Monday, December 12, 2022

branding his marks in his rising star


PM 10

On his right footing all the times

Even a young school boy got his attention

Of his bullies in school

Even his Cabinet on a whole

A well mix and balance act

PM 10 can move ahead

The transformation will proceed

Though many will ask why

He has to forgo principles to accommodate

In reality of a unity government

Give and take should enrich the souls

Because the nation and people come first

Personal likes and dislikes take a back seat

Managing the nation the leaders must stay united

The ideology should be kept in the pockets

PM 10 will play his poker game

On December 19 he will call for his confidence vote

His numbers still stand solid going forward

There is nothing to stop him carry on his tasks

PM 10

The right foot work

Branding his marks in his rising star

It augurs well for the nation and her people

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