Wednesday, August 11, 2021

His Majesty has to act now


The back door

No legitimacy to rule

There is no majority

It has to go

Yet it still stays

Ignoring its numbers game

There is no inch of credibility

Even honesty takes a back seat

The hungry of power and benefits

The Moo and gang, crocodiles, rogue wolves

And the many frogs and monkeys standing long

The heads still burying in the sand

The back door refuses to hear

The outcome of its battle plan

It has turned awry in every aspect

High infection rate; low economy gears

The nation and people suffer

There is no way the back door has to stay

It can be charged for operating without a valid licence?

As article 43(4) spells it out a leader has to resign

His Majesty should turn the wheel

Summon Moo to face his dilemma

If he can't furnish his majority

He has to resign from office

There is no need to go to Parliament

No confidence vote can be cast outside the House

As the case precedent set in Perak crisis in 2009

This can be used to remove the prime minister

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