Wednesday, August 25, 2021

cowards will never survive in a battle


The Turtle man

Watch with your eyes

Don't sun bathing in your shell

You may not see what will hit you

Moo will play his game

Like your party boss did to him

He wants his conditions be fulfilled

Else he will walk out of the pact

The Turtle man

He will face the same story

Like Moo did before him

He is a puppet on the strings

The Turtle man

Change your script

Work with PH

You may save your day

But you ignore the unity government

It will be your own downfall instead

Even His Majesty suggested it

Why don't you make it happen?

You think you have the support?

It is on the gravy train which is rolling by

Once the members don't get a chunk of it

You are history as far as they are concerned

If you want to stay a bit longer

You should join with PH to administer the nation

You have nothing to fail in seeking your game of play

In one stroke you can check-mate Moo and his partners

But will the Turtle man?

No Anwar No Dap slogan bring you down?

You need to tackle the bull by the horns

Cowards will never survive in a battle

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