Sunday, December 11, 2022

the political rewards


The political rewards

Anwar can't escape the perception

In the unity government it should

Give and take; twist around the principles

Though the laws should be upheld

In cases where indiscretion happens

Let the law take its course

Let the judge decide the punishment

Nobody can deny it

The political rewards to stay relevant

In this case for the nation well-being

For the economy to the people

The Rocket should hold their horses

The members shouldn't feel slighted

It is for the good of the nation

In the political game nation comes first

Though Pee Anne will put up bush fires

Moo and Bawang will fan it up in good measures

The police should keep a watch out for these two

Still angry for losing the powerful post

In the unity government

The major parties involved will be rewarded

It is the reality and it shouldn't tell a different story

Now the games need to carry out

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