Thursday, December 08, 2022

PH leaders must reach out to the heartlands


Reach out to the heartlands

The rural folks can easily sway

Using religion and race to the hilt

It doesn't augur well to the nation

Living in the welfare mentality

Thinking benefits should be given to them

They don't have to toil for their labour

Everything god will provide

The hardship they have to endure

Carrying out through their lives

They should stop and re-evaluate their existence

Living day to day worrying about tomorrow

The crocodiles and moos will tell them

The story of paradise living in easy life

The magic flow in their minds and eyes

PH leaders should wake them up

The generations of the young

GE15 has shown how they are influenced

Using religion and race to lure their votes

$15 million or more a lot to swing

PH leaders mustn't sleep on it

The rural heartlands must reach out now

These people can tilt the balance

The Middle East ideology will ruin the nation

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