Sunday, December 18, 2022

the unity government will stay


The unity government will stay

His Majesty put his stamp on it

The people agree so is the formation

The nation can't be playing games of changing

The moos and crocodiles should wake up now

Don't dream of the birds that flew away

Because they were power crazy forgot to lock the cage

Now they will try to undermine the unity government

Even with MOA the moos gang file police report

As if the police will run to investigate

These brains of zero wants to cause instability

They can't argue in honesty so they file their complaint

The MOA has nothing to do with the police

It has to do with the unity government leaders

It has nothing to do with the moos or crocodiles

Why are they so busybody with it?

Maybe the Home Minister should use Sosma on them

Let them sweat in jail for 28 days or longer

They may come to their senses to play their roles

As it is they wanted to cause instability

The unity government

The new way to govern the nation

MOA signed to stay on track

The economy growth and people's needs

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