Saturday, December 10, 2022

now the job begin


The unity government will flow

Down to the last row

Nothing is going to stop it

As long as the members stay in unity

His Majesty wanted it

Only Pee Anne refused to accept

Now the leaders may cry of lost opportunity

In the wilderness shouting at the side road

Sabah Bersatu quits its national body association

The leaders in Sabah know the value in government

Supporting the unity government will bring benefits

Especially on the MA63 grouses and funding

The unity government will move ahead

The Cabinet ministers and deputies done now

The real work will begin to progress the nation

The people will watch and pray for the success

There are still 2 deputy posts needed to be filled

Maybe Anwar should give it to PBM for the support

This isn't the PH show but a unity government glow

The country needs to find her economy to grow

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