Thursday, August 19, 2021

a new page in an old book


It is a short goodbye

We thought we would see

The last of the back door

But the bad omen will return

On the news today

The majority of 114

The back door seems to command

Though it isn't official from the palace

But the Hornbills stay quiet

GPS hasn't said anything yet

This is base on its leader remark

Keeping it to his chess

It will be the same grouping

We will live with the nightmares again

The pandemic will not go away

The economy will be in short gear

Unless His Majesty insists he wants a unity government

Until the next GE in 2023 to combat the pandemic and economy

The unemployment is high on the low market

This isn't a winner takes it all

So Moo has no courage to return to PH

He said he didn't support kleptocrats

Yet his willing to lend his party support

It shows how weak in principle he is!

It is a short goodbye

The back door will be back

In a new page of an old book

The worst will come unless the King says otherwise

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