Thursday, January 26, 2006

a new day 3

It is true
Resolutions on personal scheme
It hardly arrives
You can write it down beautifully
Pin it up in the room in your brain
This can only happen in controlled space
You know where you want to see
In reality many winds blow
Every where you want or should be
Leaving you rather undecided
Which way to go O Wind?
Maybe you have heard people who made it
Praises of what they did
Every one thinks that is the way
Personally it is all ordained
The day you were born
The games that will be played
I agree with you
Go where your mind says
What you feel you should
Why lose the richness?
Because you don't plan it that way

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

on the road - the rubbish and others

Rubbish throws at my unoccupied house by the so called friendly neighbours across the street. Everyday as I go to my new house I see bundles of rubbish put it near my area. I always try to figure out who is the culprit to do that. The houses there have own compounds yet one of them is throwing rubbish at my end of the road. So when the Bandaran people comes along, sometimes they collect it at times it is left there for days. We are in the 21st century yet I find the mentality of the people is way beyond redemption. These people can easily throw the rubbish at the rubbish disposal area about 2 minutes drive by car. It never happens. Imagine own rubbish tak bolih buang nak tumpang tempat orang.....

Today I found this Indian man house burned. He is not the one who thrown rubbish on my street. He lives behind a few rows after my new house. Sometimes I wonder where he gets all those dogs in his possession. I have a feeling these dogs are stolen ones and put in his care. Sometimes my neighbour told me that she saw an Indian came to my unoccupied house. I always see dog shit or cat shit in my garden. Then I have to cover it with sand. Now he got his due. His house was burned. I didnt feel pity for him. I believe he deserved it because I was told he stole things especially from the construction site.

Now the nude squat is over. It will become law soon. It will be quite a while before the laws is enacted. I also read that Overseas UMNO Club made a report against Teresa Kok on her expose of the nude squat as pornography! And the Chairperson is the deputy internal minister. While he claimed he didnt know about the report. Read the lines. He is hiding the fact that he is also part of the saga in the nude squat incident. Why no report on the press or TV? I called double standard. This is what happening in the country. We have all those chicken brains...saying something yet when the faults have been found will deny until the moon dies.

But somehow I still love my country....

Saturday, January 21, 2006

flames of fury 21

The 9 Ministers can't send a memo to their Chief! What rubbish!!! This is democracy not an authocratic rule. Every one has a right to send a memo. True they can bring it up in the Cabinet meeting but will it be on the agenda?. I see the PM always says he is busy and has no time to peruse what comes to his plate. So how could the rest of Ministers say otherwise. Read the memo first than comment.....this is the part democracy where every one has a right to comment good or bad. Right these other Ministers including DPM are fanning their remarks without reading the memo. Pity. The other half of non-Muslims need to fight for their rights too. It is not something to sweep under the carpet. Apparently these Muslim Ministers want everything for themselves. Pity my country. The founding fathers of this country want every race every religion to co-exist peacefully in our multi-racial multi-religious concept. No one should claim a right over the others. Apparently there are people who do not see it that way. If laws need to be changed, it should be amended to suit the current time frames and not say it can't be done. Now I am getting fed up. Partly I was to blame to vote these people in. PM can't make up his mind. Even if he does, I think somebody feeds him the information. You know he says he has no time so he may as well resign.....the responsibility comes with grit and determination to get the country forward. Nay, I think we are going backwards. Rafidah Aziz was right. It is good it comes out of this issue. Moorthy case has drawn up a confusion amongst the people. For what I know he wasnt really rewarded when he was alive! Because he was of a different race.

What happen to the NAP? So silence....................and the PM says he will come out with the guidelines or regulations or what soon. It has been months since yet nothing from his office. And the cars are kept idling in the custom's godowns for PM to make a decision...Because the economy isnt good......and he thinks what to do with his formulation on the 9th Malaysian Plan. For the time being the people anxiously wait and wait....then we heard about 52,000 carowners defaulted on their loans. So another list of 52,000 bankrupts! Another round to help the crony companies/banks...This will translate into roughly over $2billion in defaulting loans! The housing loans too will next on the fall. It will happen when the economy falters...It has happened in US and Shanghai...just watch the economic scenario...

I am still waiting for my CF......

Friday, January 20, 2006

on the road - the modern peeping tom

The Cabinet directed the FT Jawi to cease the vigilante corps in its department. Though these people claim it is volunteer service to advice and or help people in needs or run foul of the syariah laws or its regulations. It is snooping by any other methods or means. What right to these people have? The Federal Constitution guarantees privacy of one's own affairs. Last year we had Mat Skodeng in Malacca which the Cabinet asked the Chief Minister to disband it (He was the chief of these group of people) We don't want to have any Taliban style administration running around the country just because one's faith (Islam) forbids it. God makes us God will listen Afterall He is Compassionate and Forgiving and Loving....He already knows what His children are running into. So FT Jawi shouldnt play moralist to advice people to follow the religious doctrines. Now I read in today's Star FT Jawi defied the Cabinet directive. If that is so, the PM should sack all these people and those involved in this modern peeping tom. The PM should not allow the Cabinet directive to be ignored. He should advice the Minister concerned to take the appropriate action on these people. If nothing is taken seriously at all, then I will see a floodgate of other religious bodies to do the same. One can why not the other eh?

There are locking systems in one's religion. Any one who breaks it has to answer when he is called to do so. In this way, we tolerate other faiths in the country. One shouldnt lose count what privacy means. It is a private matter between the wrongdoers and his God...nothing to do with others perception. One can't play God and stand on high moral grounds. We are all sinners if not in physical needs but in emotional needs and if not in these needs it is in our religious needs. Are we as pure as what we think? Hah! I rest my case!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

on the road - dirty lords

I can't understand people's mentality on cleanliness. Look around ourselves perhaps stretch our imagination. What you see? I see many unselfish lords in the ponds. My new house which I havent occupied( I dont know how long the CF is waiting though the house is sitting there for over a year...) I seen rubbish thrown near to my fencing area...just because currently there is nobody staying there it doesnt mean the neighbours across the street could dump their rubbish at my end of the road. I really got pissed off. I knew who these unselfish people are. They want to maintain their area clean yet they never show concern what they do about cleanliness. This is the mentality of 21st people. To me it is more in 19th century. And about the town council staff who go around to collect rubbish....they dont collect it. In fact when they pass through the housing area they ignore the rubbish sitting on the road. I know they collect some leave out some. Ini kerja....tapi tak proaktif dalam sikap mental....nak maju kononnya masih bermimpi saja..

The dog owners too. They want to keep dogs yet they dont scoop dog shit. What kind of mentality in these owners mind? I agree with Shah Alam City Council to penalise dog owners. One has to be responsible for the dogs one wishes to keep. Don't ignore cleanliness. Some say the thieves will have an easy time to see what ideas get into their heads. If the robbers or thieves want to rob you, there is no way you can escape! The association of dogs owners refused to attend meeting with the City Council and when the regulations are enforced they wanted to cry foul. This is another mentality of these professionals. I salute the City Council for enforcing it and I hope they keep it that way though I dont have anything against the dogs.

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

On the road - Rape and Murdered

When we were young, parents always advice to take care. In the company we keep, places we go or lepak or walking home alone. Every man or woman has different facade. You dont know what will happen on a given day. So when I read report of a 25 year old woman raped and murdered in Sungai Petani, Kedah, it got me thinking about parental advice. Jogging on the road diverting into a secluded spot always hide the bad hats. Bad elements love lonely dark corners. In my kampong days I think I had my schooling. When in a lonely secluded spot always bring your eyes to scout the areas and the mind should be alert. It takes a minute to pull off this job - in a van or behind bushes or trees or big concrete tunnel (s) Although she was jogging with her sister, yet she was raped and murdered. My guess the sister didnt keep pace and thinking it is the same old routine why feel any untoward incident would happen. This is the thinking that got many into real hot spot. I always say that we have only 1 life and 24 hours everyday to stay alert. In between when one feels let down something always happen. Remember the evil loves dark corners of a person's life.

Friday, January 13, 2006

on the road

Wake up in the morning
Rushing everywhere
Some even before sunlight
On the roads to smile
The freedom on the run
Driving along the jams
When late for work
You get the heat
The bosses never smile
The score board repeating
The telephones ringing
On the ride of your life
You see it to earn a living
Whatever time you work
Cari makan kehidupan sebenar
Dari siang hingga malam
You get home tiring of soul
Yet you can ignore
Living to earn a place
To survive............
Some say why so crazy
Do the pajama party
Yet you get money
In the internet so they claim
If that is the case
Everyone works at home
Playing cowboy and Red Indian
So it isnt easy to run a living
You ask me
I sip my tea
On the balcony
Living my own drive
The paradise of my life

Sunday, January 08, 2006

a new day 2

Looking at the days ahead. The PM is showing to reshuffle his Cabinet. The people says he should do it now. He has the mandate and the popularity vote to make changes to his Cabinet. The political pundits can't read his mind - as always anyway. The most likely candidates to go should be Rafidah Aziz, Azmi, Shafie, Kadir and the old guards too in BN such as Samy and Keng Yaik and Mohd Nor (who made a silly statement in the ear squat episode causing ripples in the diplomatic circles) The ground says these are the possible candidates. Hishamuddin shouldnt be in the Education Ministry (holding kris in the Umno Youth assembly for what....telling the young students it is okay to do it????) He has become a joke in the Ministry. So he shouldnt be the Minister to guide the young ones to become good citizen...maybe transullferred him to Defence Ministry that can be the correct response...

The government machinery still moves very slow in this century. I just can't understand these people attitude. They are there to serve the rakyat but they feel the rakyat should serve them!
What a bullshit!! Perhaps it needs 'a mind revolution' to transform these people. When you write letters or emails they dont even reply or acknowledge it. It just lies somewhere......what is the use to spend millions on the hardwares but the softwares are useless and lazy.....Just go to puke the insane money spent to get these people to move ahead. The government should balance the racial composition in all levels. When you have a race in all sectors this is what it comes about. Arrogance and greed which lead to corruption which leads to the people suffering where the rich gets richer...Just read the incident in Taman Pusing near Elephant Stone. The Chief Minister said the CF was issued based on pressure from political parties and the first place who agreed the project should be sound. The District Office never survey the land properly and if it had done then the project wouldnt be allowed to continue. As I see it at that time the District Office felt it was alright for the project to go ahead. Imagine the millions spent then to say it is not safe? No wonder the people put pressure on it - the housebuyers, the politicians and political parties. It means the department is inefficient carrying its duties entrusted by the state government. Will these people be persecuted? It never happens in Bolihland....

But it is not the same with China Press.......

This is the new day.....

Friday, January 06, 2006

the lamb cut to pieces

The lamb cut to pieces. The freedom of expression isn't what it means. If I criticise the ruling elite, I think I am in hot soup. Boiling with fire one gets the heat. Nothing really helps if one doesnt accept it. Admit to mistakes or say one makes a bad decision and correct it. It is no use hiding behind laws of the land to protect an image. So I see the China Press editors resigned presumably on the order of the Internal Ministry. Why not the deputy minister go too? I dont think he will resign. This is Bolihland. The ministers, government officials and cronies are above the laws of the land. When the news of the ear squat incident came to public knowledge, the police never corrected the race issue. The Internal Ministry and Home Affairs officials never correct the race issue. What happen? In the inquiry then it was in June 05 but it came out in the press somewhere Nov 05. Yet no official statement came out to say it is a Malay when everyone thought it is a Chinese. In my view the police deputy IGP should go too. Nay....I dont think so. The PM as usual never take corrective actions. He only says to appease his people forgetting that he has to balance it with the country multi racial people. He can't take harsh action on his officials because of Tun Dr Mahathir who has come out in retirement to blast the present government. In my mind I think Dr Mahathir had picked a wrong person to run the country. He knew it in 2005. In fact the country seems to run by Khairy Jamaluddin.....ask the city folks in KL.

When will Pak Lah wake up to realize what he is missing? He has to run his own ship. He can't assign it. The people expects he runs a tight ship to sail on the target destination. As it is now I am afraid many talented people will go. For example many cars stucked in Port Klang all because of AP issues. The NAP came yet the cars industry waiting for the regulations but not forth coming. The Customs officials say give me the APs we give you the cars! Every hole digs every hole needs to fill. Here too many holes dig no one cares to fill it up. It just goes to show how ineffective the administration has become. They always tell you they do not have enough manpower but you can see them taking their own sweet times to do their jobs - long break hours, long talking time, long meetings, long no officers around....etc..

The classic comparison is what other poor countries. In every price hikes we are still better as compared to so and so countries but why not compare to Singapore? They turn turtles....

Thursday, January 05, 2006

a new day 1

A new day comes to town. Heck I just see the old sun and the smiling moon. It is good to feel alive in the natural world I get it to my paradise. I say a prayer for the past year and a good one for the days ahead. One never knows the time can change; the season plays havoc and the sadness comes easily. Maybe others never care or spare a thought for something good in life. Lepak sana lepak sini feeling good to see all things and natural ones too. Never know how lucky to stay alive in the world prone to natural disasters or man made ones. The train of thoughts flow yet enjoyment should come to play. You see the weather changes so fast sometimes in seconds than the rain falls...I am just glad I have many small things and time to participate the life enjoyment befall for me. complaints no regrets too. I always look positive to nurture myself. A very good reasoning - when you are born you must prepare to die. There is no extension to one's life at all. So in between enjoy the good life. Nothing beats the feeling of life!