Sunday, August 14, 2022

the life of images


The life of images

The mind will play its games

The reflection on a quiet place

Listening to the whirring softly wind

The rolling of images

As the mind gears it up to see

Letting history recording its stories

Learn it to perform a better play

Because we are the players

The world is our stage

The scripts we share and perform

The tales of the good or the bad

The flow of running water

Drumming its beats on its fall

If there are no cascading steps

We will fall right through

The life of images

The burst of rhythm on our scripts

The rolling tales we will make

On the world we will engage

the youth today


The youth today

They are the ones to bring

The lights to shine brightly

The country will need their energy

The baby boomers failed

They tried but traitors hijacked it

The political system in the country

Tainted with greed and corruption

The years of the baby boomers

The ups and downs in their take

Too many corruption ringing till today

The country crying in shame

It is the youth today

They will be the ones to carry the torch

Light up the darkness to bring cheers

As the nation badly needs to shake off the chains

There is no satisfaction in decades gone

During the term of the baby boomers

Too many corruption and bad decisions

The youth today should break the chains

Don't step on the bad footprints

There are so many to learn

Move away from the bad sins

Carve a new road and live free

Saturday, August 13, 2022

the gatekeepers


The gatekeepers

The line of one race

You think it will be fair?

Saying bad about other religions?

The Constitution states it clearly

The Secular nation with religious freedom

Yet in our every day living we will hear

The insults hurled at other faiths

The hundred of police reports lodged

Yet the men in blue walk in turtle form

They will take a long while to get there

A case in Sarawak over 200 days still no action

Even the state governments ignore it

Even the Federal government closes an eye

As long as it involves own religion against other faiths

Nothing seems to be done to charge the offenders

Even the AGC will not charge these culprits

They will close the file and give the excuses

Conveniently ignore the Sedition Act or the Penal Code

Because it involves their own religious kind

The voters must see the wrong

They shouldn't let the bad getting off free

Time to change for the good of the nation

Else we will pay for our inaction and closing our eyes

the wrong move MO1 will pay


MO1 playing his last card

On the wrong move he will pay

All the excuses of the past years

The whole cards will fall on him

As the wise men say

The truth will set us free

But MO1 refuses to admit it

He plays his bad chess but he can't win

MO1 should stop his antics

The paper trails under his name

He can't blame others for his sins

He has to own up and admit

The truth he can't say

He will drag down his family's name

The extended families will feel the shame

He has to get his blame

camp in politics


Camp in politics

All about power and benefits

These politicians aren't serving the public

They are in it for themselves

The voters must play a crucial role

Pick candidates who can work for the people

We can't have moles playing their games

Singing the wrong kind of praises

In democracy majority holds

The minority should accept it

Until the next election

Work for the party and people

Nothing should be on personal needs

The politicians are working for the people

In the end the country will benefit

The voters must pick the right candidates

Camp in politics

The losers shouldn't quit and run

It will show they aren't true leaders

They are in for themselves

a convict in his name


The orange suit

Floating in the air

A name has been written

Years ago for him to put it on

He plays his delaying games

Giving him the long rope to entangle

His buying time has its limit

Now the cage is open he has to fall in

The final mistake he makes

He thought he did a good game

The final hurdle he can't escape

The orange suit waiting for him

Once it patterns on his soul

He will realize he will face his shame

A convict in his name dishonour to his family's name

The footprints will be remembered through generations

Friday, August 12, 2022

every one sees but no LCS


In the sea

The waving waves cascading

Throwing tantrums like a breeze

Every one sees but no LCS

The bomoh of coconuts

He may fool many to the sea

Watching the way of invincibility

Even the super-powers want to see

Every navy chief can't explain

The whereabout of the LCS

They have no clues but to stay quiet

Because the naked eyes can't see

The tax-payers can't feel happy

$9 billions gone yet no ships in dock

Blame the bomoh of coconuts?

Blame the ministers with fingers in it?

All we watch

The super-powers want to know

The LCS invincibility in the sea

$9 billions gone the dock is empty!

the blue eye party chief


The blue eye

The appointed state chief

Rounding up for the party

Gearing up to face GE15

A few have many on their plates

Crossing over the boundaries to share

What they can do and beat the wolves

These leaders may not be effective

The locals may not like it

They need their own locals to take charge

But as it stands out today

Anwar may not realize his action

He has to give face to the local leaders

They know the ground better than the outsiders

This move will not break the chain of losses

He better appoints deputies in those states

The unhappy local leaders

The road will not be traffic free

There will be many stops

The results may not sound good

The blue eye leaders

The narrow gap isn't good

There is no room to strike

When internal conflicts arise!

Unless the local leaders see

The good for the nation as a whole

Put their sentiments aside

Face the wolves and triumph!

the frogs in moo


The frogs in Moo

Some have seen the writing on the wall

They aren't welcome to stand for election

They know they will suffer in humiliation

Some have made their feeling known

They can't face their own constituents

They will suffer defeat if they contest

They rather walk away

Though their names will be remembered

The shame will fall on their families

Be in the back door stealing the people's mandate

It is a sin no matter how they wanted to interpret

The frogs in Moo

The closing chapter coming soon

Some rather walk away

They will not want to suffer defeat

the abused wives


The abused wives

Living through it

Some for years

Living in fear

They have their choices

They can get out and ask for help

They don't have to tolerate the abuses

In physical harm or in mental torture

They can file for divorce

Why live in a total chain?

Afraid to step out to face life?

It is better than suffering abuses

The abused wives

Don't live in fear

Be brave to go to family or police

Walk out to seek help with NGOs

Some commit suicide

This isn't the way to solve an issue

The men will not learn what they have done

They will repeat all over again

The abused wives

Don't suffer in silence

Living in a tortured chamber

It is better to walk away and be free

face the truth mama rosie


Mama Rosie

Why the spell on Sri Ram?

You lost it yet you file another

Why waste time in your case?

Face the truth

The truth on the marching

Mama Rosie you can't escape

The road will be closed

You can slow walk

The inevitable will happen

The sins will sink you

You can't escape karma

Save yourself the shame

Get on with your case

Sri Ram will argue on facts

Why the spell on Sri Ram?

Mama Rosie

You are in the circle

Karma will catch you

You can't escape the circle of the net

Thursday, August 11, 2022

the bad frogs better stay retire


The bad frogs

Staring at the blank future

Impatience causing their dilemma

Now the bad names

They can't shop their ways

No party wants to do with them

Many will face it

Some will set up a new party

But a new clothing will not help

The stigma will mark them for life

The bad frogs will have to stay retire

No need to show their faces

GE15 on the horizon

The bad frogs will count their days

The political life will be at the end

They better stay retire save their humiliation

don't let the lawyers escape the law and rules


The Apex court

Put your foot down

Don't let the lawyers escape

Trying to twist to their advantage

They know the law

They know the rules

If they can't handle a case

They shouldn't accept the job

They have enough days to read and prepare

They don't need months to prepare a case

This is a case of delaying tactic for MO1

He is afraid to register in Bamboo river

This is the final leg for MO1

He knows he is guilty all through

He has delayed his case too long

Giving all sorts of excuses

The Apex Court should be serious

No lawyers should try to twist around

Let MO1 live in the 4 walls of prison

This is where he should stay forever

living in the cross of joy and smile


Get a guitar

Play a few chords

You think you are a rock star

Jamming in the room

You think of the stars

The pretty girls and joy

Crashing in your mind

You put on a good show

But when you see in the mirror

The sleepy eyes and haggard face

You realize you aren't a star

You let drugs take over your sunshine

You want to cry

The lost years in the dark nights

Get your guitar

Play a few chords you think you are a star

The bright lights shine

Pulling your soul to be free

Walk you out of the bad company

Living in the Cross of joy and smile

the voters must make the changes


LCS scandal

Too much negative highlights

The $6 billions gone

No navy ships on the dock

Now the turtle man

To declassify the documents

Why must it hide in OSA?

It isn't a secret

The party involved in the project

They mustn't be allowed to escape it

This nation has too many political crooks

They seem to get scotch free

The turtle man is afraid

He may feel his party downfall

Too many cases coming in

Involving his own party members

The voters of a race

They need to wake up to see

Don't get fed in crumbs

While others get the cream of wealth

Wednesday, August 10, 2022

living in the moment


Living in the moment

Leave your worries behind

Ring up your life to be free

Don't let the time waste it away

Living in the moment

The simple life to be free

Put it down in simple ways

The basic guitar chords will ring

Living in the moment

Don't need to chase up

Running tired up the stairs

Worrying about the next time

Living in the moment

Leave your worries behind

The simple life to be free

Put it down in simple ways

life is like a road


Life is like a road

The winding or straight

A person has to navigate

While he plots his drive

There is no time to think

Of negative responses in the mind

Concentrate on the subject at hand

It will bring benefits on reaching destination

Basically it is still common sense

The days of exposure and the observation

It will guide a person to seek values

On the time each of us spend our lives

Time is gold

Once it is gone

We can't get it back

The opportunity will be lost

It is always better to say YES

Find ways to get it done

If we say NO

We will wait in the circle

no leadership direction


The airport tiff

The turtle man feels important

Establishing a committee to investigate

What has gone in his mind?

Maybe too much dirt

The birds use it as the landing point

Showering with its colourful marks

The turtle man wants to swim to the water

But LCS naval ships

He can't think it is important

The $6 billions gone

No naval ships on the dock

Because he can't understand

What is important to investigate

He chooses the easy way

Afraid to get entangle with the naval web

Because it involves his own party

He doesn't want to paint too many woes

As the scandals hit in the court cases

He knows his party will lose big time now

banish the wolves


Banish the wolves

Back to the forest

Let them stay forever

We don't need them now

They can't manage well

All they did for themselves

All they did for their cronies

Leaving the people suffering

Look at their faces

They don't inspire vision

They only see wealth to pick

As much as they can

Read on their scandals

The corruption hitting the charts

A race spoon feed all the times

Yet they are greedy without shame

The wolf leaders in court

The billions disappeared and more

The can of worms will crawl out

Banish the wolves for good

GE15 show them the way out

Together with their partners and side kicks

All have the same DNA young and old

Send them back to the forest let them howl the pitiful song

Tuesday, August 09, 2022

the frogs better hide in the dirty pond


Suicide shouldn't be a crime

A person nearly dies from it

Compassion must be the light

Showing the person there is help

Suicide is in a locked door

The hunger in the mind to escape

But there is no way to get out

Death seems the easy way

The mind is blocked

The eyes are blinded

It seems like the 4 walls

Without windows or doors

The police should show compassion

The law is ironic without a leeway

The police should show it the way

Help the suicide people not put them in jail

Suicide shouldn't be a crime

The would be victims need help urgently

Our society and law enforcement officers

Compassion must be the key to light it up

the mental problems in life


Suicide shouldn't be a crime

A person nearly dies from it

Compassion must be the light

Showing the person there is help

Suicide is in a locked door

The hunger in the mind to escape

But there is no way to get out

Death seems the easy way

The mind is blocked

The eyes are blinded

It seems like the 4 walls

Without windows or doors

The police should show compassion

The law is ironic without a leeway

The police should show it the way

Help the suicide people not put them in jail

Suicide shouldn't be a crime

The would be victims need help urgently

Our society and law enforcement officers

Compassion must be the key to light it up

hiding it in smoking colour


The drive-way crunched of tar road

The bouncy drive cursing in the mind

The car drives on racing to the finish spot

The banners of many lining up on the poles

The cascading wind whirring along

Flapping the banners waving its way

Nobody is looking every one is watching the race

The betting on the side line the shouting of words

It's the way of the back door

Hiding it in smoking colour

The twists and turns on the road

The road sharks take the major role

The barrier slowly crushed

The hidden scandals slowly arise

The cascading wind will whisper it

Carrying its message all around

The culprits will blame others

One like to blame his secretary

The other will blame his political enemy

But accountability isn't in their vocabulary

The drive way crunched of tar road

The bouncy drive cursing in the mind

The bad vibrations slowly hitting the score

The shame hitting on the nation's face

PH leaders don't wait and see


PH leaders don't wait and see

Get your gears ready for any eventuality

You know it isn't your cup of coffee

Looking ahead should be your tea

Let Moo plan what he want to do

The ball has kicked to his corner

Will he dare take the challenge?

Pull out his support to the turtle man?

PH leaders shouldn't worry

If GE15 is called a month or two

You should be ready with your candidates

Don't do a rush job frogs will appear

Though Anti-hopping law in place

It still needs to be gazetted to be the law

There is still a way for the frogs

So plan it well to score on injury time

The wolves will have camps

Fighting for their survival too

They are in the weak position

Though they try to put a brave face

PH leaders don't wait and see

It will show you haven't gotten your hands dirty

Do it now oiled your gears in ready mode

Once the flash announcement you are in front

Monday, August 08, 2022

the story


The story

Every one has many to tell

Every subject under the sun

But politics always gives us

Many tales to digest in our lives

The scandals hit the nation

The corruption index goes high

The 1MDB and the navy ships

The tales of billions gone

The women treated as second class

They can't pass their rights to their children

The tales of the unfairness cited in the Constitution

Had our forefathers really wanted it that way?

The Atlantuya murder case

Over a decade the case still unsettled

Who ordered the hit on her?

The judge didn't answer it

Now there is the civil suit against the government

One player refused to testify though he is directly involved in affair

It will show he has more to hide than he wanted to share

The story of Atlantuya case must need a closure

The story of back door

How they plotted to steal

The people's mandate

Now we face our woes

The story

The bad vibrations

The world laugh at us

The shame we can't hide

don't get easily offended in social media


Social media

Like or hate it

But don't get into our heads

There are better things to do everyday

It's so easy

Just a click we are on

We can shoot words or pictures or videos

But there will be eagles eager to spoil it

Social media like internet

It is open to all good or bad

There will be kind or nasty people

Read it and learn the skills

Don't expect good vibrations

Because we will get the bad

Be thick skin and laugh at it

Else don't be in the loop