Friday, September 30, 2016

fake degrees

Fake degrees
The market for the money
Those who can't study
Pay money to get it

Phantom members sit
Work the assignments
Sit for the examinations
It's the money isn't it?

Failed form 3
You can get a doctorate
It happens in the market
They say money moves hill

But not all are from the degree mills
Some are issued from reputable universities
It is the candidates who go to sit for the examination
Maybe that's the fault in getting a degree

But bearing in mind in life
A degree doesn't make you a man
A degree doesn't make you a millionaire
It is hard work and patience make the day

the going is falling down

The darkness flow
Out into the open
Where light seem to hidden
By the branches and leaves

The dark shadows move
Under camouflage feeling secured
In silence of the day and night
They listen to tide with the games

The goons of the ruling
The dark shadows will not listen
They are allowed some leeway
Talking bad of the other fences

Every one thinks the strong
The agencies all behind its bad
Nothing will shake it away
But Jehovah Elohim will never say

The time of the fall
It has beem written in the last alphabet
The going is falling down
The Lord God has already planned

one man makes the shame

One man makes the shame
The nation faces the people ashame
There is still no end in sight
The getaway hatching seems not right

In the far distance we hear
The gong of the Bamboo River
Calling the sinners and bad hats
Time to face the music

One man can't let go
He is so afraid to face the bars
He knows he has done wrong
The sins will not let him off easily

The garden of Eden
It has been tainted by the snake
Setting traps of materialism
He falls and so are his cohoots

The Bamboo River ringing
The far cry calling their names
They think they have the time
Planning their escape but gates are locked

One man who forgets democracy
He sees his shadows trap in the back door
The tide is rising to mark the boundaries
There is no escape but suffered for his sins


You don't have to stay
Listening to the lies
Money in the account
He says is donation
He can't explain

Don't let the bad consume you
As you walk the street
Listen to the wind
It tempts your faith

It never brings you cheers
You may get the crumbs
You will not last long
You will live in sin

Don't be a tool to others
You are hungry for money
You have sold your soul
You will not see the light

Look at your pictures
Shouting loud without substance
You don't listen to your lies
You let the culprit go
You collect the crumbs

Don't you see the irony?
You let the billions thief get away
You don't use placard to shout
You don't demand for action
You are sleeping for the crimes

The yolk which binds you
The crumbs of money you collect
You don't see the lies at all
You get the money and you forget

Thursday, September 29, 2016

the poor romeo dog

The poor Romeo
Once the dog was young stud
Running around his territory
The owner gave him food

He had a good life
Sleeping at the porch of the house
No other dogs would dare to roam
He would chase or fight them

Once his partner died
Of and illness years ago
The poor Romeo
He felt alone and neglected

Today the owner doesn't bother
The Romeo dog is badly treated
No more shining body but shabby sign
He is just waiting for his time

The Romeo dog still hangs round
Though he isn't treated well
He still stays loyal to his master
But his time is numbered

can't you see?

Can't you see?
The way of our lives
The double lanes for us
We are separated

They want you to listen
The words they speak
The hidden cues in their minds
They want to change our Constitution

Can't you see?
They use religion to fool
The minds sinking into depts
Wake up and know the truth

The way of our lives
It will change dramatically
The piece of legislation
They want to divide

The nation is Secular
She has to stay this way
Let nobody try to belittle her true values
Let us bury them for the untruth

we can't live a language

We can't live a language
We will not travel far
We will stay relevant at home
Beyond the borders we are afraid

The more languages we learn
The many languages we speak
It is our own good and the nation pride
It isn't for the one way street politicians

What's wrong to speak many languages?
It never shows we are less patriotic
We are as good as anyone in the world
English is the bridge of knowledge and connections

It is the self serving politicians who misbehave
They just want to push the people down
They will go and study in English schools
They send their children overseas

It is time the rural folks realize
The world is out there to everyone
Learn as many languages as you can
You will never be left far behind!

once it was

They work hard
Day and night through the week
Everyday without fail they will
Slowly the business flourishes

In time the business grows
Everyone knows about the shop
The owners feel they earned it now
After years of roughing it out

The success dulls them
They don't plan to buy own shop
They think they get the rental low
They will be around many years more

But time has the habit to change
The owner wants back his shop
It is said of higher rental or he wanted to sell
The couple faces the dilemma

They can't find a suitable place
The shops are now beyond their reach
The shop lots have become too expensive
During those good years they didn't think

Now the opportunity gone
They years of toiled wasted
The couple face a bleak future
They can't find a better location

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

the low of black gold

The black gold is low
The red faces in the dark
Once the flushing of oil money
Now the headaches loom

The keeping of contingency plan
It seems hardly in the way
Use the oil money to developments
Of tomorrow hardly a cause of concern

Now the raw oil is low
The oil and gas companiess badly affected
The economy of survival looms ahead
The sattisfying moments have gone

The rural Malays better wake up
The handouts to fish for votes will be gone
Promising developments to fool your eyes
There will be no money to cater around it

The other minority races
Don't think of other handouts too
Don't let the bad keep in tow
The addiction must go

Now help the nation
Get rid of the crooks
They bring a bad name and shame
Time we take back our face and dignity

the hill of our times

The hill of our times
The time has moved on
The wind whirring it away
We forget the connections

Standing high on the hill
The whispering wind caressess
Every part of the body
And it never stays long

The hill of our times
We seem to forget
We don't play it
We spin it away

We look down on the top
The spotlights on the valley
The sparkles in our eyes
Remembering those times

The hill of our times
We have forgotten it
We better bring it back
The hours will never wait

The silence of the wind
It never calls in the night
Even the insects stay quiet
We have to make the sound

The hill of our times
Once the music in our minds
The years moved on
We forget to tune it up

the trojan horses

The trojan horses
They hide in many places
These group of people
They will not show their hands

They play a game of both sides
They want to get the seeds both ways
They can't have one way street
Once they know how much they are worth

They are the whisperers
To the willing ears to listen
They will plant words
Of which they are trained specialists

The trojan horses
The intention to bring a person down
But the lives will be short lived
The trojan horses never live long

the young indian woman

The young Indian woman walks
On the side road of one morning
Heads looking down as she walks
A 1.5km walk to the bus station

The sun is rising slowly
The bright sunshine day
She walks on her normal pace
There is no hurrying

Many cars passing by
No driver stops by to give a lift
Maybe she will not accept
The danger of kidnapping

She is a young woman
Of shapely body and a good height
She walks with ease on the road
No driver horns at her

In the bright sunshine day
The young Indian woman walks
I slow down at the bridge
Only see her in the bright rays

learn to play fair

Jail the leaders of the opponents
The ruling elites think they will cripple the force
They should think twice it had happened before
The opposition would become more relevant

The ruling elites forget
There are many will rise from the ranks
They will take the mettle to forge ahead
There will be no vacuum instead there will be winners

The seasoned leaders may sit in prison
Writing notes on the walls and in note books
Maybe people may forget about them
But once they are out from prison the force will begin

Now the ruling elites are running afraid
They talk too much and too arrogant
The words get mixed in the wind
It has no bite for lack of sincerity

Jail the leaders of the opponents
The ruling elites will not stay in chair
The people have made up their minds
The by-elections were just to play the game

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

if you want to change, you should vote

The young adults should know
The country needs you to vote
For a better future in your time
Don't leave it to gerrymeandering way

If you want to change, you should vote
It's no use shouting at the sidelines
Holding placards to denounce the bad
It will not work the routines will flow

If you want to win, you should change
The mindsets leaving for others to do
You have to get involved to effect the flow
Playing ignorant will not solve your woes

When the bad still stucks in your mind
If you want to change, you should vote
If you want to win, you should change
You have to get involved to effect the flow

a voodoo in the corridor?

Is there a voodoo in the corridor?
Everything throwing at the man
He still walks free as if nothing happens
He can even dish out advice

How high he want to fly?
There must be a change
Too much baggage in soul
He will fall in time

Is there a voodoo in the corridor?
The pilot seems to fly high
Laughing at the fools in the valley
Don't you know what I do?”

I am not running away
I want to take as much as I can
You listen to my advice
Take my crumbs and stay calm”

But he forgets the power of the drums
The ringing in his ears he should wake up
We aren't the fools as you may think we are
We will bide for our times to shoot you down

But now is there a voodoo in the corridor?
Everything throwing at the man
He still walks free as if nothing happens
Don't you know what I do?”

the putter's hold

The fore drive ahead
The shot to the green
The shouting to avoid
Who will listen?

Falling on the green
The putter and the hole
The curses of misses
The drain of energy

The money too
When the bet is one
The energy expanded
The sweat on the forehead

The drive on the hole
The putter will try to roll
The rolling ball along its way
Cross fingers falling in exactly

Once it misses
The shout of curses ring
The putter doesn't care
The need of that hole

Monday, September 26, 2016

the bad people

The bad people
It is always there
You like it or not
They will not go away

Some are born into it
Living in an environment
Behaving bad is the in thing
When they see others do

Some are followers of the bad
They know what they want to do
Knowing their kind of life will be short
They will take whatever they can

The bad people
The time will not change
They will not let go
The short lived luxurious life

They live in the fast lane
Wine, song, women and money
Easy come easy go that's the way
The bad people know the shelf life

The bad people
Not many have changed
They go from bad to worst
In and out prison like sandwiches

The bad people
In many forms we have seen
The 7 capital sins will mark their faces
They will find it hard to escape

the busy world

The busy world
It never sleeps
It keeps moving around
If we can't chase it
We should go to sleep

The living know
It is finding the flow
They need it to survive
Nobody can be lazy
Sleeping the whole night through

The busy world
The drumbeats of economy
The back stabbing and lies flow
The living and dead in our eyes

The busy world
It never stops for anyone
The future isn't for the lazy
The living should know
It is finding the flow

the inside job

The marine police condoned the sea
With curfew to curb the Islamic militants
Yet the kidnapping still happens
On Sabah soil crying in fear and pain

The pictures and videos posted
Pay the ransom they will be free
The value of a religious teaching low
There are nothing but murderers!

The police should investigate internally
Why these Islamic militants can escape
Maybe there are supporters living in Sabah
Some may live in Sarawak

They seem to escape the marine police dragnet
They seem to know when to strike and escape
Even with curfew hours imposed in Sabah
There must be inside feeding the information

It is always sad to read and hear
The Islamic militants kidnapped a few
Parade them in the enemy's background
Asking for ransome running into millions

nothing will save his soul

The face of defeat
He hasn't felt it yet
He will get there
When the time arrives

The line of changes
He wants it happens
Before he takes it on the road
The nagging fear in his mind

He will stay to face the defeat
This is what written long ago
He will lead the charge
The dark brigade to the light

Tell me what you see?
When the exposures never disappear
It will hang you to dry in the minds
You know you will face the defeat

He thinks he has the laws
He can use it to defend himself
With his sidekicks branding the marks
This is what written long ago

This is the last to go
He will face the huge defeat
The dark brigade facing the light
Nothing will save his soul

Sunday, September 25, 2016

leave a light for me

Don't forget when you go
Leave a light for me in the dark
I can't see in the darkness
When the light is no more

Hold me the light in you
I can feel the warm glow
I can't be losing staying true
Don't forget when you go

Leave me a light for me to see
Walking in the dark alleyways
Feeling blues when you are gone
In the night of the darkness

Tomorrow is another day
The happiness will bring me to smile
The smiling face when I see
The light in you sharing with me through

So don't forget when you go
Leave a light for me in the dark
Feeling blues when you are gone
I can feel the warm glow

the old road

The old road
Of mud and stones
The childhood memories
The potholes when it rains

The footprints of the young
Walking miles to another village
Climbing slope feeling the air
The old road in my mind

Sometimes the old road
The long bumpy rides on the bicycle
Avoiding the muddy potholes and splashes
It is the footprints of the young

Nothing hardly stays
In times the old road is tarred
The long stretch of road
The dark colour in the eyes

It is called development
In time the villages too are gone
Displace, bring down with high rise buildings
And the cool weather slowly disappears

the midnight hour

The midnight hour
The souls of the dark appear
Watching the scenes
Eyes of hollowness

It's their time to play
They catch souls to live again
Don't go out in the midnight hour
If you know what is good for you

The silence in the midnight
The wind stay still in the air
The smell of decadence
The night of dark souls

The dark alleys in the city
The cats and dogs hide in shadows
Ears pop up listening intently
The whisper of the dark souls

The midnight hour
The souls of dark appear
It's their time to play
If you know what is good for you

the peacock

The peacock stands
On the corridor spreading its wings
Bewitching the crowd of smiling faces
The power of addiction never fails

Give them a little power
They will go crazy in the heads
The peacock shakes its body
The feathers flowing in the air

The crowd of addicted bodies
They run after the falling feathers
The eyes of gold images of falling souls
They never think they want the gold

The peacock stands
On the corridor spreading its wings
The power of addiction never fails
The falling angels cry for the humans

Saturday, September 24, 2016

be the handyman

The handyman
We all must be one
We can't stay away
We have to face the truth

We have to get our hands dirty
We can't pretend we don't see it coming
The heavy doses of lies creeping in
The heavy baggage and scandals

The faulty wires bury deep in the walls
We don't see the wastages creeping out
We are fighting for the race, religion and supremacy
Leaving the backdoors wide open to cause us pain

We all must be one
Be the handyman to fix our basic lines
Once we realize we have to change
The future will stay bright

i am a walking

I am a walking
To the road to paradise
Looking at the poles
The big signs say

Don't commit the 7 capital sins
You will not go to paradise
The dream will not materialise
You have to change your mind”

I stand there looking
The poles never blink an eye
The 7 capital sins flashing by
Do any one you will deny return to Eden”

I am a walking
Listening to the wind
The flaming sword guarding paradise
Boom the angel's voice”Return to your world”

I am a walking
Back to the good and evil world
To cleanse a soul embrace the good
It isn't easy way to live in this world

there must be a natural justice

Ghani Patail
You have your rights
But you don't pursue it
Are you afraid of your skeletons?

Everyone knows about natural justice
No company can dismiss a worker without reasons
There must be a domestic inquiry to deal with it
It gives the worker a chance to defend himself

You were sacked immediately without just cause
In the Constitution you are answerable to the King
There must be a board to try your case
If you are wrongly sacked from your post as AG

But you never go for it
You never say a thing
A year later you come in to say
I can be sacked by deem fit by the prime minister”

You should help the nation
Spill what you know and save your soul
Don't watch from the side road
You get your injustice now fight it back!

the great liar

The great liar
The back door smells
Doesn't he smell it?
The whole house in cool air

He speaks of advice
He should listen to his own
What the people say loudly?
In the politics of divide and rule?

Lucifer of fire origin
He will say all kinds of things
He is crazy of collecting souls
He wants to show to Jehovah Elohim

Once he was in Eden
He plays his tricks and how he suffer
In the land of good and evil
Together with Adam and Eve

The great liar breeds
Many to talk on the stage
The 7 capital sins ringing loudly
Many have fallen on its weight

don't play politics for personal glory

Too many political parties
Crowded the voters' minds
Why can't the politicians pick?
The party suits the nation interests?

Is it for personal glory?
Hoping to get into history?
Better remember it is
The nation and her people

Bee Anne has run its course
The personal gratifications arise
These leaders become arrogant
They think the nation and people owe them!

The political parties leaders
They better think twice now
The people aren't like before
The changes of the game has began

Don't bring racial agenda
The party will not survive
We are multi-racial and multi colours
The nation is our task and her wealth

Don't play politics for personal gains
You will not stay long in the arena
The wind of change in the air
The nation of people will make it right

show no fear or favour

The favoured troublemakers
They will not subject to the intimidating raids
The police will take a long time to arrive
Until the public outcry

We can see the differences
With critics of Bee Anne
There will be midnight raids
There will be direct order to report

While the favoured troublemakers
They can live as if nothing will happens
As we have seen so many times before
They arrive in the morning leave the same day

With the opposing critics there will be remand orders
The police want to retain for investigation purposes
The favoured troublemakers there is none for them
If only the police show no fear or favour

The face of the police
It has come down low in our eyes
We try to believe them
But they don't walk the talk they pick and choose

Friday, September 23, 2016

don't fall into the lake of fire

There are lies in the air
It never wants to go away
Everyday there will be new ones
Sharing with the people

There the lies will take hold
The people who just listen and follow
Without thinking about it
Losing it all when the eggs break

Those we are clever
They will keep it a distance
They forget to share it
The lies still spread

The lies keep repeating
Hammering through the air waves
Too many times it happens
People will think it is the truth!

The pack of wolves
They will keep howling through
It isn't over until all have fallen
So they think they will do

Good will stand
Forming a barricade of defence
Against all odds it stands its ground
Even threats will not bulge it away

The liars will know
The fate in the lake of fire
Wake up before it is too late
When death takes its hold