Monday, August 23, 2021

the wolves shouldn't bare teeth


The wolves shouldn't bear teeth

They aren't the majority in the current flow

At best they have 42 seats in the group of 114

Though they have their man as the prime minister

But the chief wolf wants to claim credit

As if his party has the sole right to rule

He forgets he has only 42 seats

A far cry of yester-years

Moo will seek his revenge

Though now he just smiles

He says he is relieved of the pressure

But the nation doesn't miss him

Moo may try to turn the table

When his conditions aren't met in time

He has 51 seats under his coalition

The wolves shouldn't try to forget

The wolves did the reverse takeover

Now its former rule is taken by Moo

He has put his conditions to be fulfilled

Else he will pull his plug out of the wolves

What are the conditions?

We will know when the Cabinet is set up

The Turtle man can't reinvent the wheel

He is tied down by the puppet strings

Now it is Bee Anne or back door?

The wolves cry for the former but..

Moo says otherwise to it

A clash of name has began

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