Tuesday, August 31, 2021

let us celebrate our unity of many colours


The politicians in our lives

They have to go back to basics

There shouldn't be a divide and rule

It hasn't worked for the nation

The government and opposition

They should work together in common interests

Serving the people and nation

It isn't for selfish benefits

The nation of colourful people

The guitar chords still strumming out of tune

Even the nation celebrates her 64 years of freedom

There is still the rule and divide system

Today the nation will see

The unity should prevail in sweetness and joy

We shouldn't behave on religion and racial tone

It will bring us nowhere to be greatness

Today we should recognize our freedom

We mustn't fall victims to the narrow minded politicians

The nation is home to many people of colours and faiths

Let us celebrate in unity our cultures and differences

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