Tuesday, December 13, 2022

get the nation in gears


We are going around in circles

We can't find a better footing to hold

We try at every mean possible

Yet the driver seems at a loss

GE15 was a better bet

But the voters didn't get up to change

They sat on the fence moved in a different wing

We saw ourselves on the cross road again

The unity government formed

Cobbled by different parties and view

Though every one has a heart for the nation

The economy needs to be tackled as soon as possible

His Majesty wanted the unity government

As he saw there was no simple majority

Now the unity government must move in cohesion

The country will know on December 19 vote of confidence

Though Anwar doesn't need to table it

It is best to get it over as soon as possible

Let the unity government be supported

Let the business of the nation carry on

We are going around in circles

We need to move on with practicality

Let moos and crocodiles move in the orb

We have better things to do get the nation in gears

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