Friday, December 09, 2022

the no confidence vote


The No Confidence Vote*

Anwar has his full mandate

His numbers will support him

As the party whips will endorse it

The unity government mustn't fail

The nation can't stand the intense political game

The end game the nation and people suffer

So Anwar has the mandate to stay

There is always a risk

But Anwar has to take the gamble

He will be the 2nd Prime Minister

To take the route to test his legitimacy

Let moos and crocodiles try

Still dreaming they have 115 SD

The event passed them by

Yet they can't sleep over it

Though his unity government has 148 seats

A 2/3 majority of members in Parliament

Anwar doesn't have to go that route

For the sake of democracy Anwar has to do it

*On December 19 in Parliament

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