Wednesday, December 07, 2022

the tale of power


The tale of power

In the circle of power needs

Once we tasted it

We can't let it go easily

Some of us may have gone there

We feel the power to hire and fire

Nobody will ask for a reason

They will cry and lodge complain to labour office

The investigation will take months

Sometimes the outcome will be good

Most of the times it will be in cold storage

Because too many cases streaming in

In politics is the game of lies

Telling it often it may sound true

As long as there is no action taken

Many will believe it so

The crocodiles can't hold the truth

They will hide their true intentions

Upfront they will look saintly without bite

Once they are in power they will go for Islamic state

Because they will say heaven wait for them

By doing the bidding of God they will be rewarded

They forget they aren't the only ones around

They are others doing the same work as well

Power will corrupt our minds

It will ink into our souls to forget reason

Power will make our minds forget

The reason why we are here to live and learn

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