Sunday, May 31, 2020

the moo on the field

The Moo on the field

The wide green space

The eyes grow tired

The heartbeats growing louder

The ears hear the growling

The beasts hide in the foliage

Of trees and shrubs and shadows

In his mind he is afraid

Jumping at shadows

He listens with growing fear

Where are the beasts?

In the shadows of his mind

Is it worth his life?

The greedy of power

Giving him endless worries

Afraid to lose his position

On the open field

Moo stares far and wide

Counting every leave and shadow

What will happen to him?

Traitors, liars or Brutus

The shadows will play the game

Once fall into the bad hole

The Devil will have the souls

Moo has a choice

Salvation to return to the right path

Else hell will be his price

The open field wolves and crocodiles watch

the Old Man will not walk away quietly

Now the Old Man realizes

Who are his friends

In his long career in politics

He hasn't learned how to pick

He wanted his way

Along the way he lost sight of friendship

Though he knew politics is a dirty game

He should have learned to pick his friends

Now he is kicked out from his house

By those trusted leaders he cultivated

They didn't support him as the founder of the party

He was dumped out of his office as Chairman

The saga will begin

Bersatu will be heated up

The Old Man likes a game of crisis

He will be at his best performance

Moo and his traitors will know the truth

The Old Man isn't a new kid on the block

These leaders back-stabbed him

The Old Man will play a hell game now

Moo and his traitors will fall

When the dust has settled on the score

Moo will be out of office so are the traitors

The Old Man will not walk away quietly

Saturday, May 30, 2020

schools should stay close

All schools

Stay close to prevent spreading

Of Covid 19 among the students and teachers

This is a yo-yo Covid 19

There is no easy solution

Adults can't follow rules

We think the students will?

We must be dreaming

Covid 19 is looking for hosts

We can't be allowing it to happen

Sending in young ones to get infected

When we haven't got rid of Covid 19

In Australia schools were opened

A few schools were shut down

When students got Covid 19

The authority couldn't find the source

Here we may find a repeat take?

We hope it doesn't happen in schools

As long as Covid 19 still hanging in the sky

There is no guarantee life will be easy living

The better bet

School at homes, Zoom and Google

Every one will be safe

There's still a way to learn and teach

moo will fall

Moo will fall

Karma tricks him

He removed his Chairman

He thought he was smart

He will suffer

He can't get away

Once through the backdoor

Now he betrayed his Master

The Old Man was right

Sitting under PH banner

He didn't agree to quit

Bersatu should be in PH

Only Moo and his group of traitors

They did the dishonourable deed

They jumped ship and went backdoor

They should be sacked!

Moo will fall

Though he knows the score

Afraid at shadows he sees

This is where karma works

Silence will slowly creep

The Old Man isn't going to fade away

He still has to punish those traitors

In Bersatu who did the dishonourable deed

Karma moves

Moo will fall for her tricks

He and his gang kicked out the Chairman

They will suffer for the dishonourable deed

Now he is out from Bersatu

This is where he will gallop his best

This is where Moo will fall

Together with his group of traitors

the saga to catch the crooks

The season of traitors

They are running smiling

The dragnet of bad deeds

Slowly rushing into the whole

The challenge will begin

The traitors will try to fly

Yet still stay on the ground

Eyes bewildered hearts pounding hard

See the shining lights

Glaring on their eyes

The season of traitors

They cook up the wrong menu

The many eyes of cameras

The traitors can't hide in secret

They wish the economy can recover

It will not be so easy since Covid 19

The season of traitors

The bag of Lucifer waiting

The collection of bad souls

Falling; knock down by the lights

The saga to catch the crooks

The Old Man on the move

one red old hunter on the move

The wolves on the hunt

They aren't going to hide now

The full moon has shown their faces

They want their meat to survive

Though they are afraid

The shadows they see

The many eyes clicking away

They can't make mistakes

The wolves have the second wind

Though it will be a temporary way

They can't fail now since they are the drivers

The wealth of meat and bones in their eyes

With their side-kick the crocodiles

They want to corner up the supplies

They aren't going to share it in full

They want to control in whatever means

The cows can moo the whole day

They are nothing to the wolves and crocodiles

Only time will show their true colours

The cows can be easily slaughtered

Only one red old hunter

He isn't giving up his hunt

He has his unfinished business

Now he will strike in chaos

The saga begins now

The kilos and monkeys have to decide

Which way they want to plant support

One red old hunter will shoot his arrows soon

Friday, May 29, 2020

the saga begins in Bersatu

Now the saga begins

The Old Man will be on

The war path to get his enemies

Kicking him out of his party

Moo and his party of traitors

They better hide and stay low

They can't get away that easy

Chaos is the Old Man favourite game

His lawyer will begin

The tasks to file a case

Dr M didn't agree to pull out from PH

As far as the leaked tape is known

Moo and his party of traitors did

These traitors should be sacked

The Chairman had the final say

It wasn't the party president

Now the Old Man

He isn't going to stay quiet

There will be the tasks ahead

Get his traitors to pay for their misdeeds

afraid at shadows

Afraid at shadows

In the mind it plays

Giving Moo the headaches

Looking at the empty chair

The big C isn't going away

It thrives on stress and worries

Moo can't get it away

Age isn't on his side

The cortisol will jump

Leaving him open to attack

Now in treatment at home

Though under quarantine

On the purpose on C19

But it could be his treatment

It takes 14 days for each session

So Moo afraid at shadows

Every waking hour he will see

Will the chair still there for him?

The score sheet has piled up

On the wrong move to kick out Dr Mahathir

Afraid of shadows

The traitors will know the score

Nothing is given for free

Once bad elements are involved

let us watch the master at work

Karma works differently

She comes in unexpectedly

Once she holds her court

The crying can be heard

The sacking of Dr M

Some will rejoice

Let him feel the pain

Losing his party membership

But has Moo made the right decision?

It is wrong without due process

Dr M contention Bersatu didn't leave PH

He didn't agree or allow it

Now who are the real culprits?

It is Moo and his party leaders

They didn't sit with PH

They are the ones should be sacked!

Let us watch the Old Man move

He is a man who will strive in chaos

We can like him or hate him

But he will be good in handling crisis

Now he is in his own crisis

This will bring him out his best

He can't be kicked our from his house

He who built it up and guided it!

Moo shouldn't jump with glee

It isn't over with Dr Mahathir

He will get it back and removed Moo

For Moo didn't sit with PH

the remove of Dr M and 4 others wrong

The sacking without due process

This is totally wrong in the eye of the law

Any guilty person must have a right to hear

The removal of Dr M and 4 others was wrong

Dr M always works best in revenge

Moo and his renegade leaders will see

How the master of the game play his role

You don't kick out the Dr M to get a free ride!

The founder of Bersatu

Some will say he gets his just dessert

This is a lesson he will learn

The backstabbing leaders will fall

Moo is worried while in quarantine

An excuse for his big C treatment

The person who signed the sacking letter

He had no authority to do so

Dr M's lawyer will pursue the case

It isn't over until the wrong is corrected

Moo better saves his soul

His salvation becomes low

Dr M isn't a coward

He will no think of retiring

This will give him the ammunition

He will be the master of the game

the yo-yo covid 19

The yo-yo Covid 19

Sometimes high sometimes low

It wants to make us on our toes

We can't be counting our eggs

The virus is still out there

With its net to capture victims

Those who refuse to follow MCO

Trying to outsmart C19

They are the ones

Causing the spike of cases

Yesterday there was 10 cases

We mustn't think we are at the end

The yo-yo Covid 19

It is the game for our lives

We are the hosts so we better remember

Don't fall for its ruse; we will be the victims

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Bersatu in bad company

Bersatu in the cross-road

Who brought the party into it?

The members should know the answer

He brought the bad omen

Bersatu in the bad enclosure

Keeping company with wolves and crocodiles

They are waiting for the party to sink

They will tear it apart with no traces seen

The kilos and monkeys

They get what they wanted

They will jump over the fence

Run back to their safe haven

The cold turkey buzzards

Flying nearer to smell of carcass

The smell of slow death

The smell of implosion

Sure, they say their prayers

Before they descend to the ground

Picking up what are left behind

By the wolves and crocodiles

Surely, Bersatu knows the score

Running with the bad company

The leaders should wake up now

The truth will set them free

The short term gain

By the dishonest way

It will not last a term

It will be paid back

the pond of frogs

The pond of frogs

They hop and croak

They can't decide

Which way to jump

One party to another

Smell the aroma of wealth

Smell the beats of power

The pond of frogs jump

The big greedy eyes

The party of frogs

Out of the pond

Change into kleptocrats

The changing scenes

The heady world of wealth

The beats of power flow

The jumping frogs dance

But the under current flows

The pond of frogs can't decide

Race through or against it?

They can't decide

The beats carry on

The jumping frogs feel the worst

They are trying to jump again

When the heat is piling up in the heads

The pond of frogs

Croaking out in the heavy rain

Wishing everyday is a Sunday

But frogs aren't a permanent base

don't take the old and infirmed out

Don't take the old and infirmed

To any malls or supermarkets

It isn't advisable for them to go

Let them stay at homes

Things aren't the same any more

It has changed in every aspect of daily routines

Don't ignore sensible advice to protect your loved ones

Don't take the old and infirmed outside the homes

No doubt some may want to go

Window shopping and buying goods

With Covid 19 hanging over our heads

The old with health issues should stay away

Covid 19 has made many changes

The virus hasn't died down yet

It is still a pandemic in the world

Infecting over 5.5 million people

The good advice mustn't ignore

Let the old and infirmed stay at homes

Don't think to ignore it for just once

The virus is waiting for opportunity

the broken road

The broken road

PH now on

It should be lucky

It doesn't have to worry

It can be a blessing

To lose the control

Let the coup leaders handle

The bad economy

The broken road

PH can plan

The next move

When opportunity strikes

The backdoor leaders

They can't handle the economy

With Covid19 makes the changes

The coup leaders can't survive

The broken road

PH you are lucky

You will not get the blame

The coup leaders will fall

The broken road

The bad economy

Covid 19 on fire

The coup leaders can't hide

Wednesday, May 27, 2020

the train on the wrong track

The train on the wrong track

The decades it has been

No visionary leaders came to rescue

Every leader saw the wealth to play

The years rolled in

Every policy became a race

The leaders never thought about it

The nation is multi-racial

The black gold boom

Made the glory for a while

Spent it like no tomorrow

Saving hardly in the coffers

We can envy South of the border

The leaders there got it right the first time

They knew what to do and plan it accordingly

Here the leaders thought of 3Rs but forgot Rakyat

Now we face our crunch time

The black gold price is low

Covid 19 hits us hard on the economy

Now how to fund our progress and expenses?

The economy is crying

Many have lost their jobs

What will do the coup leaders do?

They plan to take out the wealth

The train on the wrong track

No able leaders came to correct it

For decades these leaders got it wrong

Now the sinking hole feeling in the air

the drunk drivers

The drunk drivers

On the road to cause death or injuries

These drivers should be punished severely

Put them behind bars for a week

The driving licences should be suspended

Depending on the severity of the cases

Causing death by consuming alcohol

The driving licences should be withdrawn

Let these drivers learn the hard way

Driving on the road needs control

Observe the traffic rules and behave

issuing summons don't do the trick

The coup government leaders

They aren't interested to look into it

They are eyeing the wealth of the nation

Thinking ways to milk it

The drunk drivers

Don't let them escape punishment

Immediately suspend their driving licences

Send them to lock up for a week

karma is on the drive

The backdoor leaders
They want to act quickly
Finding ways to execute
The wealth of the nation

The buying support
To run the GLC companies
Using direct dealing to award
The contracts to cronies

They do it on the quiet
Without the public knowing
Only the PH leaders talk about it
The back door leaders stay low

The nation on auto-pilot
So it seems to the public eyes
One coup leader on quarantine
But it is said linked to his big C

The backdoor leaders
Hurry to carry out the deals
They know they can't survive
Karma is on the drive

when schools reopen

When schools reopen
Will there be a spread of C19?
A cluster waiting to happen?
What will the teachers do?

Taking temperatures of the students
Everyday through the year?
Day in day out to check on C19?
Arranging the desks 1.5 meter apart?

When schools reopen
Let there be no C19
The front liners can't stand it
They are battle tired

Why can't we do it in internet?
Use the medium to teach
We are in the IT age
We should be savvy right?

Yesterday C19 hit us with 187 infections
It isn't slowing down in our lives
Don't ease the MCO conditions
When the C19 virus is still laughing at us

When schools reopen
Will there be a new cluster emerge?
C19 isn't running out of its space
It will keep finding hosts to grow

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

sins will find back to us one day

We can't hide from our sins
We may forget what we did ages ago
We may not want to remember the bad deeds
We may not remember the actual scenes

But we have to acknowledge it
Sins will find back to us one day
The records of history have proven
Why sins need to be paid in full

We can't hide our sins
Once we make the list
The record will stay
Until we ask for salvation

We may forget what we did
The decades can blur the recollections
But sins will find back to us one day
Karma will hit the horses dragging with us

It's better to find salvation
Do it before it becomes too late
We may forget our sins
But sins will find back to us one day

within the 4 walls to reflect

Judas Iscariot
Now sick in needs of medication
The 11 pieces of gold in his hands
Is it worth the holding?

Escape from the chair of power
Judas Iscariot sits at home
Within the 4 walls to reflect
The big C hits his soul

He needs his medication
The 14 days for his treatment
It isn't about C19 at all
It is a ruse to deflect his true condition

On his twilight years
Greed takes control of his mind
He allows himself to be used
Propped up to smell the power

Now he should realize his sins
It will find its way back to him
Is it worth the 11 pieces of gold?
It will turn dust with the wind

In the 4 walls
Judas Iscariot should reflect on his sins
Turn back to the party he was elected
It may help him to get his salvation

Dr M old hands in his game

The blame game is gone
Time to seek the fortune again
Looking back to yesterday
It will not bring back today

PH learned its lessons
Within its rank the traitors bred
Once they got fat they strike
They got the key they jumped for joy!

No need to blame the Old Man
He could have a hand in it
But he was back stabbed too
By his own trusted aides

Now is the time to plot a game
Gather the troops hit the field
Somewhere consciousness will rule
Defection back to the old

The backdoor leaders seeing failure
The on-going battle to sustain the rule
They will find it too difficult to manage
When economy will go flat

In the difficult times ahead
Dr Mahathir is an old hand in his game
Though we may not like him for not changing
Give him due credit that he can handle the hard times

The backdoor government will fail
Now let its leaders celebrate
Covid 19 isn't going away yet
Until it causes enough damages in economy

don't ease the rules on C19

The social distancing
On festivals or gathering
The SOP will be forgotten
As some will forget the rules

The easing on celebration
It sounds impractical
As Covid 19 is still in the air
There is no way to escape

It takes one infected person
He will make the situation bad
New cases will emerge
The spike will happen

Do we want it?
Months of tracking
Months of MCO
Going to waste?

As long as Covid 19 haunts us
We can't bring our guards down
It will bring us back to the old
We have to bring Covid 19 out

Monday, May 25, 2020

let the Old Man play his revenge

The Old Man blew his second chance
He got it but his old habits came
He didn't like DAP and Anwar
But these leaders gave him the opportunity

During his second stint he forgot
He wanted his way or the highway
In the end he went the other way
When his trusted leaders betrayed him

Now he realizes his mistakes
He still needs PH to throw out the bad leaders
He has no choice but to swallow his pride
This time he better stays true to change

The Old Man still is a better bet
Anwar can't swing the bat effectively yet
Let Dr Mahathir bring down the backdoor government
Let him restore back the power of the people

The backdoor leaders are supported by royalty
Only the Old Man can tell these sultans to behave
He had done it before advising these sultans
Walk within the frame work of the Constitution

PH still needs the Old Man
The Old Man can't walk alone
He knows he still needs PH
So the game is set again

Now the plot begins
The traitors are feeling the heat
The house of cards will fall
Karma will finish them off