Saturday, August 14, 2021

no if or but; resign now


It seems like an open TV bribery or corruption

The back door really plays to its name

It shouldn't have to do that score

It has lost its majority it has to go!

There is no legal basis to hold on

Article 43(4) states it clearly

The back door has no business to stay

Once the majority is lost the party has to resign

It has to happen immediately

It isn't a bargaining tool to delay

No if or but; resign now

Leave the stage and remember history

Power is just like a tourist

It stays for a while then goes off again

It doesn't stay forever or cling to it

When it is time better let go and stay quiet

Here we have a desperate man

Who doesn't appreciate he is free to go

He doesn't need to convene Parliament

He lost his majority he has to resign

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