Thursday, December 29, 2022

the changes for the nation


The changes for the nation

It has to be done quickly

Time mustn't be delayed

Else nothing will come out of it

Anwar mustn't think he has 5 years

He has to think what happened to PH then

It was brought down from within the group

The Moos plotted and destroyed PH

A lesson learned for PH

Anwar mustn't forget

In the next 2 years he has to make the changes

Get it all done the chances are now

There the hope will rise

The people need it to survive

The bad wolves aren't sleeping

They still want to bite

The moos and crocodiles

Still using religion to divide

They don't see the wrong

They see it as their right

Anwar can quote Shakespeare

Well known religious renaissance icons

Even scriptures from the Quran

But he is competing with the bad

The changes for the nation

Anwar has to get it going fast

Lay the foundation of good flow

Let the lights glow with liberty and justice

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