Thursday, December 22, 2022

the road blocks


The road blocks

Many hope to get it cleared

Many don't want it to be there

Giving them the poor perception

The draconian laws are such

Many have perspiration on their foreheads

Thinking about the dreaded confinement

Ask Maria Chin she will tell us plenty

The little napoleons in public services

Too many of them breeding bad vibrations

They still think the people are the cows and bulls

They forget these animals give them milk to live

Though Anwar has dismantled some of it

The over-lapping departments causing high expenses

It is a good measure to unblock the road

Let the free traffic smile on the people's minds

Improve the hospitals working conditions and contracts

Every year 30 top graduats migrated to other countries

It is the nation loss Anwar must stop the brain drain

Singapore will be very happy to absorb all the best

The road blocks

Anwar has much to do

Don't wait till the last minute

Like what happened before

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