed his hair staring in the mirror
He put on his clothes topped it with his hat

Outside the house the soft windy touches
The morning dew smell he felt alive again
He walked with a light floating spree
“Ah this is life to be free!”

The black dogs hid behind the coconut trees
Along the yellow road away from the woodcutter
The black dogs didn't want to challenge him
With the knowledge he would chase

The children waved at him
Trooping on bicycles going to school
Ringing its bells laughing with the breezes
Of friends together riding the road

The woodcutter stopped at the village graveyard
In the early morning sun blue sky and care free
The shards of grass cutting his trouser
And the “love me not” bit on its cotton pant

He prayed for the departed souls
The family plots he came so often
Memories of those he knew.......
Now only the echoes of a dream

In his mind he could heart
The voices of his lost children
They broke his heart when they were gone
So young full of lives ahead of them

Dropping tears wiping it away
The village woodcutter went on his way
Passing through a bridge and streams
He finally reached the place once he knew

A long time he didn't come
The place where he found his future bride
Now he assumed dead disappeared from his eyes
Ashes to ashes gone off with the wind

He stood at the spot he found
Ears popped up high gear to listen
He closed his eyes alone in the woods
Of the years when he was young.....

He listened hard in the solitude
The wind rustling through leaves
The singing in the deep woods
His mind floated into unison

He saw the face he knew
Smiling to him reaching out her arms
“It's been so long darling
I am here waiting for you”

He tried to push it away
It couldn't be happening
He saw she was gone
In ashes floating up in the air

Then he saw her face
Crying softly asking him to come
“You can't forget me
I have to take you away”

The village woodcutter understood
He had lived alone for decades
Now he knew he would be home
Smiling he knelt slowly he gave up his soul

The roar in the wind
Hitting hard on the naked branches
Shaking the leaves falling some on the ground
The village woodcutter struggled finally lost

When night fell on the village
The people looked for him
Nobody knew where he gone
The elders came to help

In his house he kept it neat and tidy
Everything was in place as he used to display
Some women said they saw him going into the woods
We should go find him there quickly

The youths came organized in groups
They went looking for the woodcutter
Divided into 3 groups of 6 people
Bringing torch lights and axes and long spears

The 18 young guys
In the deep woods studying the clues
The night suddenly turned bright
In the far distance a bonfire

The young guys went quickly
The torch lights waving in circles
The group converged to the bonfire
The stood back when they saw him

The village woodcutter smile
“You guys wasted your time
I am at peace now in this world
I am home in this wood”

“We thought you were missing
So we came to help you go back”
“I will be gone soon
My time had come I took it”

The youths looked at each other
They couldn't understand his meaning
“My wife came to me in the woods
So I am going home with her soon”

The youths stood there wide eyes
As the village woodcutter changed and disappeared
“Goodbye young guys
Believe in your faith!”

The youths gone back
They couldn't believe what they saw
A big dragon flying away to the silent sky
And disappeared into the stars lit night

dont play play

Don't play play
1Malaysia will stay

Lead by the slogan
Lead by the race

Telling the children
We are 1 lace

Stitched together
In unity to progress

Only we hear so often
Words don't match the deeds

Don't play play
The poison Ivy strips you naked

In clinics the doctors say
“Told you don't go play play”

1Malaysia will stay
For the wealth they don't go away

Until we realize it
It isn't the way

yellow rajang 32

Ferry Kuching to Sibu

Small town on the lower Rajang River

Yellow Rajang
Yellow Rajang!
Once it was clear water
The natives lived prosperous time

The nature helped the natives
They cared for the river all the time
Then came the greedy leaders
They took all they could

Yellow Rajang
Yellow Rajang!
Dark clouds came
Washed out and polluted

Nature cried in silent torments
Saw the river turned yellow
Wild life disappeared
Leaving the scores to understand

The scores greedy leaders never see
They keep taking without a care to the world
The natural forests deforested sorrow for the natives
As they watch their lives swindling away

Yellow Rajang
Yellow Rajang!
The tears keep falling
Now Nature strikes back!

at the cross roads 181

Confused.jpg cross roads image by neon-green-freak

cross roads

Life at the cross roads
A time to reflect

A time to change
Know the pitfalls

Don't close your eyes
Perfection isn't in our world

The dew drops sometimes
Reminding the time; the journey

Tears have to fall
Learn the pain know the songs

When the tears drying up
A wise person transforms

Experience counts
It isn't a rope to life

Every day you see
The sun bathes differently

On the cross roads
Don't be afraid to take

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

greed dig the hole 180


Greed never sleep
It excites the mind
Printing the signs
“Don't lose it”

Play with the words
Play with the greed
Flowing out to meet
The sum total as agreed

The sidekicks wait
For the green light to glow
Then they will run
Puffing smoke dollar signs

Frugality isn't a nice word
The barking dogs too can't understand
When they have the bones
Yapping away hiding underneath houses

The villagers live
They don't open their eyes
The natural resources disappearing
Don't they know it at all?

Wake up and change
You can't flow with the same methods
Nature has spoken hard on it
Time to change habits