Saturday, August 14, 2021

the birdies in the nest


The birdies in the nest

For the last 12-14 days stayed loyal

Everyday the mother bird will feed

Flying silently to feed the birdies

Hanging by the bamboo tree

The nest sways with the wind

Lucky for the birdies no rainfall to worry

They live under a dry covered porch

Today the birdies perched on the nest

Eyes glowing listening to the wind

Stretching their wings testing it in shape

Eyes measuring the fall and the wings to fly

One birdie did it

Dropping out from the nest

Chirping happily to say he made it

The other two got ready to do

One by one flew out from the nest

Going out to see the world of plants and trees

Maybe get wet in the rain and feel the heat of the sun

But it is freedom they cherished to fly

Now the nest is empty

Only a moment of history

The parent birds will take the birdies away

Flying from tree to tree; basking in the sun feeling the wind

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