Tuesday, August 31, 2021

let us celebrate our unity of many colours


The politicians in our lives

They have to go back to basics

There shouldn't be a divide and rule

It hasn't worked for the nation

The government and opposition

They should work together in common interests

Serving the people and nation

It isn't for selfish benefits

The nation of colourful people

The guitar chords still strumming out of tune

Even the nation celebrates her 64 years of freedom

There is still the rule and divide system

Today the nation will see

The unity should prevail in sweetness and joy

We shouldn't behave on religion and racial tone

It will bring us nowhere to be greatness

Today we should recognize our freedom

We mustn't fall victims to the narrow minded politicians

The nation is home to many people of colours and faiths

Let us celebrate in unity our cultures and differences




The country flag flies

Waving with the wind

Singing the same old song


A Malaysian race

It's hardly sing the tune

The major guitar chords aren't in rhythm


The strums out of tune

Look at the current ministers

A Malaysian race a long time to sing


Still the off keys song

It has to be left to the young generations

They are the ones to start the change


We salute our National flag

Beaming with pride and honour

Still waving with the wind

Monday, August 30, 2021



The day we were born

We cried wanting to fly

We were eager to take the world

When we opened our eyes to see

We wished we could grow up

We couldn't stand in the cribs

Counting the days and years

Finally to get our wings and fly

When we reached our heights

We feel our fear of the time to return

Gerascophobia links our minds to it

The fear of growing or aging old

We will try every possible ways

Finding ways to stay young in the old

Gerascophobia slowly rocks in our minds

A time we can't hide or run away from it

Life in a circle

The cycle will come again and again

A new generation will born into it

The same process will roll in

nothing new but the same old bull


The back door too

It will come to stay a bit longer

The menu is still familiar

The dishes can't sing a good grade

The leeches and hangovers

They will station to get the crumbs

Some may get their just rewards

The satisfaction in today's world

The wolves may stay quiet

Since they have their man on top

But it is on a thin ice of support

It can crack in the heat of the sun

Now the wolves don't see it

They think of their good old ways again

Nothing will be the same

Because they aren't have a solid base

The back door too

The heat of the sun will return

The stories will share again in the old page

Nothing new but the same old bull

money is


Money is

They called it the name of the game

One even says cash is king

It makes the mind virtualizing the many zeros

Money is

It makes life so easy

Nobody can say it isn't

Though bad things may happen too

Too much money

The shadows will move along

They want to get the easy cash

Without so much energy or sweat

Money is

It makes the mind crazy

Enjoying the simple life

Many have forgotten in their pursuits

Money is

The little devilish salesman

Telling the way of bliss

It makes the mind goes crazy

When life is gone

Money has no value in 6 feet underground

It is the deeds which will bring up the cheers

In the worship of God and angels

Money is

They called it the name of the game

The little devilish salesman

Telling the way of bliss

Sunday, August 29, 2021

the darkest of days


The darkest of days

The sight we will see

As Rocking Rona campaigns

Lives will be hosted in

A few hundreds of holes

The 6 feet of darkness flow

Where lights will not shine

Only the droplets of falling rain

Maybe the tap dancing by the wind

Hitting the branches and tree trunks

Whispering to the tall grasses nearby

It's darkness right there on the ground

The darkest of days

The sight we will see

The back door can't change

The incompetence will sink in deep

afraid to change


Afraid to change

Nothing will begin

The old ways stay

Nothing to gain

A racist person

The old speeches will hunt him

Leaving him to face his truth

When he finally sees the many colours flow

The changes must knock the doors

The old ways can't be wasted on the present

But the current band can't think ahead

They like the old ways of rule and divide

Afraid to change

The nation will not progress

Rocking Rona and economy

Taking us to the bottom of the pit

stick to the old page


A new page

But he sticks to the old

The oily and torn paper

With most of the likely names

A new page

A selection of the new

Yet the Turtle man sees

He can't live beyond the old

So he plays safe

Moving his chess pieces

Everything will stay familiar

It's the old game returns

Now how to fight?

The pandemic and low economy?

The white flags and unemployment high?

Show busy hoping everything will be fine

we aren't winning with Delta


Delta and economy

Once we lose the plot

We will hit bottom

In the world of pandemic

This has happened

We are at the bottom

In the world chart of pandemic

We have lost the game

The failure of the back door

The virus will keep on its course

Because the back door doesn't learn

Maybe no ideas to net it in

We have to stop inter-state crossing

We have to stop inter-districts driving

We have to restrict movement of people

If we are serious to cut down the virus

The back door

Its new head the Turtle man

The old ways will run the course

We may still hit bottom again

Saturday, August 28, 2021

the same cooks


The same cooks

The receipes will stay

This is how the cooks behave

They dare not change

The cooks will behave

They are the best in their fields

Even if we criticize them

They will say “We are the cooks!”

They use the same methods

Cooking out the dishes everyday

Ask them to add spices one or two

They will say they are the cooks!

Even Bruce Lee has said

Be like water in every way

Mastering many forms into one flow

Be the better one in the block

The Turtle man

Know only the turtle soup

Spices to enhance the taste

He can't take it to the next level

PH better gear up for tomorrow


PH must hold on its principles

Don't sound too eager to have the meals

The Turtle man is weak in many ways

In his party fold or in his working kitchen cabinet

The Turtle man is still afraid of his party moves

The members who didn't support Moo

They may cause him to fall from his castle

If he isn't playing the right ball

PH mustn't sound too eager to join for CSA

Let the Turtle Man has his fortune in 100 days

Let him plan what he can do for the people and nation

PH shouldn't be too eager to jump into it

Let the wolves feel they are on top of the game

Without a majority they will feel the lost in their heads

Let them feel the fear in their every move

PH better gear up for the next round of victory

Without a new direction

The cycle of the old ways

Nothing will be achieved

The Turtle man will hide in his shell

the kitchen cabinet


The Turtle man

Now his kitchen cabinet is built

He has to put it to the test

Can he cook and stand the heat?

It will tell

The story of his time

The kitchen cabinet of many parts

He has to please every part of it

He has a chance to change

But he can't find it in his head

So he stays on with the familiar parts

The incompetence will haunt him again

Like Moo before him

Finally he couldn't stand the heat

He gave up and left his sad tales

The Turtle man will face his similar tale

His fate is supported by coalition partners

He can lose it if he doesn't play ball

He has no choice but to grant favours

Because he wants his power and benefits

Moo may want to seek his revenge

He may cause Turtle Man downfall

If Moo decides to break away

To pay back his sins before it is too late

yeah 100 days to tell


The failure is known

The past months had shown

What else isn't new?

Yeah 100 days to tell

The like minded people

They share the same idea

They can't move beyond the walls

They don't know how

The same gang involved

Taking up the same posts

Though some are downgraded

But the same song will be played

The guitar chords may have changed

The last time it was 3 major chords

Now it includes a minor key to sing

The same old song of incompetence

Yeah 100 days to tell

Rocking Rona will grin with pleasure

The economy will sink lower

In the world ranking we are at the bottom

The failure is known

On paper a leader should recognize it

Because of greed of power and benefits

The mind is clouded the eyes ignore the clues

Yeah 100 days to tell

The death toll will ring high

The guitar chords have changed

The economy on slow drives

the winners and losers


The winners and losers

The game will not end

There will be the long knives

Waiting for the opportunity

The back door returns

With a different head

But he was in there before

So nothing new to narrate

The failed ones smile

They get back in the team

Some may have demoted or promoted

But they don't care

The red card ones

They will not hide their displeasure

They will find ways to hit back

In Parliament for the final knock out punch

In the back door

Nobody owes an allegiance

There will be the constant knockings

Until they all sink in the quick sand

Friday, August 27, 2021

the same old road


The long darkness

It will seem the day

What can the same people do?

They failed before

The same old road

The same old routine

There will be the bad vibrations

It will come to play again

The long darkness

The economic struggles will begin

The mental anguish will rise

The fear will start to stalk again

The same old road

The same old people

There will be no good vibrations

If they have we will be surprise

he dares not hop over the fence


When a failed leader can't change

When he has his opportunity to make it

He refuses to take the plunge

But stick to the same old routine

The recycle old horses

Galloping to the field again

What new in the old?

Really what is new but the same game?

A failed leader can't see far ahead

He can't sail into the uncharted water

He will cry; he will not dare to change

He goes back to his shell listening to his echo

This is the story

A failed leader can't change

Even though he has his chance to make it

He dares not hop over the fence

he picks a team like him


The Turtle man's cabinet

What a waste of opportunity

The same old way on the road

Nothing surprising at all!

Now he may face the no confidence vote

He may be the shortest stint as a prime minister

The Turtle man can't think out of the normal way

He sticks to a failed system again

The deja vue will haunt him

He better blames himself

If he is going to face the no confidence vote

Picking the same old faces again

What did he discuss with PH?

It is just a way to feel good about it

Now the cat is out of the bag

Nothing new coming our way

In fact we should be worried

The worst will hit us badly

The Turtle man no ideas to run

He picks a team like him

living with Delta


Living with Delta

Nobody can run away

Nobody can ignore

It has to stay in our minds

Though the daily infection rises

Spreading out from the Klang Valley

The numbers keep rising high

Yesterday it was over 24k

As long as the people don't follow rules

Delta will reach even to the remotest areas

It needs one person infected to do the worst

So it is for our own good to cooperate together

Living with Delta

Follow the rules

You will not get infected

You will live with positive glow

Thursday, August 26, 2021

the pack of wolves


The pack of wolves

Eyes glowing with anticipation

Of those years gone and returned

Thinking the old system will flourish

These wolves better think again

They aren't a majority party

They are joined by others to form a government

The good old ways will not return

They are still the back door

They shouldn't decry in it

It will never smell good

With the bad elements holding court

The nation on nose-dive in economy

Unemployment is high in the country

All because of in-fighting and the pandemic

The pack of wolves better stay in abeyance

The pack of wolves

Time to do serious work

The nation and her people need it

This is to survive with C19 breathing hard

the unity government to survive


The Turtle man

Heed the King advice

The unity government

He will stay alive!

Now he will face

The deja vue of Moo

No unity government

Last minute he tried

Of course Moo fell

He didn't deserve to stay

The bad vibrations gone

But not completely

The Turtle man

The coalition partners will jostle

The posts of their interests

What can he do?

These leaders will put him in fear

Once they pull out their support

The Turtle man is history

He doesn't need it to happen

Listen to the King

The unity government with PH

The Turtle man may live in his post

In one stroke he can face his threats

if we live poor


If we live poor

We are to blame

We shouldn't give excuses

We are born into it

The opportunities out there

Education may help us to pursue it

But it isn't the whole issue

It is the gut and positive thinking

The world are full of educated people

They aren't rich or live in luxury

They are part of the working lives

Struggling to live everyday

Education will not make us rich

Because we still have to pursue our needs

Out in the field of mass opportunities

Why we don't hit it high?

It is the time and alignment

We have to prepare every time

Because when opportunities strike

We must be ready to take flight!

If we live poor

Don't blame the time or the season

It is our own doing

We dare not break free

is it a treat or trick?


A treat or trick?

The Turtle man gives

The way forward

Handling C19 and people's needs

In his previous job

He didn't do it well

He may have coated it

Afraid he will lose his chair

His core value is on race

The way he did in Low Yat 2

It was a wasted tax payers monies

It was a flop on his face

PH leaders should stay in the know

They should know how to play the game

Don't fall for the Malaysian family slogan

It can be a treat or trick?

The wolves aren't sincere

They have their own agendas to win

They want the meat by themselves

They will not tolerate interferences

We will see

When the Cabinet list is released

Will it be a Malaysian family concept?

Or is it a treat or trick?

the way of slogans


The way of slogans

It may not ring true at times

It is just a public seeking game

For a person or organization to feel good

The vibrations may sound high

Seeking the public or people support

See it in most public places

Who follow it through?

It is just a good feeling factor

The politicians will give a good talk

The real work will be left unanswered

As the negative slogan says “NATO”

Now we have the “Malaysian family” slogan

Years ago we had the 1Malaysia vibration

What went wrong with the slogan?

The biggest corruption case of 1MDB

The “Malaysian family” concept

The Turtle man doesn't want opposition members

In the Cabinet to show his words and actions count

It is just the empty talk but action is way out

By this week he may show his Cabinet list

Is it a Malaysian family government or otherwise?

But the guessing work will be a single family concept

The Malaysian family slogan may not take flight

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

cowards will never survive in a battle


The Turtle man

Watch with your eyes

Don't sun bathing in your shell

You may not see what will hit you

Moo will play his game

Like your party boss did to him

He wants his conditions be fulfilled

Else he will walk out of the pact

The Turtle man

He will face the same story

Like Moo did before him

He is a puppet on the strings

The Turtle man

Change your script

Work with PH

You may save your day

But you ignore the unity government

It will be your own downfall instead

Even His Majesty suggested it

Why don't you make it happen?

You think you have the support?

It is on the gravy train which is rolling by

Once the members don't get a chunk of it

You are history as far as they are concerned

If you want to stay a bit longer

You should join with PH to administer the nation

You have nothing to fail in seeking your game of play

In one stroke you can check-mate Moo and his partners

But will the Turtle man?

No Anwar No Dap slogan bring you down?

You need to tackle the bull by the horns

Cowards will never survive in a battle

the same old tales will print in a new page


When the Cabinet list is announced

Then we will hear how the frogs jump

High or low or disappear in fog?

It's still the back door!

Many are jostling to be included

The minds and eyes will glow

It's the power and benefits game

It is power image to advertise

Only the court case cluster group

They will know their fate in slow motion

Everyday they will hope to get a change

Drop all the charges and be free again

But it is unlikely to happen

These leaders have to face the courts

They may find they will get jailed

Of corruption in their names

Those supporters not included

They may find ways to play their kind of games

They are the seekers of power and benefits

The same old tales will print in a new page