Thursday, December 15, 2022

the home affairs minister


The Home Affairs Minister

His party fight against the draconian laws

It's causing injustice to the detainees

Causing their immediate families living in anger and fear

The police have an easy task to do

Put them in jail for weeks for interrogation

Without lawyers advice or presence

Defeating the purpose of human rights

Many are held beyond the stated days of detention

Waiting for their court appearances

Even lawyers can't advice their clients

I once attended the candles light vigil in protest

The Home Affairs Minister

He has to rethink his approaches on the dreaded laws

Otherwise Anwar needs to replace his man

He will put a black mark on his party

As the public pouring out their out-cry

The Sosma law needs to be repealed and soon

The civil society will want it be gone for good

The Penal Code has sufficient doors to protect and hold

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