Thursday, July 31, 2008

people of permatang pauh will salute

It is back on his home ground
Where the drum will beat louder in the end
The good son has finally returned
To claim his throne once he lost it

UMNO/BN leaders will pray
When the time comes they don’t get jail
The pile of reports in the police archives
It will come handy when new government arrives

The corrupted leaders in government
The goons and lap dogs will quickly hide
The scenes seem to be unfolded in our eyes
MSM papers can print otherwise……..

The truth will arrive
The Rakyat will be there
No more false charges or pretences
It is the final nail into the ground
For the new vision must light our lives

The country economy is so silent
The sleeping beauty doesn’t speak much at all
Is he knowing his job or forgetting his lines?
Maybe the fear motion has finally crept at the backdoors
In the dark of night………….

But the drum beats in Permatang Pauh
It has grown louder for the people there
The good son has finally returned
And the plotters can’t get the target right

wan azizah resigned as mp

Wan Azizah resigned
So she could take a long rest
Of politics where she did her way
The country will lose her friendly face

She gave it back to her husband
Dato Seri Anwar Ibrahim in his old constituency
The game has finally begun………………
The horses will spring from the hills
And galloping into the throne in Putrajaya

I thought she could be the first woman PM
In the country of mostly Muslim people
It will be a history in the making
But I was dreaming………………..

Now the people of Permatang Pauh
The good son has finally returned
This is a fight UMNO/BN will lose
Who will want to challenge Anwar?
The conclusion is in even before the first vote casting

The march to Sept 16
Will it happen as it is written?
SAPP is willing to get sack from BN
There is something brewing in the land under the wind

Now the spinning top spins
Getting high with high tension
The silent wooing of the motion
The horses galloping near

the spins never end

The spins never end
The thin threats to get the way
The government machineries worked overdrive
Innocent must be found guilty

This is allegedly the law of the land
Be it only for the powerful and connected
The lesser souls will spend time in prison
Some enjoying the guest status in Hotel Ka Moon Ting
In the oldest town quiet and tranquility………….

Now the private hospital came
Statement deflected the case
In between the lines people found
Threats had been used to say otherwise

The doctor didn’t check for sodomy
What was he checking about?
The patient had said………….
What spinning false statement
When records shown it wasn’t

It doesn’t need a specialist
To observe any injuries on the butt
A trained normal doctor can see it
So he duly wrote it on his examination

Many things could happen
Within the 4 hours after the examination
The concerted efforts could be played
Amongst the interested players in the plot

So the twisting ways
The powerful makes his card
Let it be known the innocent will be guilty
Do it in the reality of court of laws

Who dare to challenge in court?
When the script writers had done the part
Only the truth seekers will go all out
To make it known evil doers have no place to hide
So The Good Lord will cast His net
Capturing the evil doers banish them to fire
Where they will taste the temperature rising
Within the souls of them

the drama

The drama played
The press conferences and cyber-space
The reports binding the players
Scripted as if it was done

The uniformed men in blue
Do it one more time
The déjà vu cried in the minds
Not again in our lives

The plots and twists
The same players reenter the scenes
Now new lamb going to slaughter
For money to pursue dreams?

The dark night glows
The scattered dim shadows dance
Be it for a cause
The right way or the evil way of selling souls
The players decide in the dark

The uniformed men in blue
Got the action and off they went
Single mindedly catching one man
So that the fear of leaders in government
Could be brushed aside

The Mamasan got the act
Pursuing it for the ultimate prize
When it was found out untrue
Screaming out loud for all to hear

The concerted efforts to ruin
A one man willing to bring light to the country
The government leaders can’t sleep easy
He must be put up in jail at whatever costs
Brushing aside rule of laws

The Rakyat smell foul play
No matter what the government leaders say
The medical report proved otherwise
The men in blue want it works
For too much is at stake

born to right wrongs

Follow the rules
Nobody will get in trouble water

It is said many times before
When it is under a corrupted government
Follow the rules
We will be that stupid!

Abetment of evil doings
Follow the rules smack of hypocrisy
Man made laws can be appealed and changed
The good people always get burned in the beginning
Only the light of truth finally let them free

We have one life to make it right
On the land we are born into it
Do the good thing and be damned
So that future generations will benefit
The generations of the past make it working

It is the monetary suffering
And the ridicule amongst families and friends
When one goes against the establishment or working institutions
These people cry why so stupid to throw it away?

It is hard in the beginning
Finding ways to sustain a sense of belonging
Only closest friends show some support
Even one good friend will make so much difference

Follow the rules
When it is right for all
Fair and equitable to many
Everybody has an equal chance
Otherwise we fail as people
Born to right wrongs

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

oi manage the economy!

The BN government should go and manage the economy
Enough of the sodomy faking saga on one person
When the truth has finally slapped on its faces
One leader still has the balls to say it must go on
Yeah………the show must carry on top of everything

Now how low can they go?
Bones old, fats all around, agility gone
How low they want to poke the ground?
Let it be known old leaders mustn’t act young
Their game plan has gone a long time ago
Don’t waste time study personal glory
It is time to manage the economy

Now the economy is going to fall apart
High costs everybody feeling the effects
Of products and services running around
Business sectors all clamoring for increase prices

Hello BN leaders……………
Are you awakening to see the headaches?
Spreading it far and wide in the country
Forget the story of sodomy……………..
It is the millions out there you have to manage

Still thinking about your 3Ps?
The country doesn’t need this type of leader
Time you wake up and feel the beat
The ground is splitting………..crying in shame and anger
Of the BN sleeping administration
Still living in the Ivory Tower

the country needs a change

Image Preview

The UMNO leaders still talk
About race and religion
Thinking of unity against whom?
The race mentality
It will be the downfall for the country

Are the Non-Malays always the bogeymen?
Living in the land of multi-racial harmony
Too many of one race
There will be no variety and fun of life

The country millions races
In unity under Malaysia
We are Malaysians……..
We aren’t a race……..

The ‘Merdeka’ spirit will be meaningless
When the political leaders still harping on a race
It is going to be 51 years old in August
The political leaders haven’t learned at all

The country needs a change
Too much under the present system
Live in the true sense of peace and co-existence
Not of leaders’ perception……………
They have grown too fat living in their Ivory Tower
They have lost touch on the ground
Of the peoples aspirations and needs
We are just Malaysians……….don’t you get that?

just to hold to the 3Ps

How can the Police stop the sodomy investigations?
The whole force faces are at stake
The Police will go on piling bits and bits
Until they get into the thick wall in their heads
It is better to say sorry close the case
And live in regret the forces have no faces left

This is the hardcore story
The X-files of Malaysian politics
The UMNO and its coalition partners
Oh so afraid to see change of government!

So the plots and twists of the game
All for the sake of holding to power craze
The country’s affairs they don’t care
They want the 3Ps as they wake and sleep

The spinning top has begun
Denials and spin doctoring
Swearing on the holy book
It doesn’t mean a thing
When there is wrong
Go admit and close the chapter
The country’s affairs mustn’t be left on hold

The meandering corridors
The leaders plot and twist
Afraid to lose the 3Ps
They go out and plant fake trees

The Rakyat see
Unbelievable in their eyes
What ills the country’s leaders?
Until they are willing to sell souls
Just to hold on to the 3Ps…….

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

accounts for your sins

Don’t make any statement
It doesn’t make sense anymore

Look into your soul
The government leaders and lackeys stroll
Into the sins of God
Justice must be fair to all

Look into your soul
The plots to bring an innocent fall
The tears of the angels
It comes sweeping out the lies

The innocents will fly
Into the path of heavens
So don’t make any statement
The people aren’t fools in this game
Of lies, half truths and deceits

Accounts for your sins
Before the angels take away
The gift of God shouldn’t be wasted
On plots and fixed up cases

Shame on you
Leaders elected by the people
Cowing the people with your antics
You think you are god…………..
Just wait……….angels will take you away

the sleeping administration

Spend less in front
Enjoy more at the back
What the BN government trying to do?
The eyes and mouths can’t tell the same thing

The sleeping administration
Going out in its dream world
Conjuring the sparkles of lights and shadows
Smiling happily as it whirls into orbit
Leaving all the work far behind

Easy in the front
Pushing hard at the back
Telling half truths enjoying the fruits
Are we that stupid in our minds?

The road of freedom
The desirable needs of civil society
It isn’t going to happen
On the sleeping administration

Spend less in front
Enjoy more at the back
What it tells you?
Transparency a hard nut to tell

politics is without borders

Religious scholars can’t be good politicians
The dealings and counter effects hard for them to swallow
The hearts and minds can’t decide in theological reasoning
They will become the addict of the Devil……………

This is why we seen
The Pope doesn’t entangle in politics
He knows the thread of diversion
In his cloak he doesn’t need it

Even in the time of Prophet Mohammad
He didn’t want to dirty his hands in politics
His journey was to spread about the good news
Of salvation and religion

Politics for those who can twist their tongues
To suit the place and audience without blinking eyes
Tell them stories and pursuing of wealth
Religions and politics hard to live by

The Devil’s work and God’s way
The two shall not agree eye to eye
So for religious scholars to nipple in politics
The souls will cry thousand times
Every time they need to speak of lies

Monday, July 28, 2008

no sodomy happening!

So now we know
The fabrication charge on sodomy
Yet the BN government still pursuing
When the medical record shows otherwise

The country has become the laughing stock
In the eyes of the world
The relentless pursuing of a framed up charge
Telling lies supporting by the top leadership
It is just to derail a person’s career in politics

RPK done a fantastic job
On the medical card the doctor wrote
What more does Saifool want?
He got his money and he gets lost
A man without principle
Used by political leaders
To serve their own ends

Nailing Anwar without justifying proof
With the BN government and Police out to get him
It has become a travesty of justice
Of an innocent man proofing him guilty
By the sheer act of fabrication and conspiracy

Let Sept 16 happens
Bury the goons once and all
It is time Malaysia gets her back dignity
She gets a black eye already

the greedy fishes escaping the net

The ACA probes
The hot fishes off the boiling wok
The smell has gone
Leaving the coldness
Displaying on the rectangular plate

Knock, knock the dead hot fishes
The ACA can’t find much to say
Somebody had got away
Into the realm of protection
And the jingle bell sings

Files and files scooped away
Letting the people know
Then the silence creeps in administration
Nothing is heard………..only some comments
Slowly it will filter into oblivion

The ACA doesn’t probe
The powerful politicians allegedly in the wrongs
The officers just can’t lift the fingers
At the political masters signing their payroll
But they forget
It is Rakyat money……………
They should hunt without fear or favor
Yet they take life easy
No report no investigation
Why can’t they go proactive?
Do the work when they hear so many

The ACA probes
On the small hot fishes out of the boiling wok
On whom light up the fire
They don’t want to find out
It is too much stepping on powerful toes

Catch the small fishes
Let the people know they are relevant
Guarding the interests of the country
Many greedy fishes escaping the net
The people keep asking why
They have no answer; they don’t want to tell

the seed had planted

The cronies never disappear
See what they gain on connection
It is all about greed
Of money and short cut benefits

It is the Rakyat losing
Millions into the coffers
All because of cronies
Take the wealth
Don’t worry about the suffering

The greed foundation
Rooted deep into the consciousness
It is hard to break away
Unless a change of government
Maybe we will see changes
On the laws and on cronyism

The wind of fresh whistling
Serenading the peoples’ ears
Telling them it is better
The Titatic has to sink
So we can see a new beginning

Enough of mismanagement
Enough of the hiding of facts
Enough of the tampered justices
Enough of Police brutalities
It is time a new day begins

The seed had planted
Now protected it to grow
The new dawn will usher for the nation
Of many races and religions
Living in peaceful harmony
Under the umbrella of just government

what is with the back door?

What is with the back door?
Playing hide and seek in perception
In political games it can ruin plenty
Of lives and economies……….

What is with the back door?
The political leaders seem to engage
Going out quietly to caress……..
Exploring the lines to get it right

Ah the partners sleep
The coalition leaders close one eye
They can’t display disunity
It is with the back door what could they say?

Passing tips with a smile
Don’t worry we stay opposition
For the back door drummers
Don’t worry silent partners
We won’t let you lose face

What is with the back door?
It seems it is a trend in the country
Hiding out the truth; engaging in silent mood
Only come out to show faces
Smiling and saying
‘There is nothing to worry about
We won’t forget our partners
We will stay with them through thick and thin
Until nature takes us all……….’

So what is with the back door?
The truth is hard to tell
Only satisfied smile and mind
The rest leave it all speculations

Sunday, July 27, 2008

the marks on the coin

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borrowed Momma)

Changing name
Changing color
It is part of a political game
In it is the power grab
See who is at the helm?

Party can dissolve
Disappear in the night
The core values remain
The speeches of race
After thought on other races
It makes no difference

Just like eating rice
Porridge, fried rice, mee or kueh teow
What so different when the core value is the same?
Change the color mentality remains

It is fighting for Malaysian(s)
Why can’t they sink into their heads?
It isn’t about race and religion
It is about country and identity
Are we Malays, Chinese, Indians, Ibans, Kandazans and others?
Are we the Malaysians?

The politics and religions
It is hard to bring out the truth
The power and submission
We can’t have both ways

Politics is about power and greed
Religion(s) is about piety and submission
On the way to paradise with goodness and clear consciousness
Nothing about the extra baggage in life

So it is better the parties stay individually
At least we can read what they are doing
One from the North one from the South
They play their games we study them

Changing color
Changing name
The core values remain
Is it about race or about Malaysian?
The leaders in politics
Just don’t tell lies
We are Malaysians
Just get the fact right!

Religions free
Let God decide His children fate
It is Him who made it
Let Him judge when the hour arrives
Just don’t tell one religion is better than the others
It is our sin when we couldn’t stay clean in our minds and spirits

prestige on cars

The prestige on cars
The mark people associate
The power image projects
Amongst the crowd to say
‘I am the power what are you?’

So we read
The defying order of BN in Terengganu
State Executive Councilors cruising in MB
Ignoring order from the Federal leadership

The temptation is so great
The new Mercedes Benz sit
Winking eyes of magic
The BN state leaders can’t help it
‘Hey drivers…….take her for a spin
Let see what she can do on the roads’

The power game begins
When costs run high
The leaders should defray
No Sirs………….they want to shoot the game

The villagers shake their heads
They can’t believe the wastage gone
When people are suffering
BN ignores its own rules

The power game
They ignore the Federal leadership
The rot has set in
The sleeping beauty will flip-flop again

he will cry missing his penalty

Na Heep tastes the crown
In his mind he already smells its aroma
Dreaming about it
He tells others his needs

24 months ahead
He thinks he gets it
He has to think in December
What will happen in the party election?

Dreaming is good exercise
Don’t get into the head it is advice
For it will not happen
For politics is bending rules
On the leaders who know the game

Na Heep and his gang
The coalition partners in tow
Think about September
Maybe the Titanic will crumble
Into pieces floating in the sea

Deflection covering fear
Of power collapses in the distance
For glory will not last
It has to change…………

Na Heep chalks up his way
Bragging about it I am sure he did
The crown isn’t there as yet………..
He dreams and smells its aroma
He won’t score
He will cry missing his penalty

The crushing blow will come
When the whistle blows for the game
In it Na Heep will know…………….
He has no players; he is so alone

Saturday, July 26, 2008

let others carry the torch

courtesy mob1900

BN you have your time
Telling the people of your lies
Half truths and personal agendas
It is better to go to sleep
Into your dreams

Announcing changes
The start up quick then finally dies
Into the corridors of power
The Dark Vader croaks his way
Nobody can tell me
‘I am the lord in this domain
You listen to me and get my orders
It is I who will decide’

The people from villages to towns
Cities and educated masses
They have heard it before
They don’t need to be reminded
All through their lives

The Rakyat the power base
It is them they decide
The course of history
The nation will set to flourish
Else colonize by super-powers
For our foolishness of power greed
Bankrupting the country
So at the mercy of rich countries

BN be gone
You have you time
Now let others carry the torch
Into the new dawn

the seed of new coalition

MCA has no balls
Say only on DAP
When with UMNO and PAS
MCA stays quiet
Maybe with tails between legs
Barking silently in dark corners

UMNO and PAS talking about Malay unity
Offering posts to entice the other party
PAS smells the rat mechanics
PAS finds it isn’t about racial supremacy
It is about greed of power

PAS decline
The leaders stay on with Pakatan Rakyat
For the change will surely arrive
For it is the way the people wanted it

Where are MCA leaders?
Kowtowing to UMNO all the time
It is better MCA quit BN
Join with Pakatan Rakyat
They can still fight for its rights

MCA don’t procrastinate
The heyday of its glory is gone
The party is just a lapdog
Dancing its tune to UMNO
Where is the dignity?
Don’t you have face value at all?

Go join Pakatan
At least you will have dignity
Else it will be the end of the party
Go and ‘Yam Seng’ all night long
You have lost your creditability
With the Chinese long time gone

To stay relevant
Go join Pakatan
For it is in this coalition
The seed of new nation begins

why not malaysian unity?

Malay unity
Another Taliban emerges?

What will the country become?
Negotiating dialogues to form a race unity
Leaving the others behind………….
It won’t work in this multi-racial country

Negotiating for Malay unity
They are sending a bad signal
In the multi-racial population

Nothing will be achieved
The political divisions hard to merge
PAS did it once opt out quickly
When the policies weren’t suited then

PAS better concentrate
On the Pakatan Rakyat circle
To administer and help the others to grow
Into a formidable force to challenge BN
When the next opportunity arrives

PAS should stop negotiating with UMNO
It brings no good to any party
These parties have extreme views
It is hard to put differences aside

Don’t fall for the trick or treat
It will be PAS downfall eventually
Now the Non-Malays know your tricks
You think you can win again?

Don’t abandon the roads travel
Something good in March 8
Don’t abandon peoples’ aspirations
Do for the general good

PAS if you don’t listen
You will go down the road of BN
Believe me the Non-Malay voters
They will send you back
You can’t rule the country
No matter how many times you try

Friday, July 25, 2008

malaysia has a black eye

They wanted to escape
The glare of publicity
Of deception and half truth stories
Of body languages telling different vibes

Fooling the people
On Malay unity and Islam
They forget Malaysia
It isn’t of one race
One religion and one party

We are to blame
For electing these goons to power once again
Knowing fully what they have done
Majority voted blindly
Then they sing their sad songs

The way we cherish
Malaysia rolls her tears
She is going to be 51 years old
She can’t find her good feeling
We will spoil her wishes
For voting a group of fools
Becoming a laughing stock to the world

They escape to the backdoors
Knowing this is how they planned
The dark glow takes the souls
Flashing lights they better hide
The glaring spotlights expose their fright

Malaysia has a black eye
We are to blame allowing it to happen
When we have the opportunity
We don’t take it seriously

sing your songs malaysia

Don’t shake tears for me Malaysia
I have tried to vote for change
Believing it will happen in last election
Yet they are others refusing the opportunity

Don’t look so sad Malaysia
You have to suffer the indignity
Causing you a black eye in the world
By the leaders behaving like children

The economy slowing down
Not enough projects to raise the bar
Internal conflicts waging power struggles
On the 3Ps they eye it for eternally

Don’t cry for me Oh Malaysia
I have tried to make the change
The BN coalition leaders never take you
As the cocoon to protect the sun rays

I know the long years
Until the next round begins
There is hope yet
When September comes around

So sing your songs Malaysia
Let the drum beats sway the hearts and souls
For without it the darkness falls
The directionless way we will be sinking
Into the abyss of the dark

Don’t shake tears for me Malaysia
I have tried to make the change
It will happen when others find the truth
Sing your songs we will fight for you
Until the golden shaft of rays shine
Into the bright sunshine

we blew it

The dark clouds in the sky
Smog and haze don’t we see?
Unless we are blind
Never want to participate

The economy runs
Without a fixed direction
The elected leaders, hungry of power
Backroom maneuvering horses to bet
Always on the winning team
The Rakyat takes a back seat

Mega projects
Make it believable
Where is the funding?
It has gone to waste
Of silly ideals without much planning
Telling it will boost the economy

The sleeping mode
The leaders go
Singing ba ba black sheep
They think we are stupid

The rising of the Rakyat
It has to be if we want to save the nation
Of turning herself into a laughing stock
In the eyes of the world

We have our opportunity
In the last election
Yet we blew it
When about 50% allowed it to happen

Now they sing the blue
Rising costs stagnant economy
Inflation has arrived……….
The pockets full of holes

deception once again

Video of Anwar
In Police lock up
To tell how he was treated?
The Rakyat want to know
The sodomy report………..

The briefing to the foreign diplomats
Waste of time and public funds
The diplomats have their own sources
To determine the truth of his case

The point is
Why Saifool isn’t charged under Section 377c of the Penal Code?
Why give him protection when he claimed he was in the act?
Is this the law of pick and choose charge?

It is better to disclose the details
Yet I feel it isn’t there to discredit
It is only used to derail a person plan
To form the next government by September

Make as much noises as they can
Until the masses tend to believe it
The BN leaders fail miserably
And they know it in their minds
The Titanic is crumbling
The holes can’t be mended quickly
Water is gushing out without direction

The plots and twists
In the dark alley sings
The echo of desperate leaders
Hammering out a plan to escape

The tidal waves looming
Inflation shot up 7.7%
Economy isn’t encouraging
The trembling signs harvesting in the minds

The country has to move on
Enough of Saifool and his antics
Stop entertaining his episode
We have important crimes to solve
The Police should prioritize its efforts
Otherwise all go in waste………

the idea of god

The idea of God
It is hard to believe
Amongst politicians
When greed rears its head

Swearing on holy books
It doesn’t make a thing
Everybody can do it
End of the day business flows as usual
One teh tarik please!

The mamak stalls hive of activities
Talking about Na Heep and his useless swearing
It is just playing wolf scaring amongst the sheep
Let them know he has nothing to hide

Yet he dares not go to court
To clear his name and the charge about his denials
In court he hasn’t gone
Out of it he talks nonsense

Let my records speak
He never reads his own statements since
He dares not open the can cover
It will stink with his stinging smell

So I guess he has to make it right
Go to court let the truth prevails
Let the court and lawyers decide
Swearing on the holy book
It makes no difference to the dead
Unless justice is done
Otherwise it is just a publicity stunt
Giving no way saying no truth
It is just a political game

Thursday, July 24, 2008

briefing for diplomats

Briefing for diplomats
Only one Anwar Ibrahim
Now why Home Affairs Minister did it?
Afraid of the dire consequences
Befalling to the country………..

The diplomats have their sources
To find the meaning to the charge
Knowing how the BN government administers
Sending the dissidents to the dark ages of time
In hotel Ka Moon Ting
Everything provided………..for free

Facts and figures he said
I wonder why kept in the dark to the people
Aren’t the BN government answered to the Rakyat?
The Timid is afraid he sang a different song

Police report
Holding it trying to add details
So far in dilemma
For the truth isn’t there

The BN leaders stalling for time
The crushing will come in their minds
Believing it yet they don’t say
They have no case to poke around

Only in hotel Ka Moon Ting
The darkness will come to claim
For the dissidents against them
This is the only way
They know they must take

Malaysia has got a black eye
The arrogant leaders never realize
The sleeping beauty looking into his mirror
Will the people remember me when I take flight?

Hotel Ka Moon Ting
The people will send you there
Everything provided………….for free
You don’t have to worry
You can sleep as long as you like

the children

The children
Innocent in their minds
Cheery eyes wonderful friends
They don’t count
Colors of the skin

The cheery cries
Mixing amongst themselves
In their minds they have friends
Sharing the enduring friendship

When they attend schools
They are told the difference
The seeds of division
The cheery eyes disappear

Friendship of the young
It turns upside down
When adults’ minds determine
The road to nation building

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the nuclear power plant

The nuclear power plant in the country
Going for the Guinness Book of Records in SEA?
For it will bury the nation
On the nuclear fall out……………..

For the simple reason
The country isn’t ready for it
The people haven’t agreed
The shoddy works we had experienced
On the highways and trunk roads

Easy tasks the country fails miserably
So many short changes and cut backs
Until the final products flawed……….
Even Terengganu State Ministers don’t agree
About the worthiness of the national car Perdana V6
Opting for Mercedes Benz E200K………….
Citing cheaper maintenance and second hand value

We mustn’t allow the BN government to rule
They will destroy the country with this nuclear plant fall out
It will become A Doomsday for the nation
Currently they may bankrupt the country
If they don’t manage the wealth properly

The people must be wary
Don’t get fooled so many often
For the rights are in our hands
We decide the course history of the nation

the merry men

The merry men jump on the wagon
Rolling on the bumpy rides
Eyes full of greed and desires
Repeat it often lies become truth

There is no case to answer
The Never Ending Story trying to fool
The people perception of a case
A déjà vu 10 years ago

DNA sample quoted the merry men
The sleeping beauty and his henchmen
Echoing the similar sentiment
They are feeding lies to make it right

DNA once profiled it is kept forever
No changes of a person profile
It is there for all to participate
Looking at the charts nothing will be changed

Yet there is half past six governance
Arguing for DNA sample before charges is filed
The ‘victim’ must be medically confirmed sodomized
By what object or self inflicted wounds?

The accused doesn’t need to give DNA sample
For the charges have not been proven yet
How do the Police forget the basic criminal investigation?
The police go all out to investigate RPK………..
But the ‘victim S’ no investigation is done
Police offer protection on him…………
Is it not conspiracy?
Ganging up to destroy a person’s creditability?

Swearing on the holy books
It makes no difference to any one
Publish the police report
Why hide it for nearly a month?

The merry men jump on the wagon
Eating durians stomach bloated up
Croaking lies on every road
Until the people ignore them totally
Tools for the super elites………..

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

malaysia is no sale

courtesy mob1900

Malaysia is no sale
By her own standards she sings
Every day in the dawn until night falls
The steady glow glorious in our eyes

The Malaysians can agree
The Malaysians can disagree
Within the parameters of social civility
The freedom of views so shared

Only the greedy politicians
Selling souls for wealth of nation
They are the group one must be aware
They will bankrupt the wealth creation

The arrogant cronies
Knowing they have linked to political elites
Plunder the wealth of the country
The people should be aware
With these rascals Malaysia is on sale

Nobody can ignore
The political landscape dwells
The greed and power grab
Lying to the people
Spinning tales of half truths
Carting wealth in silent train

Malaysia is no sale
People must be wary of political elites
Show no fear of our rights
Otherwise we can wave goodbye
Malaysia will be colonized one more time

only the millions foolish

The holy trinity
The work of clouded sky
Bewitching eyes sleeping minds
The millions out there
Stacking up for rides

The learned books
Displaying on the shelves
Wiser infuriating words
Tricks or treats millions foolish

Transparency just a lie
Read the statements minds get hotwired
Accountability is never arrived
No involvement yet head the organization
Telling it to the kids
Mommy and daddy not around
The kids will cry searching for them anyway

What is the sleeping beauty doing?
Ride on the holy trinity
Horsing tips staying ahead
The power rides difficult to let go
In the high power game of 3Ps
Power, projects and prosperity

Pick those who need 3Ps
Sell their souls for greed
The holy trinity brings cheers
Only the millions foolish

the laws mustnt fail

Atlantuya buried cold in pieces
Heavens know how she went begging
For retribution of her ripples soul
For the killers haven’t justice served

Bala’s SD 1 and 2
Aroma of treat and tricks
Like a Halloween Night
Dressing up to play ghosts
Pieces of C4 wrapped up in sweets
Giving it out free
Is it treat or trick?

Many important players
Leaving out of the loop
The AG had made it only 3
The fall guys so to speak

The allegedly truth could be found
In Bala’s SD 1 now
Otherwise why in a hurry to retract within 24 hours
Then finally disappeared?

Atlantuya’s shadow spreading it wide
Into justice she seeks to find
Begging heavens doing it right for her
She didn’t want it this way in her life

Will the second group of players play?
In the court of justice seeking fair contribution
Of justice and retribution
For the eyes of the world
Looking at our justice system

Atlantuya’s blood seeped into our ground
Crying softly seeking her justice in our land
The laws mustn’t fail her quest
So the lawyers are seeking truth
And the concerned groups wanting justice delivered

the political game of 3Ps

The sodomy
One is allegedly charged
One is protected in police custody
The law isn’t about favoritism
Yet it is understood in reality

Any party involves in sodomy
The charges will be upon them
Why one gets police protection?
As if he doesn’t consent to the act?

Pulling stunt on swearing
It doesn’t mean a thing
On religious connotations
It is between Allah and His wayward children
He just only smiles seeing His children antics

Look into the West
Swearing on the Holy Bible to tell the truth
In the presence of court officials
Yet we have seen the game play
Each will say it is the truth
A long process to dig up the façade
Of lies and deceits, of greed and power game

Now I see
The luring of publicity
Pressuring the other party to tell
When in the first place
The 1st party dares not disclose
The report of its contents……..
How can truth be told when in this instant hiding away?

Sodomy both parties should be charged
No favor no protection in the eyes of the law
Let them fight it out in court
And let the game falls into place

Now one is hiding
Allegedly under police protection
Hiding only spurs the obvious in perception
One is used to pursue a need of protecting power sources
In the political game of 3Ps

so think carefully

The fragile coalition
The Pakatan Partners merged
In March 8 GE 12 elections
Now it PAS wants to talk
About Malay unity and Islam
With UMNO, its arch adversary for decades!

Is it about greed and power?
The way I see it
It has to be for PAS and UMNO
Dividing the racial line again

The camouflage of smiles and shakes
In their minds it is on race and religious unity
Forgetting a moment Malaysia is a multi-racial nation
With many religions amongst her people

I know there are PAS members who don’t agree
The on-going discussions amongst the two adversaries
Are they afraid their race will lose to other races?
Is it about power, projects and prosperity (3Ps)?

March 8 elections the Rakyat want 2 party systems
Going forward to stage globalization…………….
A country struggling to get her due in world recognition
And with these talks the country will fall backwards
By race and religion………..afraid to compete

Will Pakatan Rakyat stay relevant?
Will the people black them out in the next GE?
Thread carefully leaders of the opposing coalition
You are walking into the political traps of your enemy
When you are caught unawares hanging by the ropes
Many cries and curses will not help you in the end

So think carefully
The voters will punish you in the end
Don’t get the signal and ignore it
You will suffer the fate
Of all arrogant leaders of the past
Thinking they have the rights to rule
They forget it is a job for the people and country
Don’t misuse it for personal glory and benefits

change our living life styles?

Mercedes-Benz W211
MBE200K costing $245,000

Change our living life styles
The BN government ministers tell
From the PM right to the ministers
Advising the people and state governments

Now the Terengganu state government
Bought Mercedes-Benz E200K costing $3.43 million
14 units for the usage of its state ministers
Defying the Federal Government orders of using Proton cars

The MB giving out silly excuses
He shows disrespect to the FG orders
Indirectly telling Proton cars are untrustworthy
And have no second hand value…………

This is public money
The MB of Terengganu shouldn’t purchase it
Telling his reasons but the people won’t buy
When the PM wants to cut back on spending
Here his state leader goes spending!

It has been allegedly rumored
PM orders carried no weight in the administration
Now he has to take immediate action
Haul up the MB strictly reprimanded him
For going against Federal orders………….
So that his creditability can be restored

Now it is left to be seen
What actions will be enforced?
On the BN state government
Say it does it and don’t hide it

Monday, July 21, 2008

the game people play

The game people play
Telling truth is hard to come by
Getting half truths are easy
As long as people don’t question it

Feeding it nicely
Packaging it to look so real
When you hear about the story
Unbelievable yet the reservations
Why truth so hard to apply?

The tactics use to play
The light and dark shadowing away
You may not know what is happening
Yet the mind won’t rest until the truth prevail

So this is the game
The people play all their lives
Tell truths are hard to come by
Only through bits here and there
And the whole can be determined
The truth or what is left of it

Saturday, July 19, 2008

as long as a person can do a job

As long as a person can do a job
It isn’t our business to think of one private affair
The country needs the best to lead
If the best is a homosexual
What are we to blame?

The world is full of many sexual tastes
It isn’t our say to devalue a person self esteem
God makes it to test our faith
Into reality see how we behave

One can’t say
To suit one personal gain
Party to the act though in private
It should remain so unless of plot and devious designs
To totally discredit a person character

The laws of the colonial master
It shouldn’t be charging one person
And let the other person under police protection
Though that person could be a satisfying partner
In the private sexual affair

On the on set
It is a political persecution
Of the power doesn’t want to change hand
The political system of patronage
It is so difficult to let go……..

The holes digging on the ground
It is a better of convenience who would fall
When rain fall it will soak in wet
Let gays and homosexuals live peacefully
They are God creatures testing our faith
So don’t go telling you aren’t sinless
In whatever you are going to do………

on the sunset glow

On the sunset glow
The golden lights
In the sky

A man sits
On the rock to meditate
About peace and war
Raging in his mind

The world of many races
Religions confluence
Yet peace is illusive
War is the easy way

Justice seems far away
The golden shafting lights glow
Will the peace be upon the world?
He closes his eyes to meditate
The illusive dream floating in his mind

The golden lit sky dimmers
The hope in every person
For peace to glow
It begins at home

no conspiracy?ask na heep

Image Preview
There is no conspiracy
The sleeping beauty said
Go ask Na Heep
There the truth will prevail

If there is no conspiracy
Why so afraid to release the police report?
Transparency and accountability
It is over 3 weeks……………….

The truth is
The BN government and Police
Dare not supply the police report
They can’t find substantial evidence
Of the charge of sodomy

This is allegedly cooking up story
To derail a person career in politics
Go ask Na Heep
He sings the ba ba black sheep

DNA……….it can’t just disappear
No such thing evidence obtained years ago is old
In DNA testing old samples available to determine
The cases of anybody giving the samples

The sleeping beauty
He better goes back and sleeps
When he opens his mouth
He speaks nonsense
A black eye to the nation!

Friday, July 18, 2008

people have got wise to its antics

UMNO can go to the rubbish bin
I don’t care a hoot
I love my country with her soul
Not with these leaders milking her dry
Letting her cries in vain when rainy season falls
When haze comes to block her eyes

Malaysia will again be a laughing stock
On the global stage of our leaders antics
IGP and AG should go on suspended leave
Until the allegations in the police report
Properly investigated truthfully documented
And arresting Anwar on sodomy charge again
The nightmares for the country begins
Into the world focus which we don’t need

As it is
The trust is gone from me
UMNO and its leaders…….
The kingdom isn’t for them
There is nobody to lead the nation
In UMNO or the coalition partners

UMNO branches can nominate
The leaders walking the stage
They aren’t the quality for Malaysia
The leaders have lost sight of the game
It is for the country and her people
It is not for personal gains and cronyism

The sleeping beauty thought he could buy time
Going out to enjoy his time……………
I read he went overseas to look at his yacht
Costing $8 million…………..

UMNO can roll the drums
People have got wise to its antics
Changing on the horizon
Time for change
On the way to the nation

dancing it without soul

Go to fullsize image

DNA tests
The onus on the person charged
It isn’t the right of the Police
By law it is only for the basic medical check-up

Anwar has his right to refuse
Knowing how the transparency works
Any person of his standing will not agree
Unless the accountability establishes in the police
Even the CID director claimed Anwar won’t show up
So the police used 10 cars to arrest him
An excuse the public find hard to believe
When Anwar was in ACA office to give his statement

When Anwar requested for the police report
It is denied to him as well
Is this how transparency works in police?
What is the police hiding?
No hard evidence to charge?

10 years ago
The evidence produced laughable
It was making mockery of the justice system
Now déjà vu on the scene

Let an independent expert takes DNA
On both persons to find the truth
This show has tarnished the image of Malaysia
The police should be more professional
Yet it follows the directives of its political masters
Puppet it to the road
Dancing it without soul

the rules of the game

The rules of the game
It benefits the drivers
More than the walkers
This is Malaysia police system
Bidding by the political warlords
Suppressing the Rakyat rights

When SD is made
The named persons should be investigated
No half truths or giving special courtesy
No one is above the law
Yet in this political equation
The ruling elite seems obvious

RPK stands on his ground
The true gentleman never wavers
In-spite of forces stack on him
He fights it back on his terms
Believing what he reported is the truth
Unless the police can proof otherwise

The PM and his deputy must be investigated
No such thing as granting favors
Nobody can bypass the rule of law
But here it is not happening

The black dogs never dare
Only barking on the walkers
Afraid of the drivers
With tinted dark screen vehicles

The trust of the Rakyat
The BN coalition better says goodbye
The way it is now happening
I won’t be surprised the party disintegrates
Into the cesspool of its own dirt

north korea legacy

Malaysia laps into North Korea
The way the bullshit government tries to do
Using uniformed police to do the bidding
Lucky for us the Armed forces stay neutral

The special branch of the Police
The black dogs sniffing out the gems
Of the peoples’ lives
They come with hoodlums’ attire
Machine guns and intimidating stares

The world of SB
It is a life of its own
They create their own magic
Any one goes in
Life won’t be the same

We can’t let this government stays
The way the country’s affairs is done
It is due for changing of the guards
Otherwise we will see the darkness rising
When the wealth of the nation
Gone without the people knowing

UMNO wants to create a police state
Bidding on the political master’s ways
Believing it is good for the nation
One sided track easy to manage

The lies going around
The half truths of statements fly
The government doesn’t want to disclose
It is always under OSA…………
The way back of Dr M legacy

North Korea legacy
We haven’t reached the point yet
When there aren’t changes in our government
We will be there joining hands with them

Thursday, July 17, 2008

no fair play

Anwar out on police bail in the morning today
The supporters remained calm yesterday
Nothing serious incident happened
The uncalled for arrest deemed politically staged
To derail a person’s road to Putrajaya

In Parliament yesterday
The Monyet seemed to get his report
Even before Anwar was arrested
The Monyet runs the show?

And Mukhriz so damned sure
Anwar sodomized Saiful
I wonder where he got his evidence?
Shouting matches in Parliament

For Muslims go the syariah laws
This court is for them to determine the case
It is no use to have syariah courts
And no Muslim will be charged there

Last time I knew his case was conspired to kill off his career
This time I feel it is the same method the conspirators used again
Fresh faces with the same old actor……………….
Just telling the people the old actor never changes his taste
It is also on the time of him trying to form a government
Running office for Putrajaya

Wham! You are charged for sodomy!
Can the people believe it again?
The truth is the police never acted fairly
Even Saiful should be arrested for committing sodomy
But why he is free?
Isnt he would be charged under section 377(c) of Penal Code?

of private needs and desires no law should interfere

Anwar sits in jail overnight
For a sodomy case one more time
Charged under 377(c) in the Penal Code
Sexual act against the cause of nature

Consenting adults shouldn’t cry rape
Consenting adults have no case to file
When you agree to a verbal contract
You just can’t claim innocent to the act

The piece of legislation from the British regime
Long time it should have changed……….
The British government had amended its laws
So do Singapore moving with the peoples’ wishes

This isn’t something about life lost
This isn’t about kidnapping or creating fear
This is consenting adults into their private lives
Because somebody makes a report after the act

The whisper of many
Into the still night it makes
The minority groups lurking in fear
About a piece of shit should have long gone
But our MPs only harping on personal gains
Taking the wealth of the nation

The owl hooting in the night
On evil minds eating all it up
Degrading persons into its circle
Pulling them into its web

The section 377 of the Penal Code
It should be amended by the law makers
We aren’t living in the dinosaurs’ years
We are marching towards the new dawn
Of freedom of choices; of life delicacies
Of private needs and desires
Let them be; don’t be high and mighty
It isn’t your place……

tell the people

Where are the hundreds of billions gone?
I don’t know what to tell…………………
The government never wants to say
Hiding it under OSA

Where are the hundreds of billions gone?
I have no say; I am just an ordinary citizen
Earning my keeps to let me live in peace
But I am worried about the hundreds of billions
Extracted from the earth for the whole nation

I don’t hear it all
The government tries to hide it under OSA
Transparency and accountability never the catch word
The BN leaders citing the secret codes…………

Tell the people
Where are the hundreds of billions gone?
The government acts as the custodian of the country’s wealth
Nobody should hide it and keep quiet

Now tell the people
The truth in the administration
For the past decades……..
Misusing of funds and corruption rules

Where are the hundreds of billions gone?
I have no say; I am just an ordinary citizen
I don’t hear what they have done with the money
The BN leaders citing the secret codes…..

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

the bad dreams will arrive

The nightmares begin
10 years ago the same charge erupted again
Anwar Ibrahim is arrested at 1.00pm today
The Police couldn’t wait till 2.00pm
They had to arrest Anwar with 10 cars
Commando style……………….what Anwar a terrorist?

Malaysia is viewed badly in the world nations
10 years ago damage control hasn’t worked
Now the déjà vu comes a visiting
Malaysia in the bad light once again

The Police creditability had died
IGP and his men have gone to the grounds
Of those evils dead and selling souls
Keep to the time don’t act in haste

Now as a concerned citizen
I want to know who issued the order of arrest
Though both parties agreed at 2.00pm
Tell the Rakyat………this is accountability

Malaysia back to the eyes of the world
The same story strikes on the same man
The UMNO elites wagging tails
Now they think they can sleep easily

Bad dreams will arrive
Into their minds the evils will come
Back- back time will surely take
For evils have no compassion

The MPs better have conscious
Don’t betray the trust of the voters
You are the law makers for the nation
Entrusted by the people to safe-guard the country
Wake up and do your duty
In this hour the Rakyat want you act
For the good of the whole
Don’t let the Rakyat curse you forever
Into generations………..!

will anwar be arrested today?

Anwar going to give his statement at 2pm today
Initially he wanted to go on Monday
Police harassment and intimidation
He got peeved off and declined to go then

Now the Police have warrant of arrest
In case Anwar fails to turn up again
Now on this warrant Anwar becomes a suspect
On the sodomy charge filed by Saiful…………

Why no charge on Saiful?
In penal code 377 homosexual activities are punishable
Is Saiful above the rule of law?
He allegedly consented to the act as an adult
He shouldn’t cry baby running to his daddy

On the onset the Police will try
To pin down a case people aren’t interested
What happens between consenting adults
It is none our business so must be the Police
Because it is Anwar Ibrahim………………….
The Police go all out to take him in
For the political masters want it happens
Leaving the holes for gangland activities

I don’t wish to Police to arrest him today
People will go to the streets again
The supporters of Anwar Ibrahim won’t take it kindly
Another fiasco in UMNO and Police the country doesn’t need

Mind you Anwar has filed his case in JAWI
Let the Syariah Court decides on both Muslims
On sodomy case and let it rules its day
Police you have better things to do
Crimes rising in the country

live debate on TV

anwar and shabery chik live TV debate

We can’t say the winner is
In debate of this nature
Malaysians, as you write, are the winners
It should be held more often
To test the ability and knowledge of our leaders

Nobody should view it adversely
The BN government shouldn’t say
‘Now we allow freedom of expression’
It is our rights after all
In the democratic rules and Constitution

Anwar and Shabery Chik
They blast the trail
We hope the BN leaders
Will take it up in debate
For the benefit of Malaysians

Although pot shots were aimed at Anwar
It wouldn’t spoil the spirit of the debate
It shows Anwar has the oratorical skills
Shabery Chik has enough punched to take it on
Though at times he side stepped issues…….

One thing every one knows
UMNO rules the government
Shabery Chik said it in live TV
‘Kerajaan UMNO dan Barisan Nasional’

Now where are MCA, MIC, Gerakan and PPP?
The rest of minnows in the coalition partnership
UMNO runs the ship………………….
Shabery Chik took a nail hit on the coalition partners
So the coalition leaders have nothing to say

massive traffic jams on monday

The massive traffic jams
In the city rules by cops
Basing on their rumors
Trying to blame the opposition

The BN government running scared
About the consciousness spreads
Blaming it on the opposition
The BN leaders don’t look at themselves

The cops take orders
From the ruling elite
Without question flow blindly
They think they do a good job
It damages its own uniform

The people got angry
Stuck on the heavy traffic jams
Tempers might have flared
Cursing the ruling elite
For their short-sightedness

The city swarmed by cops
Road blocks made citizens angry
Without just cause or provocation
The city cops wanted to rule the city

The BN will surely die
Digging its own grave
As long as the people get angry
The coalition will disintegrate

The fake their own rumors
The BN makes a mockery
Of what was said by its leader
Lies akin to treachery

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

the black dogs

borrowed Reisinger)

The black dogs
Inflicted barking woes
Into the day and night
The cries never die

The masters sleep
Dreaming about the virgin lights
Mesmerizing thoughts
Let them flow
Into the dreaming world

The black dogs
Licking the woods
Biting the branches
Hunger of wealth bones
Barking loudly for all to hear

Barking stories
Nobody wants to listen
Throwing stones and sticks
Sometimes catapult the idiotic dogs
Running quickly away
Whining in the dark alleys

The black dogs
Roaming for the Dark Castle
Here lives the sleeping beauty
And his goons of the round table

‘Listen guys
I have 24 months to please
Do the maximum advantage
I may get to take it all’

The black dogs listening ears rising
Barking in the dark shadow………
Scratching tails round and round
This must be good
Licking tails feeling important
On the Dark Hill snoring tolls
Into the deep black night

the drum beats

borrowed hatalkar)

Have you heard the drum beats Fernando?
It sound so far away capturing your imagination
You tuned your ears to listen the music ringing
Into the room you sit and listen

There are traffic jams in the city
All roads leading to Parliament
The uniformed police staging blockade
In anticipating of demonstrations

Perception and gut feeling
The police took legal order
Plastering on prominent sign boards
Telling the people
No road to Parliament…..
And we pay them to treat us
The pain of our lives!

The drum beats keep on beating
In the day into the silence alleys
The police think we are stupid
Paying them making us suffering pain

And we have taxi Nazi
Screaming “I am the lord in Parliament”
Like what we see in KLIA taxis
Touting and over-charging people
Bad name for the country

Life will not be the same
Even Parliament sits and leaks
Spending millions on renovations
It cries too
For the country and her people

And the sleeping administration
Stoned in magic land………..
Seeing stars and glitters
And the drum beats in the distance

Monday, July 14, 2008

the august house for throwing rubbish

No Confidence Motion
The speaker rejected
He thinks it is irrelevant
In the pursuit of truth

So the August House
It becomes a dustbin
Only for throwing rubbish
When it doesn’t hit
Amongst the irrelevant MPs

PKR and gang rightly walked out
When the speaker denied the motion
What system of democracy we followed?
Saying it but doesn’t flow with the system

Sad in Malaysian democracy system
It serves the powerful ignoring the rights of people
The speaker should allow it to go to the floor
And see what will happen amongst the MPs

So he decides
The pick and choose subject of inquiry
This isn’t democracy
This is self popularity

dont misuse democracy

Now the police
Using court processes to thwart
Perceived demonstrations
Is this how it works now?

Anwar and supporters
No way to demonstrate today
Calling for ‘no confidence vote’
The speaker hasn’t responded

Let democracy works
In the August House
The rights of MPs must be given
They are the peoples’ representatives
They have every right to table it

The stagflation is looming
In-fighting of political leaders
Managing the affairs of the country
It is a day dreaming……………
They are involved of the power struggles
All about 3Ps – Power, Project and Prosperity

The Rakyat know
The inner secrets
Milking the golden cow
Don’t share it with the people
Give them some crumbs

Giving statements
No link to economic growth
Inflation will hit 7%
And the goons keep fighting
Amongst themselves for wealth
Of power and greed
Leaving the Rakyat
Weary and burning regret

buying time

In 2004 to 2008
What had he done for the country?
Now he says he maintains the same pace
Nothing will be happening!

Announcing his transition of power
He baits for time to walk his pace
Let the running dogs barking loudly
And see what will happen?

24 months many things can happen
It is a long time to pass the baton
Running on the field in circle
Puffing hard the journey looks the same

Walking on his own paces
He can’t run a far
So be baits his time
The deputy will not get his chance
He will lose his crown by the time 2 years arrive
He will be casting away into the quiet sea

Power in the mind
Tasting it brings in the greed
Now he can unleash the running dogs
One of them has gone overdrive
Trying to bring down his former master
He thinks he has the ammunition now

The politicians don’t believe 100%
They can twist and plot a game
Suiting their own plate of power
They will do anything to stay

The sleeping beauty thought he has his way
Plotting it he could buy some time
You can hear the running dogs saluting the master
This is the way it would have done

The artist and his unfinished portrait
He knows he can’t see the full face
Shadowing figures keep disturbing his concentration
He gives up and takes his walk

And he never returns
He is somewhere listening to peoples’ talk
In the coffee shop

spies and traitors

borrowed huzzy)

Spies and traitors
The life of politics
Enchantment in the eyes
The wolf in the mind

Look every one plots
On the cascading falls
When you don’t feed the pack
Spies and traitors
Walking behind

The rules of engagement
It breaks on which side
Entrapment in deceitful way
You don’t know it
Unless you feed the pack well

Money the pulling factor
The downfall of many wise men
Of political leaders for short term
Selling it to the highest bidder
The principles never in mind

Woes of the people
Crying to no avail
Now it’s in your hands
You have the power
Do it for the good

Yeah there are spies and traitors
Even on the down trodden souls
This is life of every human being
Facing reality in managing human affairs

Money is the key factor
Enchanting the eyes
Mesmerizing the soul
Ah spies and traitors
They are here in our lives

Sunday, July 13, 2008

we are on uk radar screen

Now the sleeping government
No more sleeping on the job
Time to wake up do damage control
UK has put her radar screen
On all of us

The unsavory characters
Treats and tricks of Malaysians
We better stay home
Build our reputation
Score our assets

When we have cleaned our houses
Then we go and make our presence felt
On the world economy we will fight
Why go to countries when we aren’t wanted?

We don’t have to bow to the former colonial master
We know their tricks and treats…………………
It is better we looked elsewhere
Otherwise stay at home and reinvent ourselves
We are good at it anyway

We know we have well known Malaysian terrorists
Creating ripples in Indonesia………………..
The BN government never withdraws citizenships
The government doesn’t talk about them

Reasons and objectives
Flying here stopping over there
Nay we should go elsewhere
Else build our reputation
Subjects we can challenge the world
Education and cars, roads, power and IT
And agriculture……………..

plots and twists

Plots and twists
The corridors of power link
For the political leaders climbing up ladder
There shouldn’t be obstacles
They want it quickly

The party doesn’t think
On the economy and country
The people struggling to live
The political leaders don’t care
They want the cake eat it all

The corridors of power
The wind of greed stays
Every step rings the greed
They know they smell it
Waiting for them as always

The way they behave
Showing no etiquette rules
When they get into the gears
People aren’t their concerned

They want the power
They want it badly
Across the country
Every knock and alley

Plots and twists
The people must know
Don’t get it fooled
When we surrendered our votes
You don’t get it back
For 5 years…………..

where is your compassion?

courtesy mob1900

Where is the compassion?
The Home Affairs Minister could give
Through verbal consent and sign the release paper later
When the subject was staying alive for so many hours only
Where is the common sense of responsibility?

We have the modern gadgets
Tax payers’ money involved millions
When it needs to be used
The turtle crawling imposes
Where is the compassion?

The Bodohians playing
The Rakyat getting sick each passing day
Deciding leadership changes
Without the Rakyat input………..

Now we are under UK radar screen
About visa requirements entering UK
6 months to make it works……….
It is because the administration is sleeping
In the Bodoh land – a place of magical reality
The leaders believe in their shadows………..

About the country and people
They fight to stay on the power grid
As long as they can to pursue own agendas
Where is the compassion?

It has gone
This group of leaders
The Rakyat should send them away
Into their own land of dreams

O Minister where is your compassion?
For a father to see his dying daughter
You took your sweet time
You could just give a call
But you didn’t do it at all

My sadness can’t put it right
She had gone to the Lord
Without seeing her father
For even the last time

Saturday, July 12, 2008

think twice before filing police report

A leader says
If you have something to report
Go to the police station have it done
So the police can do its work

Civic minded people
Go make reports
Only get harassed
For no reason at all

Just to make the police work
The officers go after the report makers
Isn’t this harassment?
The police can escape the laws

In my kampong days
The elders said why waste time
The police would go after you
They didn’t go for the culprits
If you could settle it
Make haste make it a day

So how true it still happening
Instead of saying thank you
The people filing the reports
Get harassed for no reason at all

a dg caught in corruption

A DG caught
On corruption charges
Money recovered in homes
Of several people involved
Ages ranging from 35-65 years old

This is a good work
Catching the middle flies
When ACA efforts always never rhyme
Of big fishes top of the echelon
These fishes always seem to escape
The trawling net…………..

There are always reasoning
When on the surfaces
The deeds have been done
Yet no action will be launched
Even when police reports are made

The Rakyat wants to see
Big fishes too caught in the net
What we read about
The small and middle flies

Can’t ACA go higher up?
The steps are there
Afraid to see the unknown
When the powerful involved

ACA works harder
For the good of the country
Go without fear or favor
Catch the big fishes
Even the powerful ones too
yet they fail climbing up the ladder

the shadows play hot spicy day

borrowed brown)

The shadow plays begin
Playing on stage
Wooing the crowd
A cross section
Rules don’t apply
So say the sleeping beauty

Dr M changed so many deputies
The sleeping icon hasn’t done it yet
By applying the brake on his challengers
He knows he has time to execute his plans
Staying into power grid for his sil
By that time he can change
Out go the Mongolian eye

The battle for the leadership of the country
It is just warming up to the spicy hot day
Nobody can determine the leader of the nation
It is the Rakyat who will decide…………………..

The arrogant of ruling coalition
The party named its successor
Leaving the Rakyat with sour taste
Don’t the people have a say?

The changing will come
The cycle will be ended
Time a new leaf comes to light
Lead the country
Into the global stage
No more playing
Village championship

the rakyat the makers of leaders

The ruling elite still think
The Rakyat are still their puppets
They can string them
And tell them what to decide

Don’t the leaders learn in March 8?
The freedom of expression has taken hold
The Rakyat know they are the makers
Whom they want to lead the country

UM-NO can take their members for a ride
Tell them give their power of attorney to their branch chief
These leaders decide who will be the one………..
Now these branch leaders can’t decide
Its president makes it his own to select
The person to take over from him
Is this democracy in the party?

UM-NO members must wake up
Years of sleeping have made you weak
You have become pawn for the leaders
You can’t decide who shall be

For the country
The Rakyat will decide
No more taking it at face value
No more saying this man is the best

Friday, July 11, 2008

so many shadow plays

Bala hides
With his family
Now a bit of news
Life is threatened

Now who are they?
The police must investigate
Don’t let favoritism rules the day
Find out the truth without fear or favor
Let clean up the mess
Don’t repeat it again

His SD involved the country future leader
The coveted crown hovering in the imaginative head
The price too high to forget
The police must thoroughly investigate

No man is above the law
Let the breakers of law pay
There shouldn’t be two sets
One for you; one for me thing

Will there be true and fair view?
Conducting into this sordid affair?
Life had been taken horribly
Answers must be found to close it

Bala’s SD is just part of it
Hearsay in the eyes of the law
No matter what it entails
Probe it to find the truth

So many shadow plays
Amongst the elite and the law enforcers
Time for the truth to flourish
Let get on with it

our future in our hands

borrowed 2000)

UM-NO isn’t the party
Deciding the course of the country
It is the Rakyat who would determine
The future where we will be

Not even its partners
In name has no sharing of authority
MCA, MIC and Gerakan
Not to mention other smaller fries
There are just to make the number

Now UM-NO is going to ‘explode’
Too much worms crawling for a pie
In time it has to open the can
The sparrows wait patiently
This time there is no second chance

The writing on the wall
The Rakyat spoken it all
Our future in our hands
It isn’t UM-NO
MCA, MIC and Gerakan

This is our country
Her fate lies in our hands
The Rakyat will determine
The future the country will be

We have taken our rights
We will decide the course of history
Into the future we will make it
It is the peoples’ right
No party can take it away

no favoritism we can challenge the world

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The country builds so many universities
Spreading over here and East Malaysia
For a single purpose to groom the majority race
Without really selecting the best to enter……….

The on-going process
The taxpayers’ money goes to one race
Leaving the other races fighting for the crumbs
And it never seems to end after 50 years of independence
The ruling elite keep shouting and intimidating stare
It is the ‘social contract’ in the FC
But I don’t read it in Section 153 together with Section 8

The major races here
In my view hundreds of years ago
They were the immigrants…..Malays, Chinese and Indians
From the countries of Indonesia, China and India
Yet suddenly we find ourselves branding as the ‘pendatang’
Leaving the Malays the sole right to become ‘heir’ to the throne

The hey day of Malacca Empire
From Parameswara to his children
Changing names when upon conversion to Islam
Suddenly they were the Malays………

The supremacy of the Empire
The glorious years during Hang Tuah
The Sultanate of Malacca flourished
For Hang Tuah was the warrior
Together with his blood brothers
Fought for the empire
They were the Chinese Muslims from China
Now in schools they don’t teach any more

History has recorded
All races must work together
Enjoying the fruits of labor without divisions
Sharing sorrows and glories
Into the forefront of global player

History has shown
One vision one reality
One race in multi-racial harmony
Sharing the goods ultimately for the country

Yet the ruling elite
Forgets about it
They pursue the trend of divisions
Cultivating supreme race in the country
At the expense of the name Malaysia

There shouldn’t be leg up for any race
All must sit for the entrance examination in the universities
Pick the best to get for the glory of the country
To enter the best universities…..

Likewise for the second best universities
Do the entrance examination to pick the ones
Who will be going to the second tier………..
Without showing any favoritism

And so on until to the last universities
In this way all parents won’t complain
The taxpayers will be happy…………
The country will have the best brains
To challenge the world global economy

Look into China
Many hopeful university students must sit for a public examination
To determine places in the universities
The students camped early in the morning
Just to show how serious they are

Here I can’t see the change
Unless we change; we push for changes
In the government and its leaders
We are Malaysians but the leaders talk about race
In the end what are we?
Malaysian or race………………..?