Wednesday, December 07, 2022

house cleaning


House cleaning

It has to start

Clean out the dirt

Sweep away the dust

It needs to get it done

Within 6 months of a new government

It can't let the old broom stay behind

It needs to be changed

House cleaning

Decades in limbo

The cobwebs and dust

The elites don't see at all

The little napoleons

The Taliban in sheep clothing

They are hiding in deep state

The Taiko holding their souls

Now a new game will be played

The dark has to be swept away

Let the lights shine in every corner

Let a new broom take centre stage

House cleaning

Mr Reformasi must do properly

There are elements who may not like it

Losing power losing projects

The dark elements will roam

The fork of Pee Anne leaders

They will intend to rake up the leaves

Though they know it is a hopeless exercise

House cleaning

Let no dirt or dust settle in

Be brave to carry it out

Let the sparkle shine through

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