Sunday, August 08, 2021

the opposition should pick a PM designate


Now the talk of a pm designate

Knowing fully well the outcome in Parliament

The back door will go down in bad history

As Moo will know his fate is sealed already

The opposition should band together

Forget about their different approaches

They have some common ingredients

Save the nation and her people

Under Rocking Rona pandemic

The opposition has to come together

Put aside their differences and strike a deal

As quickly as possible to the reign of government

The 118 opposition members of Parliament

Currently that is the number showing up in the chart

In the days to come the numbers may change

As the wolves will pull in the numbers

The opposition has to get the act together

Give and take divide the Cabinet posts

Each party has to carry on the tasks until 2023

Now get the pm designate and has audience with His Majesty

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