Saturday, December 17, 2022

the political appointees


The political appointees

They will be selected on merit

Though it will not be 100%

Because it is in unity government

There should be give and take

In the unity of different parties

An understanding should be recognized

Though it must be on merit

Maybe Anwar should make it

A 80 to 20% rule for all parties

80 percent from professionals

20 percent for the parties

The leaders in the unity government

They will not like to be a sitting duck

They want to have some say in the government

This is also to appease their members

So far every move seems to click

The right foot steps to push for changes

In the economy and in the policies

Gearing up take the nation to greater heights

The political appointees

The policy will come to play

Though merit must be the norm

Every leader wants to save face

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