Saturday, August 28, 2021

the kitchen cabinet


The Turtle man

Now his kitchen cabinet is built

He has to put it to the test

Can he cook and stand the heat?

It will tell

The story of his time

The kitchen cabinet of many parts

He has to please every part of it

He has a chance to change

But he can't find it in his head

So he stays on with the familiar parts

The incompetence will haunt him again

Like Moo before him

Finally he couldn't stand the heat

He gave up and left his sad tales

The Turtle man will face his similar tale

His fate is supported by coalition partners

He can lose it if he doesn't play ball

He has no choice but to grant favours

Because he wants his power and benefits

Moo may want to seek his revenge

He may cause Turtle Man downfall

If Moo decides to break away

To pay back his sins before it is too late

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