Tuesday, December 27, 2022

jealousy knows no bounds


Jealousy knows no bounds

The road of light it will try to bring down

Dividing the rules calling it many names

As long as the division sticks to the mind

Nobody shouldn't let it breed

In the long run it will never benefit anybody

It is best to control it and think of something positive

We all have that jealousy streak in our minds

The lovers will come to mind

Once the faults arise compromise hard to find

Separation seems the logical way to go

But jealousy will ruin the souls

We can read about the men

Running off with young brides in South Thailand

Leaving the wives feeling angry and jealous

As their beauty age with the times

Jealousy knows no bounds

The wives may get angry and cut off the men's genitals

Let them feel the wrath of the wives

No more be a man no more can become a woman

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